Update on european data centre standards socitm 2013


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Presentation to IT managers on EN50600 and EU code of Conduct on data centres, July 2013

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Update on european data centre standards socitm 2013

  1. 1. DESIGN : AUDIT : TRAINING www.capitoline.org European Data Centre Standards July 2013 Llandrindod Wells 18th July, 2013 Barry Elliott belliott@Capitoline.org
  2. 2. DESIGN : AUDIT : TRAINING www.capitoline.org Capitoline LLP • Established in the UK in 2005 • Data centre design, auditing and training • Biggest supplier in Europe, Middle East and Africa of data centre auditing and training
  3. 3. DESIGN : AUDIT : TRAINING www.capitoline.org Data Centre design& audit projects Comparethemarket.com
  4. 4. DESIGN : AUDIT : TRAINING www.capitoline.org Data centre design, audit and training partners European Space Agency
  5. 5. DESIGN : AUDIT : TRAINING www.capitoline.org Limiting factors in data centre operation • Heat dissipation within a server rack – 1.7 kW average in 2003, now looking for 25 kW+ • Power – supply to the rack – Power supply to the whole data centre • Communications links • Floor space available • Availability of qualified staff • Site location – Security, size, accessibility
  6. 6. DESIGN : AUDIT : TRAINING www.capitoline.org Failure mechanisms Failure mode Sites Power failures 42 Fire 14 Storm, flood & other environmental issues 11 Malicious attack, DDoS or theft 12 HVAC 4 Major IT problem 28 Other 21 Source: Capitoline from published sources 2008-2013 This material is copyright of Capitoline LLP. If you quote from it please acknowledge the source Other 16% Power 32% Fire 11%Enviromental 8% HVAC 3% IT 21% Attack 9% Data centre failures 2009-2012 Five data centres destroyed by fire or flood
  7. 7. DESIGN : AUDIT : TRAINING www.capitoline.org General purpose data centre standards • TIA 942 TELECOMMUNICATIONS INFRASTRUCTURE STANDARD FOR DATA CENTERS • ASHRAE 2011 Thermal Guidelines for Data Processing environments– Expanded Data Center Classes and Usage Guidance • EN 50600: Data centre facilities and infrastructures (2013) • BICSI 002: Data Center design and implementation best practice • The UpTime Institute: Tier standard topology
  8. 8. DESIGN : AUDIT : TRAINING www.capitoline.org ETSI standards are most appropriate for telecom data centres
  9. 9. DESIGN : AUDIT : TRAINING www.capitoline.org UK Standards • Joint service publication JSP 440, The Defence manual of Security • DEFCON 659 Security measures • HMG security Policy framework • Government secure network standard • National Infrastructure Security Standard • CPNI Data centre standard
  10. 10. DESIGN : AUDIT : TRAINING www.capitoline.org Relationship of the CENELEC standards EN 50346 Information technology – Cabling installation – Testing installed cabling EN 50310 Application of equipotential bonding and earthing in buildings with IT equipment EN 50173-3 Information technology – Generic Cabling – Industrial premises EN 50173-4 Information technology – Generic Cabling – Homes EN 50173-5 Information technology – Generic Cabling – Data centres EN 50173-2 Information technology – Generic Cabling – Office premises EN 50174-1 Information technology – Cabling installation – Specification and QA EN 50174-2 Information technology – Cabling installation – Internal cabling Relationship of CENELEC standards EN 50600 Information technology - Data centre facilities and infrastructures
  11. 11. DESIGN : AUDIT : TRAINING www.capitoline.org Policies, Procedures. Documentation, ISO 9000, ISO 27000 EN 50600 approach
  12. 12. DESIGN : AUDIT : TRAINING www.capitoline.org EN 50600 layout Capitoline is a contributing member of the Standard body
  13. 13. DESIGN : AUDIT : TRAINING www.capitoline.org
  14. 14. DESIGN : AUDIT : TRAINING www.capitoline.org Wider perspective • EU Directives • CENELEC, IEC, ISO and CISPR standards • Building Regulations • Planning permission • Legislation – Disability – Health & safety – Electricity • National Standards
  15. 15. DESIGN : AUDIT : TRAINING www.capitoline.org Minimising energy consumption and the green agenda
  16. 16. DESIGN : AUDIT : TRAINING www.capitoline.org ‘Green’ metrics applicable to data centres • The Green Grid • Environmental Protection Agency, EPA • US Department of Energy, DoE • Silicon Valley Leadership Group • Mckinsey • The UpTime Institute • Leader Environmental Design, LEED • Transaction Processing Performance Council, TPPC • Green Data Centre Alliance • BREEAM • European Union Code of Conduct • Green IT Promotion Council • British Computer Society FVER
  17. 17. DESIGN : AUDIT : TRAINING www.capitoline.org Data centre metrics DCiE Data Centre infrastructure Efficiency DCiE = IT equipment Power Total facilities Power Power Usage Effectiveness, PUE = 1 DCiE Advantages – Simple Disadvantages – the servers, though taking most of the energy, may not actually be doing any useful work Green Agenda
  18. 18. DESIGN : AUDIT : TRAINING www.capitoline.org A new data centre using standard technology – but everything done correctly- should achieve a PUE of at least 1.6
