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  1. 1. GRIDLOCK written by Barry CantyWGA REGISTERED(310)
  2. 2. INT. PACKED COURTROOM - MORNINGKEITH MORRIS (28)Defendant. Black. Short and lean with a calmness about him.Keith stands facing the JURY.MARK GREEN (29)Prosecuting attorney. White. A dandy in a $3,500 suit,channeling Ari Gold from Entourage.FRANCISCO PALADAR (38), a muscular cholo gangbanger with toomany prison tats for his suit to conceal.ELISA MORRIS (27), Keith’s wife, Latino, is on the oppositeside of the gallery.Everyone waits for the JUDGE to speak. JUDGE What is your verdict?A collective holding of the breath... JURY FOREMAN Guilty.Francisco’s supporters CHEER and Keith’s BOO loudly. Keithglances over his shoulder and gives his wife a subtle nod.Elisa shakes her head no vigorously, but Keith insists. Shefinally gives in. Francisco is the only to notice this. ELISA No!!!!!!Elisa screams and flails ABOUT. A raucous ensues.Two BAILIFFS hurry toward Keith with handcuffs. He extendshis arms and, when the men are within reach, head butts oneand snatches his weapon, then punches the other and takes hisgun as well.Keith leaps over the defense table and grabs Mark Green. Thecourtroom falls silent. MARK Everybody stay calm. He’s not gonna...Keith cocks one of the guns and presses the barrel againstMark’s head. (CONTINUED)
  3. 3. 2.CONTINUED: KEITH Francisco, I didn’t kill your boy. (beat) I was set up. I just don’t by who yet.Keith takes handcuffs and bullet clips from the Bailiffs,then drags Mark toward the exit. INSERT TITLE CARD: 45 MINUTES EARLIEREXT. L.A. COUNTY SUPERIOR COURTHOUSE - MORNINGA large contingent of NEWS TRUCKS and POLICE OFFICERS arehere. The usual gridlock is worsened by rubberneckers andconstruction. Reporter LAUREN SANCHEZ, sporting a SantaClaus hat, files a story. LAUREN Good morning and Merry Christmas Eve, Los Angeles, I’m Lauren Sanchez. I am outside this downtown courthouse to cover the final day of a murder trial that has captured the attention of the entire city.INT. COURTROOM - CONTINUOUSKeith Morris is at the defense table with his LAWYERS. LAUREN (V.O.) Keith Morris, a former member of the Bethune Park Crips, who had become a well- respected gang intervention worker, will learn if he will be found guilty of killing Carlos Paladar.Francisco Paladar sits in a near catatonic state. LAUREN (V.O.) (CONT’D) The 15-year-old victim was the son of Francisco Paladar, alleged leader of the largest Latino gang in the city, the Hooper Avenue Lords.Next to Francisco is MANUELA PALADAR (30), his Lady Macbeth-esque, second wife. Manuela is joined by her two youngDAUGHTERS and Francisco’s right hand man, NESTOR (36). LAUREN (V.O.) (CONT’D) Prosecuting attorney Mark Green asserts the killing was over drug-trafficking territory in South Los Angeles. (CONTINUED)
  4. 4. 3.CONTINUED:Mark Green stands to give his closing argument. LAUREN (V.O.) (CONT’D) Green, the controversial Harvard-trained lawyer, and son of famed criminal defense attorney and civil rights activist Walter Green, has legal problems of his own. He is currently under investigation by the California State Bar Association for a host of ethics violations. (beat) Green is due to receive a ruling the day after Christmas to determine if his license to practice law will be revoked.Keith smiles to Elisa as she holds their son SHANE (5).Keith’s mother VIOLET (65) is here as well. LAUREN (V.O.) (CONT’D) Morris has been free on bail since the killing took place, with a $1 million bond secured by Father Edmond Hines, a friend of the Morris family.FATHER EDMOND HINES (60) sits next to Violet and watchesMark’s highly theatrical performance come to an end. LAUREN (V.O.) (CONT’D) Both sides have now made their closing arguments and jury deliberations are under way.INT. DEFENSE WAITING ROOM - MOMENTS LATERKeith, Elisa and Shane enter with Father Hines and Violet.Everyone takes a seat and waits for Keith to say something. ELISA What are you thinking, baby? KEITH (upbeat) That we’re gonna have a good Christmas. I know the jury will see I’m not a murderer.INT. PROSECUTION WAITING AREA - SAME TIMEManuela and Nestor stand before Francisco. (CONTINUED)
  5. 5. 4.CONTINUED: MANUELA If he ends up at Folsom or Pelican Bay, we already have a list of people who want the contract. He can be dead by Valentine’s Day. NESTOR Corcoran or Soledad too. Don’t matter where he’s sent.They wait for Francisco to respond, but he’s not interested.Manuela kneels before him and caresses his face. MANUELA I know I wasn’t Carlito’s mother, but I grew to love him like a son. It will be an honor to do this for you. FRANCISCO (pulling away) Never make any arrangements in the name of Hooper Ave. behind my back again.INT. COURTHOUSE CORRIDOR - SAME TIMEMark talks on his Bluetooth while texting. MARK I’m gonna be partying extra hard to celebrate the verdict. Got six girls flying in from Vegas at noon. (beat) Yeah, I got a nasty blonde for you. Later.Mark hangs up and lights a cigarette under a No Smoking sign.He gets a tap on the shoulder and whips around to his femaleASSISTANT. She holds a can of Red Bull and three airplanebottles of vodka. MARK (CONT’D) Don’t fucking sneak up on me like that!Mark snatches the drinks and dismisses the coweringAssistant. He pours the liquor into the Red Bull can andreads a text message he doesn’t like. Mark places a call. MARK (CONT’D) What do you mean you’re having a problem filling my order? (beat) (MORE) (CONTINUED)
  6. 6. 5.CONTINUED: MARK (CONT’D) Listen, you asshole, I’ve got $3,000 in my pocket right now, and I expect you to have everything I asked for.Mark pulls out the wad of thirty C-notes for emphasis. MARK (CONT’D) I know you doctors can’t afford to turn down any money these days, so have all my fucking drugs when I see you.INT. DEFENSE WAITING AREA - MOMENTS LATEROn the TV: EARL DOZIER (42), black, muscular, dressed in aSanta Claus outfit, hands out gifts to needy children. VIOLET How can they treat the biggest Bethune Park Crip there is like a hero, when you outta the gang and looking at 15 years for something you didn’t do?! KEITH Mama... VIOLET I always thought that Earl Dozier was involved with what happened to your brothers. He was so jealous of Shane and Lamont.Keith’s son Shane, named for his late uncle, starts to cry. KEITH Mama, please. VIOLET (hugging her grandson) I’m sorry, Shane...I’m sorry, baby.INT. COURTHOUSE CORRIDOR - SAME TIMEMark is on another call as he sips his vodka Red Bull. MARK They’re not gonna disbar me. (beat) Well if you’re so sure, how about we make a little wager? (beat) If I’m right, you let me bang that new paralegal of yours, and if I’m wrong, you can hit my... (CONTINUED)
  7. 7. 6.CONTINUED:Mark’s Assistant reappears, a smile on her face. Mark checksthe time on his gaudy designer watch. MARK (CONT’D) That’s gotta be a record. (into phone) I need go. See ya tonight.Mark follows his Assistant’s ass back to the courtroom.DISSOLVEBACK TO PRESENTEXT. L.A. COUNTY SUPERIOR COURTHOUSE - DAYA dozen COPS have their pistols and assault rifles pointedtoward the front entrance. A HELICOPTER buzzes overhead andTV CAMERAMEN position themselves to capture Keith’s exit.Keith bursts through the doors with two guns to Mark’s head. VOICE FROM BULLHORN Put down your weapons! KEITH (to Mark) You better not stop moving your feet until I say so.They run five blocks through the heavy morning traffic,followed by POLICE in cruisers, on foot and in the air. Markis amused by Keith’s moxie. MARK This is ballsy, Morris, very fucking ballsy. But at least you’re saving me from having to do cardio today.They cross the street toward a SUBWAY ENTRANCE. KEITH Hold on to the rail. You ain’t no good to me with a broken leg.Keith and Mark disappear down the escalator.INT. SUBWAY PLATFORM - MOMENTS LATERThe POLICE arrive and enter a few of the cars on the crowdedEASTBOUND TRAIN.
