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Barry Fischetto: Integrity, Passion and Drive


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The keys to business success are simple. They're straightforward. They're intrinsic and, most of all, they're attainable.

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Barry Fischetto: Integrity, Passion and Drive

  2. 2. INTEGRITY. PASSION. DRIVE. eighteen (18) About 7 years before our brains reach full developmental adulthood (25). The age at which you're just finishing high school. Barry Fischetto The age you're asked to determine what you'll do with your life.
  3. 3. INTEGRITY. PASSION. DRIVE. Choosing your major in college won't necessarily dictate the rest of your life. But it's not something to be taken lightly. Find what you're passionate about and follow that dream. Barry Fischetto
  4. 4. INTEGRITY. PASSION. DRIVE. passion. Approaching your career with passion gives you the best shot at enjoying what you do. If you enjoy something, pursue it! If you enjoy sports, pursue a career in sports. If you're passionate about sustainability, pursue that! Don't be afraid of your work becoming your life. Embrace it. Barry Fischetto
  5. 5. INTEGRITY. PASSION. DRIVE. integrity. Always uphold strong moral and ethical principles. You will. face failure at some point in your life. How you handle those failures, pull yourself back up defines your integrity. Good businesspeople don’t cheat, lie or smudge their way to the top. Barry Fischetto
  6. 6. INTEGRITY. PASSION. DRIVE. drive. You can't expect to accomplish anything, even something you’re passionate about doing, without motivation. Productivity goes up when you or your employees are driven people, and turnover goes down. Showing that you’re passionate about a cause and accomplishing goals makes you more attractive to potential employers Barry Fischetto
  7. 7. INTEGRITY. PASSION. DRIVE. summary. Whether you’re managing your own business from the top, looking to break into a new field or just hoping to move out of your parents’ basement in the near future, integrity, passion and drive are unavoidably important character traits. For more on business, supply chain management and leadership, visit: Barry Fischetto