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24 hours to love


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A groom learns of his bride’s infidelities, just as a woman on the other side of town walks in on her cheating boyfriend.

They will spend the next 24 hours together, trying to figure out the rest of their lives.

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24 hours to love

  1. 1. 24 hours to love written by Barry CantyWGA REGISTERED(310)
  2. 2. FADE IN:EXT. CHURCH - MORNINGA wedding is scheduled for later this afternoon on the westside of Los Angeles.INT. CHURCH - CONTINUOUSGuests have yet to arrive, the calm before the storm.INT. GROOMS QUARTERS - CONTINUOUSMICHAEL PRESTON, 32, black, tall and confident in his tuxedo,stands calmly before his best man and groomsmen.They are: CLARK THOMAS, smart, leader, best man, PHIL BUTLER,short, neurotic, WILSON KIM, calm, mysterious, and DERRICKJOHNSON, unpredictable, funny. MICHAEL It is now 11:00. That gives you exactly one hour until you boys lose the best wingman you ever had.They all laugh. Michael pours four glasses of champagne. MICHAEL (CONT’D) You can do whatever you want for the next 45 minutes. But during the rehearsal dinner, I overheard the bridesmaids talking about smoking out before the ceremony.The guys like the sound of that. They toast. PHIL How are you so cool right now? You’re not even a little nervous? MICHAEL I’m cool because look at who I’ll be spending the rest of my life with.Michael picks up a framed engagement photo of he and hisbeautiful bride-to-be, AMANDA LESTER, white, 28. DERRICK Bad ass bitch. And the bridesmaids are dimes too. (CONTINUED)
  3. 3. 2.CONTINUED: WILSON Yeah, but I still can’t believe you’re marrying a girl whose dad used to be the head of LAPD.Michael escorts them to the door as they laugh at Wilson’sfamiliar comment. MICHAEL Oh really, Wilson? We’ve never heard you express that opinion before. (beat) Go smoke. I’ll be here, just chilling. But, uh, be sure to text me when you’re on your way back. Okay? CUT TO:EXT. LOS ANGELES STREET - SAME TIMEPassengers get off a BUS. Among them is LUCY BLOOM, 28, redhair and hipster style that clashes with her classicallybeautiful features. BUS DRIVER Bye, Sandra Bullock! LUCY See you later. (in Spanish to a PASSENGER) She calls me that because the only other white woman she’s ever seen on the bus in L.A., was Sandra Bullock in that movie “Speed”.Lucy climbs the steps to PLANNED PARENTHOOD.INT. CHURCH - MOMENTS LATERClark exits the Grooms Quarters behind the others. Hefollows them for a a few steps, then stops. CLARK Hey, I forgot my...Clark palms his mobile. CLARK (CONT’D) Go ahead, I’ll find you.
  4. 4. 3.INT. GROOMS QUARTERS - CONTINUOUSClark re-enters, and finds Michael doubled over andhyperventilating. Clark was expecting this.Michael has thrown off his jacket and desperately tries toloosen his bowtie as he stumbles around the room. MICHAEL What are you doing back so soon? Can’t you see I’m chilling?Clark remains calm. CLARK Sorry for interrupting. What’s up, Michael? MICHAEL I love Amanda so much, man. I just don’t wanna let her down.Michael can’t stand still. CLARK Let her down how? (beat) Wait a minute. You went and played strip Monopoly with those Brazilian gymnasts last night, didn’t you? MICHAEL No!Michael catches his breath. MICHAEL (CONT’D) What if I end up being a shitty husband? Or a terrible father? There are so many men out there who suck at this entire thing. What if I’m one of ‘em?Clark chuckles at his friend and guides him to a chair. CLARK In the long history of grooms with cold feet, you might be the first one whose only concern is if he’ll do a good job. (beat) You’re gonna be great. How many men who aren’t married and haven’t knocked up some chick, read books on parenting? (CONTINUED)
  5. 5. 4.CONTINUED: MICHAEL You thought that was weird? CLARK What guy takes his fiance to pre-marriage counseling the day after he proposes? MICHAEL Okay, maybe that was unusual.Michael’s breathing slowly returns to normal. CLARK Why don’t you go outside and get some of that good ole smoggy L.A. air? It might calm you down.Michael nods to this advice. He’s able to make it to hisfeet and Clark steadies him as they walk toward the door. CLARK (CONT’D) There’s a garden behind the building. Go get yourself together.Michael hangs on to the doorknob for balance. CLARK (CONT’D) Where’s your jacket?Michael motions to the large potted plant across the room.His jacket is in the dirt. CLARK (CONT’D) I’ll get it cleaned up.Clark removes his jacket and helps Michael put it on. CLARK (CONT’D) It’s cool out. Amanda and her father will kill you if you get sick before the honeymoon. MICHAEL (exiting) Yeah, we don’t need to give him an excuse.INT. PLANNED PARENTHOOD EXAMINATION ROOM - MOMENTS LATERLucy sits on the examination table, surprised by the news. LUCY Wow. (CONTINUED)