  8. 8. 7.INT. EASTBOUND TRAIN CAR #3 - SAME TIMEKeith hides in a corner with Mark as passengers board. ATEENAGER in an Oakland Raiders baseball cap and jacket getson. KEITH Psst. How much for the outfit? TEENAGER A hundred dollars. KEITH Give it to him.Mark resists and Keith presses a gun against his kidney. KEITH (CONT’D) Now.Mark pulls out his $3,000 wad. KEITH (CONT’D) Why you carrying a knot like that? TEENAGER I think I’ma need two hundred now.Mark throws two bills at the kid and Keith takes the clothes.INT. SUBWAY PLATFORM - SAME TIMEThe crowded WESTBOUND TRAIN arrives as the eastbound preparesto depart. The police continue searching.INT. EASTBOUND TRAIN CAR #3 - SAME TIMEKeith has his foot in the door to prevent it from closing.As the westbound passengers disembark, Keith and Mark sprintacross the platform to the other train, using the people ascover.INT. WESTBOUND TRAIN - CONTINUOUSKeith throws Mark into a seat and sits on top of him as hetugs his hat low. The train pulls away from the station. CUT TO:
  9. 9. 8.EXT. L.A. COUNTY SUPERIOR COURTHOUSE - MOMENTS LATERFrancisco walks out, flanked by Manuela and Nestor. Theywhisper to him and gesticulate angrily as they reach thesidewalk. Francisco stops, nods to Manuela and rides off ina black SUV. Manuela makes a phone call.Keith’s wife Elisa, Father Edmond, Violet and Shane exit. SHANE Where’d daddy go, grandma?Violet doesn’t have an answer. FATHER EDMOND I have no idea what Keith’s plan might be, but I sure hope it’s a good one. SHANE Mom!Elisa turns to look. Manuela runs toward her and Shane withtwo armed HOOPER AVENUE GANG MEMBERS. ELISA Run, baby!Elisa steps toward Manuela and meets her with a fierce righthook, but is quickly overpowered by the other gang members.They carry her toward the street while Manuela recovers andchases down Shane.The POLICE notice the commotion and draw their guns, but theHooper Avenue members spray the area with automatic gunfireand everyone is forced to seek cover.Another black SUV screeches to the curb and four additionalGANG MEMBERS jump out to help with Elisa. She plants a heelin the face of one and backhands another, but they manage tocorral her. MANUELA Hold that bitch up!Manuela drags Shane over and punches Elisa in the mouth ashard as she can. MANUELA (CONT’D) Let’s go!Elisa is tossed into the vehicle, Manuela hops up front withShane and they speed away. (CONTINUED)
  10. 10. 9.CONTINUED: VIOLET Shane!!! CUT TO:INT. WESTBOUND TRAIN- MOMENTS LATERKeith holds a gun to Mark’s kidney. Over the PA system theCONDUCTOR prepares to make an announcement. CONDUCTOR (O.S.) Due to an emergency, the Transit Authority has asked that all passengers please exit the train at the next stop.Mark smirks and shakes his head at Keith as they arrive atthe Wilshire/Normandie station. Keith quickly pulls Mark tohis feet and they blend in with the other passengers.INT. SUBWAY PLATFORM - CONTINUOUSThree TRANSIT COPS are at the bottom of the stairs leading tothe street, and another three are in the middle of theplatform.Keith slowly leads Mark toward the exit. He spots four youngGANGBANGERS behind them and exchanges nods. The Gangbangerssquare off, two to a side. GANGBANGER #1 Where you from, fool? GANGBANGER #3 Yo, knock that nigga out!The Gangbangers throw wild punches and pretend to scuffle.All six Transit Cops rush over to the fight. Keith and Markslip past them unnoticed.EXT. CORNER OF WILSHIRE AND NORMANDIE - CONTINUOUSKeith and Mark emerge from the subway as two policehelicopters fly north and south. Keith loses the Raidersgear and scans the street for cops as they walk. MARK Okay, so you thought this through a little better than I expected, but do you think you’ll have surrendered by 6:00? My party for sending you to prison doesn’t start until nine, but I have early dinner plans. (CONTINUED)
  11. 11. 10.CONTINUED:Keith ignores the lawyer, too focused for chit chat. Hespots an old RED TOYOTA on a side street and they turn. MARK (CONT’D) Your counsel was a joke, by the way. Did you know he went to the same law school as Marcia Clark? She’s the hack that couldn’t get an O.J. conviction.They reach the Toyota. Keith releases Mark’s arm and pointsthe gun at him. Mark isn’t fazed. MARK (CONT’D) If you let me go, I’ll get a defense attorney friend to rep you, pro bono, the first time you’re up for parole. He owes me for making his fourth DUI go away.Keith feels under the body of the car and pulls out a casingwith the automobile’s key inside. He unlocks the doors. KEITH Get in. MARK I knew I should’ve asked for higher bail.Mark’s Blackberry rings. He takes it out and doesn’trecognize the number. MARK (CONT’D) Let me see who this is. Should just be a confirmation call for my reservation. (beat) So are we set on the 6:00 hostage release? If I cancel, it’ll be a month before I can get a table at this place again. KEITH Don’t you...Mark answers. MARK This is Mark Green. (a confused beat) Sure. (to Keith) It’s for you.Keith snatches the mobile as he and Mark get in the car. (CONTINUED)
  12. 12. 11.CONTINUED: (2) KEITH Who is this?INT./EXT. TOYOTA - CONTINUOUSKeith puts the phone on speaker and starts the car. CUT TO:INT. SOUTH LOS ANGELES HOME - SAME TIMEFrancisco on the other end. Elisa and Shane are surroundedby Manuela, Nestor and other HOOPER AVENUE GANG MEMBERS. FRANCISCO I saw you look at Elisa before she started screaming in court.INTERCUT KEITH AND FRANCISCO --Keith drives west on Wilshire. FRANCISCO (CONT’D) It was a good plan, but I got a plan now too, bro. ELISA We’re okay, baby. I know you’re innocent!Manuela SLAPS Elisa, but Francisco stops her before she canhit her again. He motions for everyone to leave. KEITH Where’s my son? FRANCISCO He’s here.Francisco pulls a chair next to Elisa and hands her a towelto wipe the blood from her lip. FRANCISCO (CONT’D) I never thought it made sense that you’d stop banging and then seven years later up and decide to kill my Carlito. SHANE My daddy didn’t kill nobody! ELISA Shane! (CONTINUED)
  13. 13. 12.CONTINUED: KEITH Can I speak to my son, Francisco?Francisco hands the phone to the feisty boy. SHANE Are you okay, daddy? (beat) Yes sir...yes sir...yes sir. I love you too, daddy.Shane gives the phone back to Francisco. SHANE (CONT’D) (correcting his grammar) My daddy didn’t kill anybody. KEITH What you want from me?Manuela and Nestor crack the door to listen. FRANCISCO I want you to prove to me somebody set you up. And I’m giving you til midnight to do it. KEITH And if I can’t?Francisco walks away from Elisa and Shane. FRANCISCO Killing your son will make us even. Killing your wife will be your punishment.Francisco hangs up.Keith is in shock and drops the phone in Mark’s lap. He putsthe guns away and they ride in silence. MARK What’re you gonna do now?Keith stares straight ahead and begins to pick up speed. MARK (CONT’D) Listen, it’s 11:00. There’s no fucking way, even if you were actually innocent, you could prove it in thirteen hours. (MORE) (CONTINUED)
  14. 14. 13.CONTINUED: (2) MARK (CONT’D) You need to just call the cops and save the lives of your wife and son, even if you’ve already ruined your own.Keith RUNS TWO RED LIGHTS, narrowly missing being struck by atruck. MARK (CONT’D) Fuck, watch out! (beat) This is a lose-lose situation, man. You’re gonna end up in prison for life and your family is gonna be dead. Are you listening to me, asshole?!Keith doesn’t take his eyes off the road and runs anotherlight. He barrels through traffic at 80 m.p.h.Without Keith noticing, Mark fastens his seat belt and lockshis door. He then SLAMS HIS ELBOW into Keith’s face andgrabs the steering wheel with two hands. They fight overcontrol of the vehicle and continue TRADING PUNCHES.Pedestrians scramble to avoid being struck and several signposts are toppled as the vehicle CAREENS BACK AND FORTHacross the six lanes.Mark TURNS THE CAR violently to the right and they head downa small one-way alley. Keith manages to create enough spacebetween them and hammers the attorney with a POWERFULUPPERCUT.Unfortunately, by the time Keith gets his hands back on thewheel, they’re speeding straight toward the side of a BRICKBUILDING.They CRASH into the structure. Both men are thrown againstthe dashboard and knocked unconscious. CUT TO:EXT. CENTURY CITY - DAYA high-rise on Avenue of the Stars.INT. CENTURY CITY HIGH-RISE - CONTINUOUSEARL DOZIER, black, 42, muscular, OG, wears a tailored suitand sits at the head of a conference table.Gang members representing various areas of L.A. are here:VARRIO NUEVA ESTRADA from Boyle Heights, FADED LOCOS fromLynwood, TINY RASCAL CAMBODIAN GANG from Long Beach, MUERTOS102 from Inglewood and ALHAMBRA HELL SIDE from Arcadia. (CONTINUED)