  19. 19. DESIGN : AUDIT : TRAINING www.capitoline.org Data centres would be the world’s 5th biggest economy by power consumption How dirty is your data? Greenpeace 2011
  20. 20. DESIGN : AUDIT : TRAINING www.capitoline.org
  21. 21. DESIGN : AUDIT : TRAINING www.capitoline.org General Principles of the Code of Conduct A.1. Data centres are designed so as to minimise energy consumption whilst not impacting business performance. A.2. Data centre equipment is designed to allow the optimisation of energy efficiency while meeting the operational or service targets anticipated. A.3. Data centres are designed to allow regular and periodic energy monitoring. A.4. Energy consumption of data centres is monitored A.5. Data centres and their equipment are designed, specified and procured on the basis of minimising the TCO. A.6. When the Energy Star programme has set specification for servers and other IT equipment, these specifications must be followed by Participants when procuring equipment. A.7. Data centres should preferably use free cooling technologies (no compressor required), where technically and economically feasible.
  22. 22. DESIGN : AUDIT : TRAINING www.capitoline.org Best practice format -2013 1 to 5 rating Category Description Entire Data Centre Expected to be applied to all existing IT, Mechanical and Electrical equipment within the data centre New Software Expected during any new software install or upgrade New IT Equipment Expected for new or replacement IT equipment New build or retrofit Expected for any data centre built or undergoing a significant refit of the M&E equipment from 2010 onwards Optional practices Practices without a background colour are optional for participants
  23. 23. DESIGN : AUDIT : TRAINING www.capitoline.org EU Code of Conduct on Data Centres – Best Practice 2013 Area Description Physical building The building including security, location and maintenance. Mechanical and electrical plant The selection, installation, configuration, maintenance and management of the mechanical and electrical plant. Data floor The installation, configuration, maintenance and management of the main data floor where IT equipment is installed. This includes the floor (raised in some cases), positioning of CRAC units and PDUs, basic layout of cabling systems (under floor or overhead). Racks The installation, configuration, maintenance and management of the racks into which rack mount IT equipment is installed. IT equipment The selection, installation, configuration, maintenance and management of the physical IT equipment. Operating System / Virtualisation The selection, installation, configuration, maintenance and management of the Operating System and virtualisation (both client and hypervisor) software installed on the IT equipment. This includes monitoring clients, hardware management agents etc. Software The selection, installation, configuration, maintenance and management of the application software installed on the IT equipment. Business practices The determination and communication of the business requirements for the data centre including the importance of systems, reliability availability and maintainability specifications and data management processes. Areas of Responsibility Operators’ areas of responsibility are defined as;Code of Conduct EU Data Centre
  24. 24. DESIGN : AUDIT : TRAINING www.capitoline.org Operator Colo provider Colo customer MSP in Colo MSP Physical building Implement Implement Endorse Endorse Implement Mechanical & electrical plant Implement Implement Endorse Endorse Implement Data floor and air flow Implement Implement & Endorse Implement & Endorse Implement Implement Racks and rack air flow Implement Implement & Endorse Implement & Endorse Implement Implement IT equipment Implement Endorse Implement Implement Implement Operating System & Virtualisation Implement Endorse Implement Implement Implement Software Implement Endorse Implement Implement & Endorse Implement & Endorse Business practices Implement Endorse Implement Endorse Endorse Implement or Endorse Each operator should determine which of the practices apply to them based on their areas of responsibility. The table below provides an overview for common types of Participant; MSP=Managed Service Provider Code of Conduct EU Data Centre
  25. 25. DESIGN : AUDIT : TRAINING www.capitoline.org Example from EU CoC requirements
  26. 26. DESIGN : AUDIT : TRAINING www.capitoline.org Conclusion • Design your data centre to the best standards • Audit it to make sure it meets requirements and standards • EU Procurement Directive requires recognition of CENELEC, CEN & ETSI standards when spending public money • Aim towards EU CoC for best energy management No. Name Description Value 4.3.1 Audit existing physical and service estate Audit the existing physical and logical estate to establish what equipment is in place and what service(s) it delivers. 4 Extract from EU CoC Best Practice Requirements
  27. 27. DESIGN : AUDIT : TRAINING www.capitoline.org Thank You - diolch i chi Barry Elliott belliott@Capitoline.org 0800 0148014 www.Capitoline.org