  6. 6. 5.CONTINUED:The doctor waits for the rest of Lucy’s reaction. LUCY (CONT’D) This is fantastic!Lucy leaps to her feet and kisses the doctor. She quicklygets dressed. LUCY (CONT’D) My old gynecologist said it wasn’t possible. I can’t wait to tell my boyfriend.EXT. PLANNED PARENTHOOD - CONTINUOUSLucy races down the front steps, her phone to her ear. Shegets her boyfriend’s voicemail. LUCY Hey, it’s me! I went to pick up my birth control, and I have some incredible news. (beat) But I don’t wanna leave it on your voicemail. I’m coming back home instead of going to my parents. See you soon!Lucy hangs up and sees a YOUNG WOMAN, Latino, and herBOYFRIEND heading toward the entrance. LUCY (CONT’D) Good luck, guys! (beat) Taxi!EXT. CHURCH - MOMENTS LATERMichael has regained his swagger and laughs at himself as heapproaches the GARDEN AREA. He hears what sounds like peoplemaking out. MICHAEL Did somebody get their hands on a bridesmaid?Michael snickers as he moves closer. He crouches behind thebushes, but can’t see through them. Michael raises up justenough to peak over the shrubbery and sees...AMANDA kissing DUNCAN HENSON, white, 33.Michael stands up straight and is too shocked to speak for amoment. (CONTINUED)
  7. 7. 6.CONTINUED: MICHAEL (CONT’D) (stunned) Hey, Amanda. What’s up, Duncan? I’m glad you could make the wedding.Michael slowly turns around and walks off.INT. LUCY’S APARTMENT - SAME TIMELucy bursts through the doors. LUCY Did you get my message?!Lucy heads to the kitchen, but her boyfriend isn’t there. LUCY (CONT’D) Tyler?Lucy looks down the hallway and sees the bedroom door isclosed. LUCY (CONT’D) You’re still asleep?Lucy runs to the door and throws it open. LUCY (CONT’D) Guess who’s pregnant?!A look of horror comes over Lucy’s face.TYLER HARRIS, white, early 30’s, muscular, listens to hisiPod with earbuds, preventing him from hearing hisgirlfriend.He’s also in the middle of having sex with a YOUNG WOMAN,blonde, dressed in a cheerleader uniform.Lucy tries to scream, but nothing comes out.EXT. CHURCH - MOMENTS LATERMichael staggers past the front of the building. Amandarounds the corner a few seconds after. AMANDA Michael! It’s not how it looked!Amanda’s father, DON LESTER, 55, lean, virile andintimidating, greets the first guests out front. Don frownswhen he spots his son-in-law to be, and quickly realizesAmanda is chasing him. (CONTINUED)
  8. 8. 7.CONTINUED: DON Everything all right, honey?Michael sees Don and takes off running. Father and daughtergive chase. DON (CONT’D) If you don’t stop right now, instead of my daughter, you’re gonna be spending the night with your new cellmate! Don’t forget who I am!Michael turns the corner to a major street and spots a BUS.He knifes across six lanes of traffic and is able to boardjust as the bus departs. AMANDA DONMichael! Michael!EXT. LUCY’S APARTMENT - MOMENTS LATERLucy flees her building with a shirtless Tyler rapidlygaining on her. TYLER If you ever came to the gym with me, you might actually have a chance of getting away.Lucy turns and HURLS HER PHONE at Tyler’s head. He ducks,but raises his hand and catches the mobile. Tyler fails tomake it to the next block before the light changes, and Lucydisappears down the escalator to a SUBWAY STATION.Tyler gives up and heads back home.INT. CHURCH (GROOMS QUARTERS) - MOMENTS LATERClark and the groomsmen are frantic. WILSON I’m calling some of my people right now to take care of Amanda’s ex. What’s Duncan’s last name? I also need to know where his parents live.Clark snatches Wilson’s phone and ends the call. CLARK You’re not doing anything to Duncan or his family, don’t overreact. (CONTINUED)