  15. 15. 14.CONTINUED: EARL I wanna begin by thanking you all for agreeing to come to this meeting today. It has been a very profitable year for Bethune Park, and it can be primarily attributed to you allowing us to join you in diversifying our sources of revenue. (beat) My vision for broadening my gang’s business beyond simple narcotics peddling has meshed perfectly with the opportunities you have presented. I look forward to taking further advantage of the various strengths we each bring to the table, as we continue to phase out of traditional street gang pursuits. (beat) Unless anyone else has something they need to say, we can get started.There’s a knock on the door. Earl’s ASSISTANT enters andwhispers in his ear. EARL (CONT’D) Excuse me for a moment. But please, begin.EXT. CENTURY CITY BOARDROOM - CONTINUOUSEarl and the Assistant stride toward a flat screen televisionplaying news footage of Keith’s escape. EARL What time did this happen? ASSISTANT About an hour ago.Earl types out a message on his Blackberry then makes a call. EARL Thank you.INT. BOARDROOM - MOMENTS LATERThe heads of the various gangs read reports about Keith ontheir Smartphones. They all admire his audacity, yet hopeFrancisco can now get his revenge.Earl re-enters, hiding his concern behind a smile. (CONTINUED)
  16. 16. 15.CONTINUED: EARL Shall we return to business, gentlemen? CUT TO:EXT. NICKERSON GARDENS - MOMENTS LATERThe crime and drug infested public housing complex on theborder of Watts and Compton.EXT. NICKERSON GARDENS APT. #6 - CONTINUOUSLoud hip-hop comes from the second floor unit.INT. NICKERSON GARDENS APT. #6 - CONTINUOUSTwo girls, KOOL AID, black, 16, and HOT SAUCE, Latina, 16,dressed in Santa’s helper outfits sit before a video camera. KOOL AID What up?! She’s Hot Sauce. HOT SAUCE And she’s Kool Aid. KOOL AID HOT SAUCEAnd we’re here with our And we’re here with ourChristmas Eve edition of Christmas Eve edition!! KOOL AID Letting you know what’s good... HOT SAUCE tha muthafuckin’ hood! KOOL AID I like your outfit, Hot. HOT SAUCE I like yours too, Kool. And the boys look handsome as well.RUBEN and ANDRE, both 16 months old, are in elf uniforms. KOOL AID We’re blessed to have such good looking sons, aren’t we? HOT SAUCE Yes, ma’am. (CONTINUED)
  17. 17. 16.CONTINUED: KOOL AID I just hope they can grow up to be men...without having to worry about being gunned down by some coward like that punk Keith Morris who escaped today! HOT SAUCE Bitch ass nigga! Well, we gonna relay a little message from Earl Dozier of the Bethune Parks Crips. The gang that mark ass busta Keith Morris used to be with. KOOL AID Earl just hit us up so we could spread the word about the reward he’s putting up for the capture of that punk bitch Keith Morris. As a show of black/brown unity in these here streets. (to Hot Sauce) Should I tell ‘em how much the reward is? HOT SAUCE I think you should. KOOL AID I don’t know, I’m too excited just thinking about it! You do it. HOT SAUCE For real? KOOL AID Fa sho’. HOT SAUCE Half a million dollars dead, $1 million alive! That’s right, any gang that can kill or capture Keith Morris by the end of the day is gonna be swimming in a sea of muthafuckin’ dead Presidents. (beat) Now that’s the kinda Christmas gift that’ll get you love from all the mommies and hood rats around the way! (beat) Why you think Earl’s giving out more if he’s alive? KOOL AID Girl, you know how niggas is. They probably got some old neighborhood beef we ain’t heard about or something like that. (MORE) (CONTINUED)
  18. 18. 17.CONTINUED: (2) KOOL AID (CONTD) (beat) Oooh, can I dedicate a song to Keith Morris? HOT SAUCE Yessir. KOOL AID “100 Miles and Running” from them niggas from Compton and South Central - NWA!START MONTAGENote: This is where the title sequence will begin.On Adams Boulevard, BLACK GANG MEMBERS hold an iPad and watchKool Aid and Hot Sauce. Still photos of Keith and videofootage from today’s escape are shown. HOT SAUCE (V.O.) Westside Rollin 20 Bloods, where you at?The gang members cheer at being called out.On a street corner in Compton, LATINO GANG MEMBERS crowdaround an iPhone. KOOL AID (V.O.) Florenica 13, where the fuck you at?BLACK GANG MEMBERS at the corner of Broadway and 11th watchKool Aid and Hot Sauce on a Blackberry. HOT SAUCE (V.O.) Broadway Gangster Crips, holla if you hear me!The Crips comply.In the backyard of a house in Carson, a SAMOAN TEENAGER runsout holding a laptop to show his UNCLES. Kool Aid and HotSauce are on the monitor. KOOL AID (V.O.) Samoan Warriors Bounty Hunters!The Samoans slap each other five and prepare to head out. HOT SAUCE (V.O.) Virginia Street! Garden Grove Town Mob! KOOL AID (V.O.) Who the fuck is that? (CONTINUED)
  19. 19. 18.CONTINUED: (3) HOT SAUCE (V.O.) Them crazy ass Vietnamese in Cerritos. KOOL AID (V.O.) Aight, aight. I got some more Asians for you. Sonny Side Wah Ching in Torrance and Bahalana Gang in Hawthorne!We see gangs in their respective territories hearingthemselves name checked. MOCK WANTED POSTERS with Keith’smug shot are posted all over L.A. County. HOT SAUCE (V.O.) Good luck, muthafuckas!DISSOLVEEXT. KOREATOWN ALLEY - MOMENTS LATERKeith and Mark slowly regain consciousness from the crash andtumble from the passenger side of the Toyota. Keith is firstto his feet as the sound of SIRENS gets closer. KEITH I knew I should’ve taken somebody else. Your dumb ass almost killed me. MARK Where are the fucking cops?Keith jerks Mark up by his lapels. KEITH C’mon.They head down the alley and see six drunk KOREAN MENstumbling from the rear of a building with a group of WOMEN.They’ve been partying since last night.One of the men watches a video on his phone. He compares theimages he’s viewing to the black man thirty feet away andshows the others. MARK What’s happening?The Korean Men form a line across the alley. KEITH They’re from the Korean Killers gang. (CONTINUED)
  20. 20. 19.CONTINUED: MARK I prosecuted a case against them. They run all the prostitutes in K-town. They were trying to squeeze out their competition by posing as johns, then beating and raping the women when they showed up. KEITH How do you rape a hooker? MARK The Korean Killers did it pretty brutally. KEITH (to Korean Killers) We just passing through.No one budges. Keith pulls out the two 9 millimeters andpoints them straight ahead.The Koreans turn the phone around and show the trespassersnews footage of Keith escaping the courthouse. Each Koreanman takes out a GLOCK and aims it at the fugitive. MARK Guess they’ve become vigilantes. Well, it was nice spending this time with you. Oh, and that offer to refer you to a lawyer? Bullshit. (to Korean Killers) Yobosayo! Hey, no hard feelings about the case, huh?Keith lowers his weapons, slaps a handcuff around Mark’swrist, the other around his own, then chucks the key. KEITH They got no reason to have a problem with me. MARK Handcuffs? Are you serious?The Koreans hustle Keith and Mark inside.INT. KARAOKE BAR - MOMENTS LATERKeith and Mark are at a booth inside a large neon-lit karaokeroom as a LADY sings a Korean ballad. (CONTINUED)
