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I canada diva nov 13 14

Intelligent Transportation and Smart Communities share the same needs. Starting with the apex event of the Intelligent Transportation spacecraft landing on Comet 67p, the strategic requirements of the field are reviewed with new insights.

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I canada diva nov 13 14

  1. 1. Future Challenges in Intelligent Transportation Systems and their Applications Barry Gander Co-Founder, i-CANADA; EVP CATA I CANADA DIVA Nov 13 14
  2. 2. Transportation and the Island of Time Intelligent Transportation brings Humankind’s existence to the attention of the universe.
  3. 3. Time Is Running Out: Need Smart Communities
  4. 4. From Smart Cities to Intelligent Communities: Adding “Strategic Community Alignment™” Smart City 1.0 Focus: Automating the Functions Smart/Intelligent Community 2.0 Focus: Coordinated/Connected Strategy Traffic Healthcare Education Government services Ecology Community Information Social Services Retail Traffic Healthcare Education Government services Ecology Community Information Social services
  5. 5. What is a Smart City? Common elements of city visions Common city challenges Socio-economic • Growing population • Aging population • Economic prosperity • Health and inequality • Skills and market access • Job creation and retention • Infrastructure stress Political • Public sector budget • Changing service needs Environmental • Climate change • Resource scarcity • Energy resilience “The overwhelming core focus of the visions is an improvement of local quality of life. Following on from this, and linked to it, are improvements in economic opportunity, community engagement and integration; and a reduction in environmental footprint” Detailed analysis of the Future Cities Demonstrator Feasibility Studies, produced for the Technology Strategy Board by Arup Limited, 25 April 2013
  6. 6. Urbanization: Transportation Impact 6
  7. 7. The Result For Transportation • Can’t build our way out of this – need Smart City solutions • Have to prepare for massive increase in data flows (and extract meaning better) • Rise of Open Data (Obama mandated) • Infrastructure deficit means creative funding • Transportation can borrow from the future • New data-centric Transportation/Smart Champion needed • Chief Mobile Data Officer: responsible for sharing city (mobile) data with the public, facilitating the sharing of information between City departments, and analyzing how data sets can be used to improve city decision making • Keep up with the newest solutions!
  8. 8. It’s Mostly About “Intelligent End Points” • Today vehicles are the mobile networking points, tying in people and things in a moving fabric of communications • People now choose their cars mostly on the vehicles ability to support their communications devices • The single most valuable part of a car, is the information harness around the engine • 80% of the innovation that goes into an automobile, goes into the communications systems
  9. 9. Reason to Focus on Newest Solutions
  10. 10. Why “Keeping Up With Solutions” Is So Key • Limitations of Spectrum: Radio wave circulator, U of Texas • Can double the useful wireless spectrum with full-duplex • Cost of Infrastructure • AT&T doing 40,000 in next 2 years alone • Reduced Travel: High bandwidth for work & healthcare • Operational Revolutions: Do we need carriers?
  11. 11. Organizational Transformation for Transportation • Collaboration across silos • And measure it • Freedom for creativity • For procurement and to overcome fear-of-failing • Incorporation of Innovation • Senior leaders champion and reward innovation
  12. 12. Application Impacts • Car Design: smaller central console, better drive dynamics • Driving Experience: distance optimization, health sensors • Infrastructure: E-Vehicles talk to E-grids, route optimization
  13. 13. Ultimate Infrastructure: Self-Drive