  21. 21. 20.CONTINUED:Just outside the door are two armed KOREAN MEN. A TALLKOREAN, the leader of the crew, is trying to make a phonecall but having trouble getting a signal. TALL KOREAN I get better coverage outside.Tall Korean puts his gun on a table next to Keith’s pistolsand exits. The Lady finishes her song and Mark applauds. MARK (re: Lady) Yeah, she’s a ho. Probably shipped her in from Seoul for the holiday rush.A WAITRESS enters with food and beer. MARK (CONT’D) But you gotta love the service at these places. Do you like Korean food?Keith ignores the question and Mark digs in. Mark pulls outa small packet of cocaine and dumps it on the table. MARK (CONT’D) Because of you, I haven’t had my usual three Red Bulls for the morning. But this’ll do.Mark separates the coke into lines with his chopsticks, licksthem clean then offers the Waitress some. She declines andbacks out of the room. MARK (CONT’D) You must’ve done something to really piss Earl Dozier off for him to be offering a million bucks for you alive. Why does he give a shit about Francisco’s son? (beat) Makes you wonder if he wants to do you himself for some reason. You two have history?Keith doesn’t respond. Mark snorts a line, lights acigarette and tastes his beer. His phone rings. MARK (CONT’D) It’s my office.Keith hits the call ignore button. (CONTINUED)
  22. 22. 21.CONTINUED: (2) KEITH You know the only difference between you and the crackheads me and my brothers used to sell rock to? MARK Hmm, let’s see. Education, income level, ethnicity? KEITH The only difference is, they had good a good reason to be high all the time. Being a homeless drug addict in the ‘hood will do that to a person. (beat) What’s your reason? MARK You sure are self-righteous for a former gang member and convicted murderer. When you write your prison memoirs about how you’ve found God, will you send me an autographed copy? KEITH If I really killed Carlos Paladar, what’s my motive? You thought about that? MARK Listen, you people don’t think like the rest of us, so how am I supposed to know what your reasons were? But you were found passed out drunk next to the body, with the murder weapon in your hand. Now I don’t watch much “CSI”, but that’s good enough evidence for me. (beat) And by “you people” I’m not singling out blacks. I mean all you poor bastards living south of the 10 Freeway. With your school race riots, drive by shootings...Keith SLAMS MARK’S HEAD INTO THE TABLE. Mark THROWS KEITH TOTHE FLOOR and the two handcuffed men grapple.The Koreans notice the commotion and rush in. They separatethe men, but Keith manages to grab the legs of two of theKoreans and UPEND THEM. He lunges for their weapons as theyfall to the ground, but the guns are kicked under the table.Three more Koreans run in as Keith stands and pulls Mark upwith him. (CONTINUED)
  23. 23. 22.CONTINUED: (3) MARK (CONT’D) I’m a hostage! What the fuck are you doing?!Keith throws Mark into the men as they prepare to draw theirguns. Mark is PUNCHED IN THE FACE and responds with an ELBOWand HEAD BUTT. He SWEEPS THE LEGS of the third man andreaches for their guns as they hit the floor.Keith jerks Mark away from the pistols and drags him out ofthe karaoke room into the long hallway. KEITH Where’d dude on the phone go?The Tall Korean re-enters from the far end, oblivious towhat’s happening. TALL KOREAN I left him a voicemail!Keith and Mark turn around as the Tall Korean realizes what’sgoing on. He looks toward the three guns on the table in themiddle of the hallway.Keith sprints as fast as he can toward the weapons, draggingMark with him. The Korean is able to move faster, however,and reaches the table first. He picks up two guns and raisesone toward each man’s face. TALL KOREAN (CONT’D) Earl Dozier’s men are on the way.Mark doubles over in pain. MARK I think you broke my fucking wrist! TALL KOREAN Shut up.The Korean PISTOL WHIPS Mark, sending him to his knees, thenpoints both guns at Keith. Mark spits out blood and checksto make sure he still has all this teeth. MARK You fucking asshole.Mark rises up and delivers a PUNCH to the Korean’s chin thatlifts him off the ground, causing him to loose his grip onthe weapons. Keith catches the GUNS in mid-air. (CONTINUED)
  24. 24. 23.CONTINUED: (4) KEITH Let’s go!EXT. KARAOKE BAR - CONTINUOUSMark and Keith run out to the busy sidewalk on Wilshire.Keith rolls a dumpster over to block the exit and hails acab. Both men do a quick check for injuries. KEITH You got some skills with ya hands. For a lawyer. MARK I’ve been taking Krav Maga since high school. KEITH Ain’t that what they use in the Israeli army? MARK Yeah. You’re not so bad either. KEITH I was a Junior Golden Gloves champ. Had eight knock outs in ten fights. MARK (re: handcuffs) So what’re we gonna do about this? It’s like a bad movie.Keith shows Mark a key. KEITH I only pretended to throw it.Keith unlocks the handcuffs and flings them into thedumpster. He returns to his unsuccessful attempts at hailinga cab. Mark chuckles. MARK You think it’s because you’re black, don’t you?Keith takes Mark’s wad of cash from his jacket. He waves themoney in the air and several CABS change lanes and make U-turns to get pick them up. (CONTINUED)
  25. 25. 24.CONTINUED: KEITH Nah, I don’t. CUT TO:EXT. OG INDUSTRIES HEADQUARTERS - MOMENTS LATERAn industrial building in South Los Angeles. The sign reads:Jobs, Not Jails.INT. OG INDUSTRIES HEADQUARTERS - CONTINUOUSKeith’s mother, Violet, is here with Father Edmond, her eyesred from crying. FORMER GANG MEMBERS in OG Industry shirtsare at a table across the room on their phones and computers. VIOLET What am I supposed to do now, Father? My son and grandbaby are gone. FATHER EDMOND They’re not gone yet, Violet. I’ve known Francisco Paladar since he was in the sixth grade, he may want to avenge his son’s death, but he would never do it by harming another child. VIOLET How do you know that? He ain’t nothing but a gangster like the rest of ‘em. (beat) I’m looking at losing the only family I got left in one day. All the innocent black folk LAPD has killed over the years, you think they gonna resist a chance to shoot a man on the run that’s already been found guilty?One of the OG Industries Employees motions that a fresh potof coffee is ready and Father Edmond waves him over. VIOLET (CONT’D) And I want to apologize to you on behalf of my son. FATHER EDMOND For what? VIOLET Father, you’re too kind. But we both know since you put this place up for his bail, that if Keith doesn’t turn himself in, you’re gonna lose it. (CONTINUED)
  26. 26. 25.CONTINUED:Two beefy FORMER GANG MEMBERS, black and Latino, arrive withcoffee and water. An alert goes off on Father Edmond’smobile phone in the other room, but he ignores it. VIOLET (CONT’D) Go take your medication, Father. I’ll be okay. FATHER EDMOND Be right back.Father Edmond kisses Violet’s hands and exits. Violet spotsa PHOTO of Keith smiling with several former gang members inOG Industry paraphernalia. FORMER GANG MEMBER You need anything else, Ms. Violet? VIOLET I’m fine, baby. But thank you. FORMER GANG MEMBER #2 (low) Me and some of the boys were talking, and we think it might be a good idea if we put together kind of a search party to make sure nobody tries to hurt Keith. VIOLET Why? So the police can have a reason to shoot you too? FORMER GANG MEMBER #1 Well, it’s not just the police, Ms. Violet. It’s the other gangs. VIOLET What’re you talking about?The Former Gang Members make sure Father Edmond isn’t comingand wave over FORMER GANG MEMBER #4 with his laptop. Heplays the video from Kool Aid and Hot Sauce. VIOLET (CONT’D) Oh, my God. What has this city turned into? And on Christmas Eve. FORMER GANG MEMBER #2 Keith went and talked to the principal when they tried to expel my little brother, Pablo. And he’s helped everybody in here in some way work to become a better father, son or brother. (CONTINUED)
  27. 27. 26.CONTINUED: (2)The Former Gang Members nod to that. FORMER GANG MEMBER #2 (CONT’D) We owe it to him and to you to make sure nothing happens to him.He scribbles down his phone number and slips it to Violet. FORMER GANG MEMBER #1 Father Edmond would be mad if he found out, but you can reach us at that number if you want our help. FATHER EDMOND (O.S.) Can we please be alone?The former gang members quickly close the computer and exitwithout making eye contact with Father Edmond. VIOLET They just wanna help, Father.Violet gives Father Edmond the phone number. He’s proud ofhis men, but concerned about them getting involved. FATHER EDMOND We all do. We just don’t know how. CUT TO:INT./EXT. CAB (MOVING) - MOMENTS LATERKeith and Mark travel south on Crenshaw Boulevard. MARK So make me laugh, Tupac, tell me how you’re innocent.Keith isn’t taking the bait. KEITH What part of town you grow up in, Mark? MARK All over the Westside. The white people westside. (forming a ‘W’ with his fingers) Not the “Westside”. KEITH Public or private school? (CONTINUED)
  28. 28. 27.CONTINUED:Mark gives Keith a look that says he should know the answer. KEITH (CONT’D) Harvard-Westlake? MARK All of my alma maters have Harvard in the name. Where’d you go? KEITH Morningside High in Inglewood. MARK Sorry, dude. But, hey, at least you can say you went to the same school as a Lakers legend. KEITH Who? MARK You mean to tell me that at a fucked up school like that, you don’t know that Byron Scott, one of the greatest shooters to ever play for the L.A. Lakers, went there? KEITH For real? Nah, I ain’t know that. MARK (mild disgust) Are you not a Lakers fan? KEITH My brothers and me used to sell weed in the parking lot back when they played at the Forum. I been riding with the Lake Show all my life. MARK All right, you scared for a second.Keith sees a Fat Burger up ahead. He motions to the CABDRIVER. KEITH Can you hit that drive through? (to Mark) Watching you eat made me hungry. CAB DRIVER They shut down last week. (CONTINUED)
  29. 29. 28.CONTINUED: (2) MARK You should be happy. In-N-Out is the best burger in L.A. KEITH White people always go on about how good In-N-Out is, but down here we know Fat Burger is the shit. The only advantage ya’ll got is prices. MARK And employees. In-N-Out hires nothing but high school students with at least a B average, and well-adjusted adults. Fat Burger gets the drop outs and parolees.Keith laughs at the truth. KEITH So tell me this, man. Why are you a prosecutor and a Republican, when your pops was a Democrat and a defense attorney? (beat) I mean, he repped Black Panthers and people in the Chicano movement, for free, and here you are sending they grandkids to prison. It don’t make sense to me.Mark turns serious. MARK Listen. You might be holding a gun right now, but if you ever make another comment about my father we’re going at it. Understand?An intense beat. KEITH Whatever. Sounds to me like somebody’s got some unresolved issues ‘bout trying to live up to they daddy’s career.The cab slows down. KEITH (CONT’D) What’s going on? (CONTINUED)
  30. 30. 29.CONTINUED: (3) CAB DRIVER They set up check points all over the city to look for a guy who kidnapped some lawyer this morning. Let’s hope he’s already killed him, huh?Keith and the Cab Driver laugh. Mark doesn’t. KEITH You can let us out here.Keith peels off a $100 bill from Mark’s wad and gives therest back to him. He pays the cabbie. KEITH (CONT’D) Keep the change.EXT. STREET - CONTINUOUSKeith and Mark exit the cab and get off Crenshaw. As theywalk through this working class neighborhood, the markings onthe tagged walls begin to worry Keith. MARK What?Keith doesn’t answer and stops at a TACO TRUCK to order food. MARK (CONT’D) Can you read gang graffiti? KEITH It’s my job to be able to.The food is ready in no time and Keith motions for Mark topay. Mark pulls out another $100 bill and the CASHIER sayssomething he can’t understand in Spanish. MARK What? KEITH He wants to know if you have anything smaller. MARK No, I don’t.FIFTEEN MINUTES LATER --Keith and Mark walk away from the taco truck carrying $50worth of food in plastic bags. Keith chows down. (CONTINUED)
  31. 31. 30.CONTINUED: KEITH People always argue about the best Mexican restaurant in L.A., but to me, can’t nothing beat a taco truck. MARK The last time I ate something from a roach coach I got food poisoning. KEITH You ain’t use enough hot sauce. Tapatio can kill any germ.The walk a bit further as Keith continues stuffing his face. MARK So what do the walls say?Keith tries to decide if he should tell Mark. KEITH That we’re in 18th Street gang territory. MARK Are they bad ass? KEITH They can be. They’re down with the Mexican Mafia. MARK So then they hate black people, right?Keith looks up the street and a group of 18TH STREET MEMBERSsit on their tricked out low-rider bicycles, watching a groupof CHILDREN open Christmas gifts. 18TH STREET MEMBER #1 Yo, only open one, I told you!18th Street Member #1 slaps the kid on the back of the head. MARK You didn’t answer my question about them hating black people. KEITH We about to find out.Keith tries to keep the gang members from noticing them asthey pass on the opposite sidewalk. (CONTINUED)
  32. 32. 31.CONTINUED: (2) 18TH STREET MEMBER #2 (re: Keith and Mark) Yo.18th Street Member #1 spots the intruders. 18TH STREET MEMBER #1 Ah shit, Christmas done come a day early to the hood this year!A few 18th Street pedal over and cut Keith and Mark off. 18TH STREET MEMBER #1 (CONT’D) Is that them fools with a price on they head walking down my street?Keith pulls Mark to keep walking, but he stops. MARK Correction. “Fool”, singular, with a price on his head. The money is for him, the criminal, not me, the lawyer.18th Street Member #1 rides over with the rest of the crew. 18TH STREET MEMBER #1 Word is, that you helped him escape the Korean Killers, right as some niggas from Bethune Park was on their way. So no, “fools”, plural.The 18th Street Members laugh. MARK You’re not getting more money for handing me over to Earl Dozier. 18TH STREET MEMBER #2 (raising a gun to Mark’s face) Well I guess we should just blast you then.Keith plays it cool. KEITH Your bikes are cute. Back in the day, me and my brothers used to come to this neighborhood and jack ones just like that. Matter of fact, the kids we used to beat up look kinda like ya’ll. (CONTINUED)
  33. 33. 32.CONTINUED: (3) 18TH STREET MEMBER #2 (pointing his gun at Keith) Fuck you! KEITH What you think, Mark?Mark can tell Keith has something in mind. MARK Yeah, the bicycles are pretty cute. I used to race them...when I was a 10-year- old.Keith throws a stiff RIGHT CROSS that hits 18th Street Member#2 square on the jaw as he FIRES. The bullet strikes anothermember of the gang as Mark and Keith dive behind a row ofcars.They get to their knees as the vehicle they’re behind isPELTED WITH GUNFIRE. Keith FIRES across the hood of the carwithout looking. MARK (CONT’D) Be careful, they’re kids over there!The 18th Street Members run behind a row of cars as well. KEITH How am I gonna get out of this one? MARK Don’t you mean how are we? (beat) Give me one of the guns. I go to the firing range all the time with my cop friends. KEITH No, we’re gonna take those.Keith has spotted two bikes that were abandoned in the chaos. MARK Are you fucking out of your mind? KEITH You’re asking that to a man who just kidnapped a lawyer from inside a courtroom?Mark realizes it was a stupid question. (CONTINUED)
  34. 34. 33.CONTINUED: (4) KEITH (CONT’D) Now, these gangbangers are always bad shots, so don’t worry about getting hit. I’ma cover you while you grab the bikes. MARK No way.Keith cocks the hammers of both weapons. KEITH On three? MARK Fuck! KEITH One, two, three!Keith stands and UNLOADS on the 18th Street members as Markhunches low, grabs the bikes and drags them behind the car. KEITH (CONT’D) You aight?Mark looks at his suit jacket. MARK I think I lost a button. (beat) What now?Keith crouches low on one of the bikes. He can’t be seenover the hood of the car. KEITH We ride out of here. You ready?Mark prepares to get on his bike. MARK But I’m taller than you. KEITH Better get in front then.Mark starts pedaling with Keith close behind. The 18thStreet Members see them and continue in the same directionbehind their row of cars. KEITH (CONT’D) Keep going! (CONTINUED)
  35. 35. 34.CONTINUED: (5)Keith steers with one hand and FIRES with the other. Theyreach the end of the block and lose their cover from thevehicles. The 18th Street Members ride toward them. MARK Shit!Keith and Mark cross the street, narrowly missing being hitby a BUS. Unfortunately for the 18th Street Members, thedriver can’t stop in time and CRASHES INTO THEM in the middleof the intersection.Mark and Keith skid to a stop as another BUS approaches fromthe opposite direction. Keith tucks his guns and sees twoPOLICE SQUAD CARS speeding in their direction. KEITH Perfect timing.The bus pulls to a stop in front of them. CUT TO:INT. BOARDROOM - 10 MINUTES LATEREarl and the other gang leaders are still in their meeting. FADED LOCOS MEMBER We need to be expanding the number of countries we do business with. Once we get all the gangs in the city into this and establish rules for who works in what area, it’ll be all good, bro. VIRGINA AVENUE MEMBER Our meth sales are down cause they been raiding all the labs in Tijuana. We can’t survive on just moving weed. CAMBODIAN GANG MEMBER Our experience in Southeast Asia can be put to good use, but we have to make sure all the Latinos are down first. What’s the word from Hooper Ave.? MUERTOS 102 MEMBER My people who are close to Francisco say he’s been shook ever since his son got killed. They think once Nestor takes over, we’ll be good to go. CAMBODIAN GANG MEMBER But when’s that gonna happen? (CONTINUED)
  36. 36. 35.CONTINUED:The Muertos 102 Member shrugs his shoulders. Earl’sAssistant enters and makes a beeline to his boss. EARL (to the others) Go ahead.The Assistant whispers bad news to Earl. He takes a momentto regain his cool. EARL (CONT’D) My sources are telling me there is a strong chance there will be a change in power within Hooper Avenue very soon. (beat) So I think we should be confident our goal of expansion will remain on schedule. MUERTOS 102 MEMBER Why the fuck you sound so sure, bro?Earl flashes a white-toothed smile. EARL Instincts. CUT TO:EXT. BUS (MOVING) - MOMENTS LATERThe packed bus travels south on Crenshaw. Two tricked-outbicycles are on the front rack.INT. BUS (MOVING) - CONTINUOUSMark and Keith take a seat in the rear of the mostly emptyvehicle. Mark is pissed. MARK Okay, it’s about fucking time you tell me what your plan is. That’s my second near death experience in two hours.Keith stares out the window as the bus stops to pick up morepassengers.Mark senses an opportunity to escape and takes three quicksteps toward the front of the bus, before he hears the soundof a GUN BEING COCKED. He turns around and sees Keith aimingwithout even bothering to look at him. (CONTINUED)
  37. 37. 36.CONTINUED: KEITH I’m already getting locked up for killing the son of a shot caller. Shooting a lawyer will give me an even bigger rep going in.Mark returns to his seat. A beat. MARK You know this is my first time on a bus in L.A.? KEITH Should I pretend to be surprised?Mark’s phone rings and he quickly silences it. MARK At least tell me what the fuck you’re doing, man. Why would someone wanna set you up? You’re just some gang intervention worker, a nobody. Why not just kill you? (beat) I’m trained to consider all possible explanations for a crime, but you’re not giving me anything.Keith ponders the request. A beat. KEITH About a week after I convinced your boys at LAPD to go by a house on my street where I’d been seeing a lot of Bethune Park members hanging, I went to Monique Oliver’s birthday party. MARK (remembering) This was the night of the shooting. KEITH Right.FLASHBACKINT. MONIQUE OLIVER’S APARTMENT (FLASHBACK) - NIGHTKeith dances in the crowded living room of this South Centralhome. He puffs a joint and chugs a bottle of champagne. (CONTINUED)
  38. 38. 37.CONTINUED: KEITH (V.O.) I found out later that Monique’s birthday was five months before that.Keith feels his phone vibrate and checks the text message. KEITH (V.O.) (CONT’D) Elisa hit me up at 1:30 for me to be home in 15 minutes. So I did what any smart husband does. MARK (V.O.) What’s that? KEITH (V.O.) Got ready to have my ass home in 15 minutes.Keith prepares to leave, but MONIQUE forces a drink into hishand. MARK (V.O.) Then what? KEITH (V.O.) Shit!END FLASHBACKEXT. BUS - SAME TIMEAnother police checkpoint. Keith pulls Mark to the floor ofthe bus with him.POLICE OFFICERS force vehicles to slow down long enough topeer inside. This isn’t sitting well with the IMPATIENTMOTORISTS and they curse the officers in an assortment oflanguages.The cops take one look at the overcrowded bus and wave itthrough.INT. BUS (MOVING) - CONTINUOUSKeith gets back to his feet and helps Mark up. MARK I hope you have a lot of money on your books when you get to prison, cause I’ll be sending you a dry cleaning bill. (CONTINUED)
  39. 39. 38.CONTINUED: KEITH You know how they couldn’t find a match for the other DNA on the murder weapon? MARK All the guns down here are hot, it doesn’t mean there was another shooter. KEITH That’s true, but stolen weapons are usually handled by criminals...with DNA on file. The fact that it was untraceable probably means it was a from a new gang member with no record yet. MARK It’s a possibility, but most people around there have been arrested at least once by the time they’re old enough to wipe their own asses, so it’s unlikely. KEITH What my lawyers ain’t point out, though, is the analysis of the DNA showed the person has sickle cell. MARK Sickle cell anemia? The blood disorder? KEITH Yeah. Which only effects black people, so we know the killer ain’t Latino. (beat) People with sickle cell are easy to spot cause they’re usually real skinny and look young for their age. I gotta cousin who’s 25 and has it. Looks like she ain’t even hit puberty yet. MARK Is that the one that causes the nasty high pitched cough? KEITH Yep. But my lawyer wasn’t trying to go to Watts and do a door-to-door check for skinny black people with funny coughs. (beat) So I had a nurse friend put together a list of everybody in the area who’s been treated for sickle cell. She finally finished it last night. (CONTINUED)
  40. 40. 39.CONTINUED: (2) MARK So we’re going to meet a nurse? KEITH Yeah.Mark starts to chuckle then laughs full on. MARK That’s your plan?Keith goes stoned faced again. MARK (CONT’D) Well, alrighty then.Mark lights a cigarette. KEITH You can’t smoke. MARK The way it smells in here, this is like an air freshener.Mark takes out a medicine bottle and pops a pill. He thensprinkles some cocaine on the back of his hand. MARK (CONT’D) You want some? Actually, after hearing your plan, maybe you shouldn’t.Keith blows the powder off, snatches the rest of the drugsand chucks everything out the window. MARK (CONT’D) What the fuck?! CUT TO:INT. SOUTH LOS ANGELES HOME - MOMENTS LATERFrancisco, Manuela and Nestor sit before a laptop on thekitchen table. The video of Kool Aid and Hot Sauce plays. FRANCISCO When did they put this video up? NESTOR About an hour after he escaped. (CONTINUED)
  41. 41. 40.CONTINUED: FRANCISCO Why would Earl Dozier give out that much for somebody that used to be in his gang?Manuela and Nestor exchange a quick glance. MANUELA Maybe he still wants to work with us, and he thinks this will make it harder for you to say no again. FRANCISCO I’ll never be down with that, he’s wasting his money. MANUELA But he’s offering to help us, right? So if Keith can’t prove he didn’t kill Carlito, he’ll be taken care of without Hooper Ave. getting blamed. FRANCISCO Turn it off.Francisco joins Elisa and Shane in the living room. FRANCISCO (CONT’D) I’m sorry this had to happen.Francisco notices Shane peeking at the large Christmas treein the corner. FRANCISCO (CONT’D) So what’s Santa bringing you this year?Elisa nods to Shane that it’s okay to answer. SHANE A football, a skateboard... ELISA Some books. SHANE (gag) Some books. New Nikes and a Wii. FRANCISCO I like the Wii, but my kids have Xbox.Shane’s interest is piqued. (CONTINUED)
  42. 42. 41.CONTINUED: (2) SHANE What games do they have? FRANCISCO There’s so many, I can’t keep track, bro. If it’s okay with your mama, you can go in the other room and check it out.Elisa nods it’s okay. Shane starts to run out of the room. ELISA Shane. No running inside.Shane slows down and exits. Francisco turns to Elisa. FRANCISCO What year did you graduate from Morningside? ELISA You trying to guess my age, Francisco? FRANCISCO Nah, nah, not at all. ELISA I was a year behind Helena.Francisco glances at one of the many photos of himself withhis late wife, HELENA, and son CARLOS. FRANCISCO That’s right, you two were homegirls. I forgot about that. Damn, I’m getting old. ELISA I’m sorry I didn’t make it to her funeral. FRANCISCO Man, I was so out of it that day, I can’t remember who was there. ELISA She was a good woman. FRANCISCO A good wife and mother too. (CONTINUED)
  43. 43. 42.CONTINUED: (3)Manuela and Nestor watch Francisco and Elisa from thekitchen. They don’t like what they’re seeing. CUT TO:EXT. SOUTH LOS ANGELES - MOMENTS LATERAn unincorporated area between Watts and Compton that’s sobad, neither area wants to claim it. A bus stops in front ofa liquor store where a MOCK WANTED POSTER with Keith’s photohas been posted.Keith and Mark get off the bus. They take their bikes downand start pedaling. MARK (re: poster) I see they really love you down here. (beat) So where are we going now? KEITH Martin Luther King, Jr. Hospital. Aka “Killer King”, the worst hospital in L.A., right in the middle of the part of town where you most likely to need some medical attention. MARK You always know you’re in a bad area when the buildings or streets are named for black people.Keith rolls his eyes. MARK (CONT’D) Come on, even Chris Rock joked about it when he did the bit on MLK Boulevards. (mimicking Chris Rock) “I don’t care where you live in America, if you’re on Martin Luther King Boulevard, there’s some violence going on!” (beat) Is Bethune Park named after Mary McLeod Bethune? KEITH Yeah. MARK See. Why aren’t any of those names used where white people live? (CONTINUED)
  44. 44. 43.CONTINUED: KEITH I’m just impressed you know who Mary McLeod Bethune was. Most people don’t know much more than King or Malcolm X. MARK All of my teachers growing up may have been white, but they were a bunch of fucking liberals.Mark’s Blackberry rings, and when he sees the caller ID hestops riding to answer. MARK (CONT’D) Speaking of liberal. KEITH Yo, don’t...Mark picks up. MARK Hey, dad. CUT TO:EXT. MALIBU MANSION - SAME TIMEWALTER GREEN, white, 82, long hair, eccentric, sits before alarge flat screen TV next to a pool. The Pacific Ocean is inthe background. He drinks Scotch and puffs a joint. WALTER I’d always hoped one day you’d take after me. And you sure picked a helluva way to do it!INTERCUT WALTER AND MARK -- MARK What are you talking about? WALTER My sources are telling me you found out this Keith Morris is really innocent and you’re helping him. MARK What “sources”? (to Keith) You gotta hear this.Mark puts the phone on speaker. (CONTINUED)
  45. 45. 44.CONTINUED: WALTER Reminds me of when I was representing the Black Panther Bobby Seale and he got arrested in Alabama for helping blacks register to vote. We had to break him out of jail and sneak him onto a flight to Oakland by hiding him in the bathroom. (beat) Oh, hey, do you remember my old partner Saul Weinberg? MARK Yes, dad. WALTER I happened to mention to him in passing that you voted for Obama and he almost shit himself. And not just because of his fecal incontinence either.Walter laughs at his joke and Keith can’t resist either. MARK That’s great. Well, dad, as you know, I’m sort of busy today. So what’s up?Silence on the other end. MARK (CONT’D) Hello? WALTER I’m here. MARK Everything okay?A beat. Walter lets out a painful sigh. MARK (CONT’D) Dad, what’s wrong?A long beat. WALTER You’re gonna be disbarred, Mark.Mark takes the phone off speaker and turns away from Keith. MARK How do you know? (CONTINUED)
  46. 46. 45.CONTINUED: (2) WALTER Courtesy call from an old friend.Mark and Walter share a moment of silence. MARK Well thanks for the heads up. I’ll talk to you later. WALTER Try not to get killed today, huh. MARK Will do.Mark resumes pedaling. Keith follows him a few blockswithout a word. KEITH You gonna be alright?The former attorney nods. KEITH (CONT’D) So does this mean you’re not a lawyer anymore? MARK And they timed it so the D.A. could get one last guilty verdict out of me, since they know I don’t lose. KEITH Sorry, man. MARK And don’t go being impressed that I voted for the double Ivy League graduate over some senile POW. (beat) Barack Obama has more in common with me than he does most black people. And the only reason they voted for him is because of his skin color. Now how is that not racist?EXT. MARTIN LUTHER KING, JR. HOSPITAL - MOMENTS LATERA dilapidated structure, clearly of a lesser quality thanmedical facilities elsewhere in the city. The patientsentering and exiting are exclusively black and Latino. (CONTINUED)
  47. 47. 46.CONTINUED:Keith and Mark approach on their bicycles. Over by theentrance, a CHEVY MALIBU skids to a stop. Two BLACK GANGMEMBERS jump out and pull a GUNSHOT VICTIM from the backseat. They dump their friend and speed off. MARK Who are they? KEITH Eight Tray Gangsta Crips. They got the largest territory of any black gang in L.A. And they also got beef with anybody from my neighborhood.Keith pulls Mark behind a row of ambulances. MARK Even though they’re both Crip? KEITH Different cliques, though. Blood and Crip is just a label, almost like a last name. You might have the same last name as somebody, but ya’ll don’t get along.They wait for the gangbangers to turn the corner. MARK Why’s it taking so long for someone to come out? KEITH The county shut down the emergency room here over a year ago. I guess the Eight Trays don’t keep up with the news.Keith notices keys have been left in the ignitions of all theidle ambulances. KEITH (CONT’D) Let’s go.They walk toward the entrance as the Gunshot Victim writhesin pain, with no one stopping to help.As they get closer, the massive stomach wound is visible.Keith’s eyes are straight ahead, focused on his mission, butMark can’t ignore the blood and the young kid’s screams. Hestops. MARK We gotta do something. (CONTINUED)
  48. 48. 47.CONTINUED: (2) KEITH We ain’t got to do shit. Bring your ass! MARK You’re just gonna let him die here?Keith glares at Mark then pulls out a gun. KEITH Want me to put him out of his misery? MARK What the fuck is wrong with you?! The least we can do is take him inside.Keith reluctantly puts the weapon away. KEITH Give me your damn phone.Mark tosses Keith his mobile. Keith dials 911. MARK You’re calling 911 from outside a hospital? KEITH It’s called “Killer King” because of all the patients that died here. (into phone) Yeah, we need an ambulance at...GUN SHOTS strike the ground next to them. The Eight TraysFIRE as they speed back toward the hospital.INT. CHEVY MALIBU (MOVING) - SAME TIMETwo EIGHT TRAY CRIPS. EIGHT TRAY #1 Don’t kill the nigga, that’s half a million dollars you shooting at! EIGHT TRAY #2 I’m just trying to wound him!EXT. MARTIN LUTHER KING, JR. HOSPITAL - CONTINUOUSKeith and Mark take cover as the gangbangers continue theirassault. The gunshot victim takes a killshot to the head. (CONTINUED)
  49. 49. 48.CONTINUED:They run for the entrance and get through the first set ofdoors, but see two POLICE OFFICERS approaching. Keith turnsMark back around. MARK You’re gonna get me shot! KEITH To the ambulances!The Eight Trays shoot out several ambulance windshields, butMark and Keith are able to make it safely inside one of thevehicles.INT. AMBULANCE - CONTINUOUSKeith pushes Mark behind the wheel. Keith lowers the windowto return fire. KEITH Drive!Mark guns it out of the parking lot.The Eight Trays follow and the Police Officers jump in theircruiser and pursue as well.Mark weaves through traffic and hits the siren. MARK Where are we going? KEITH To my neighborhood. They won’t follow us in. MARK What about the cops? KEITH You don’t need to worry about the police. I’m the one who’s on the run, remember.Mark sees Mary McLeod Bethune Park and accelerates.The Eight Trays take a few more shots, but make a U-turn inthe middle of the street to stop from entering theneighborhood. The police continue after the gangbangers. KEITH (CONT’D) That was pretty good. Since your career as a lawyer is done, you should look into work as a stunt driver. (CONTINUED)
  50. 50. 49.CONTINUED: MARK Fuck you. KEITH Welcome to my hood, by the way. Turn left up here, we gotta ditch this ride.INT. ALLEY - CONTINUOUSMark slowly brings the ambulance to a stop. Keith walksaround to Mark’s side and opens the door. KEITH I wanna apologize for back there. MARK What for? KEITH Not stopping to help that kid.A beat. MARK So when are you gonna let me go? KEITH Well, seeing as how my plan is shot, I...Keith spots a POLICE CRUISER. It’s the same cops from thehospital. He yanks Mark out of the ambulance. KEITH (CONT’D) Come on!The cops FIRE but miss.EXT. NEIGHBORHOOD STREET - CONTINUOUSKeith and Mark sprint past a row of faded bungalows withunkept yards. Keith points toward a boarded up residencearound the corner. KEITH There, that house is abandoned!They run to the back yard and Keith kicks in the door. Thecops pass the house unawares as Mark and Keith disappearinside.INT. ABANDONED HOUSE - CONTINUOUSKeith and Mark are walloped by a disgusting odor. (CONTINUED)
  51. 51. 50.CONTINUED: MARK Fuck, is that dog shit?They cover their noses and continue toward the living room.The house is partially lit by sun coming through cracks inthe boarded up windows. Piles of old shoes and two machetesare next to discarded fast food bags.Keith and Mark cover their faces. MARK (CONT’D) Oh, my God. Is there a dead animal in here? (beat) What is all this? KEITH Probably squatters.They hear a CAR without a muffler pull up out back. MARK Can we please get outta here? KEITH Front door.They head toward the door, but it’s chained shut. MARK Since when did squatters start locking themselves in?The back door is being opened.Keith goes to a bedroom with five bolt locks on the door. Hequickly turns them all and pulls Mark inside, as four GANGMEMBERS, two black, two Latino, enter. The Gang Members wearface masks to protect themselves from the stench.INSIDE THE BEDROOM --Mark and Keith are in total darkness. BLACK GANG MEMBER (O.S.) So what time we supposed to make the drop?INTERCUT GANG MEMBERS WITH KEITH AND MARK -- (CONTINUED)
  52. 52. 51.CONTINUED: (2) LATINO GANG MEMBER I thought you knew, bro. That’s why we came here now. BLACK GANG MEMBER Nah. LATINO GANG MEMBER #2 You said you got a message from your man. KEITH I recognize his voice. MARK Which one? BLACK GANG MEMBER (exiting) Let me make a call. KEITH His. His name’s Vaughn P. He’s a Bethune Park Crip. LATINO GANG MEMBER Ya’ll need to clean this place up, bro. Once Manuela gets everything straight with Nestor and ya’ll fools are down with Hooper Ave., things are gonna change, bro. LATINO GANG MEMBER #2 (re: Black Gang Member) Who’s he calling? BLACK GANG MEMBER #2 Earl Dozier. LATINO GANG MEMBER Earl’s too busy trying to get Keith Morris before he finds out he set him up. BLACK GANG MEMBER #2 I’m glad that nigga fled though, cause even if a gang don’t get him, LAPD will bust a cap in that ass for kidnapping the lawyer. (beat) He almost fucked everything up when his wannabe Neighborhood Watch ass told 5-O bout our first distribution spot. We was lucky we cleared it out before they showed up. (CONTINUED)
  53. 53. 52.CONTINUED: (3) KEITH Remember the Crip house I told you about on my street? But what were they distributing?Black Gang Member #1 reenters. BLACK GANG MEMBER We gotta hit Home Depot and get supplies. LATINO GANG MEMBER What time is the fuckin’ drop, bro? BLACK GANG MEMBER In an hour.All four exit. Keith searches for the door handle and Markflips on his lighter so they can see. MARK Motherfucker!Keith turns to see what Mark is reacting to: A group oftwenty LATINO IMMIGRANTS, age 8 to 50, bound, gagged andbarefoot. Keith finds the light switch. KEITH What in the hell? MARK Now we know what they’re distributing: Humans.Mark opens the bedroom door. KEITH Francisco can’t be down with this. MARK You sure? KEITH Yeah. Somebody’s gotta be going behind his back. MARK Manuela and Nestor, maybe? KEITH Maybe. (CONTINUED)
  54. 54. 53.CONTINUED: (4) MARK Well somebody with Hooper Ave. knows what’s going on. Let’s get them out of here.Keith and Mark untie the immigrants and receive profusethanks in Spanish. KEITH So you know I’m innocent now, right?Mark doesn’t respond and Keith heads toward the secondbedroom. He flips the locks and turns on the light. KEITH (CONT’D) Asians!Twenty ASIANS are here. Mark comes over. MARK You’re kidding me.Mark walks over to a third bedroom and turns the five lockson the door. Twenty AFRICANS are inside. MARK (CONT’D) Jesus...Mark steps away. Keith walks over and enters the bedroom.INSIDE THE BEDROOM --Keith removes tape from the mouth of an AFRICAN MAN wearingan old Shaquille O’Neal Lakers jersey. KEITH You speak English? AFRICAN MAN Yes. KEITH Where you from? AFRICAN MAN We are all from Sudan. KEITH How long you been here? AFRICAN MAN Twenty-six days. When we arrived they increased the smuggling fee. (MORE) (CONTINUED)
  55. 55. 54.CONTINUED: (5) AFRICAN MAN (CONTD) They are holding us until our relatives pay the extra money. (beat) They rape the women and beat us if we try to escape.Keith can’t believe what he’s hearing. He takes a seat inthe living room while Mark continues freeing the captives.After a few minutes, Mark joins him. MARK You all right? KEITH It’s just crazy to be seeing this in 2011. It’s like slavery, man.Mark takes out a pack of cigarettes and offers Keith one.Keith accepts and Mark lights them both. MARK We come across a lot of it at the District Attorney’s office. (beat) Because we’re on the Pacific Ocean and border a much poorer country, California is a major hub. It’s mostly people from Asia, Russia and Mexico, but I have heard of Africans being trafficked too. KEITH How do they do it? MARK The smugglers -- they call them snakeheads -- charge thousands of dollars to get them into the country, I’ve read about people from China paying as much as 30K. (beat) But when they get here, they take away their passports and make them work in sweatshops, farms, massage parlors, on street corners as prostitutes, even live- in maids. It’s happening all over L.A., and nobody seems to know about it. KEITH It can’t be that hard to escape, though. (CONTINUED)
  56. 56. 55.CONTINUED: (6) MARK Maybe, but if they go to the cops they’ll be deported, and there’s always the chance the smugglers might kill their family back home. KEITH So they shit outta luck no matter how you slice it. MARK Pretty much.The sound of the back door opening. BLACK GANG MEMBER (O.S.) I know where it is, ya’ll was rushing me, that’s why I forgot it.A mobile phone sits on a nearby table.They put out their cigarettes and Keith is quickly back onhis feet. He thinks for a moment then hands Mark one of hisguns. KEITH Let’s hide in there.Keith turns toward a bedroom. MARK Keith? KEITH What?Keith pivots back around and is met by the BUTT OF THE GUN hejust handed Mark. He crumples to the floor.Mark picks up Keith’s pistol and SHOOTS THE CHAINS off thefront door. Mark looks back at Keith and they lock eyes -Keith is more hurt than angry.The Black Gang Member enters with his weapon drawn. BLACK GANG MEMBER What the fuck is going on?He recognizes Keith. BLACK GANG MEMBER (CONT’D) Oh shit, get ya’ll asses in here! Ya’ll not gonna believe this! (CONTINUED)
  57. 57. 56.CONTINUED: (7)Keith gets a hand on one of the MACHETES. He HURLS IT atthe gangbanger and stands up in time to land two PUNCHES tohis midsection as he fires wildly. Unfortunately, the threeothers enter and are able to overpower Keith, pummeling himinto submission. LATINO GANG MEMBER What happened to the front door, bro?The smuggled Asians start to wander out of their room. BLACK GANG MEMBER #2 Get the fuck back in there! Ya’ll muthafuckas trying to escape?The immigrants are quickly locked back inside the bedroom.EXT. NEIGHBORHOOD STREET - SAME TIMEMark is a block away from the abandoned house and stillrunning, but he gradually slows down and eventually stops.He contemplates going back. A beat. MARK Fuck him. I got my own shit to deal with.Mark continues on and makes a phone call. MARK (CONT’D) Yeah, I need a taxi at...INT. ABANDONED HOUSE - MOMENTS LATERKeith lies unconscious, surrounded by the four Gang Members. LATINO GANG MEMBER Let’s take him to the kitchen.They pick up Keith’s limp body. BLACK GANG MEMBER Yo, you think since we down with Earl, we still gonna get the million dollars? LATINO GANG MEMBER #2 We better. BLACK GANG MEMBER #2 Hell yeah, we gonna get that shit. Even splitting it four ways, we still gon’ be rich. (CONTINUED)