  9. 9. 8.CONTINUED: DERRICK That’s my homie we talking about, it ain’t possible to overreact! CLARK I said I thought I saw him when Amanda was running after Michael, but I’m not 100%. PHIL Come on, we all know Michael never trusted Amanda when it came to that asshole. It makes perfect sense. WILSON Has he called you?Clark holds up Michael’s phone. CLARK He left it in his jacket.INT. CHURCH (BRIDES QUARTERS) - SAME TIMEAmanda pours on the crocodile tears as her bridesmaidscommiserate.Don paces angrily on the other side of the room, phone toear. DON (into phone) Thanks.Don hangs up. DON (CONT’D) I knew you shouldn’t have been marrying this guy. Good riddance! AMANDA But daddy, we have to find him. DON Oh, we’re gonna find him. Nobody embarrasses my daughter and me like this. Michael will be lucky if he isn’t shot on site when he gets off that bus.Don kneels before Amanda. (CONTINUED)
  10. 10. 9.CONTINUED: DON (CONT’D) Do you have any idea why he would run off? Does he have a history of homosexuality, you know, considering what he does for a living?Amanda takes care not to give herself away. AMANDA Maybe. DON Well, we’ll find out for sure.INT. LUCY’S BEDROOM - MOMENTS LATERTyler re-enters. The Cheerleader is still here. CHEERLEADER Coach Harris?Tyler tries to figure out his next move. CHEERLEADER (CONT’D) Coach Harris? TYLER What? CHEERLEADER Can you give me a ride home? TYLER You just turned 17, don’t you drive? CHEERLEADER I had my mom drop me off, because you said you didn’t wanna risk anyone from school seeing my car.Tyler sees an empty bottle of anti-depressants prescribed toLucy and it sparks an idea. TYLER Fuck yeah.Tyler gets a pack of Tic Tacs from his gym bag and pours theminto the pill bottle. He takes a deep breath and calls MR.and MRS. BLOOM. MR. BLOOM (O.S.) Tyler, how’s it going buddy? I was just reading about last night’s game. (CONTINUED)
  11. 11. 10.CONTINUED:Tyler grits his teeth at the memory. MR. BLOOM (O.S.) (CONT’D) Tough loss, but... TYLER Yeah...Mr. Bloom, I’m actually calling about Lucy. I think she may be having one of her episodes.Cheerleader hears this and stomps out. MR. BLOOM (O.S.) Oh my God. Let me put her mother on.EXT. DOWNTOWN ANGELES STREET - MOMENTS LATERPassengers disembark a crowded city bus at a busyintersection. Michael, now in tears, is among them.At the subway station a few feet away, Lucy, also crying,arrives at street level.Without noticing each other, Michael and Lucy blend in withthe heavy foot traffic and cross the street in the samedirection.EXT. DOWNTOWN PARK - LATERAn open-air public space. Almost everyone here is homeless,on drugs or both.In a far corner near the street, Lucy sits on a low wall andweeps. She looks around after a few moments to make sure noone has noticed her, and something catches her eye.Michael is also here, his face buried in his hands as hecries. Without looking up, Michael hands his handkerchief tosomeone. MICHAEL Are you okay?Lucy stands over Michael. LUCY Huh? MICHAEL I saw you crying. (CONTINUED)
  12. 12. 11.CONTINUED: LUCY I came over here because I saw you crying. MICHAEL Thank you. That’s very sweet. LUCY You’re welcome. I’m Lucy.With one hand still over his face, Michael offers ahandshake. MICHAEL Hi. I’m Michael.They whimper to themselves for a bit. LUCY MICHAELSo what’s wrong? So what’s wrong?Michael lifts his head and he and Lucy make eye contact.They exchange weak smiles.INT. CHURCH (GROOMS QUARTERS) - MOMENTS LATERClark stands at the head of a table with the groomsmen seatedbefore him. PHIL I can’t believe Amanda’s dad closed off the parking lots. DERRICK An hour ago he was about to start the rest of his life, now he’s running from the goddamn police. (beat) They just don’t want the black man to start families in this country. Ya’ll know we got the lowest marriage rate, don’t ya? You think it’s by accident? CLARK (to Wilson) Tell all of your...people to watch out for Michael and help him if they can. WILSON It’s already been done. I also have them waiting outside Duncan’s apartment. Just in case. (CONTINUED)
  13. 13. 12.CONTINUED: CLARK Okay, but leave his parents out of this. WILSON He got lucky. They live in Florida. But if we don’t have Michael back soon, it’s gonna be a bloody day in Fort Lauderdale.Clark doesn’t want to know more. CLARK Phil, I know it’s a Saturday, but I need you to have one of your paralegals start pulling whatever they can find on Don Lester. PHIL What are you looking for? CLARK I don’t know yet. DERRICK What you want me to do? CLARK Reconnaissance.INT. CHURCH (BRIDES QUARTERS) - MOMENTS LATERDon stands at the front of the room. Amanda and herbridesmaids are seated around the table. DON Our groom has been on the run for approximately 50 minutes. He was last seen heading east toward downtown on a Rapid Transit bus. I have alerted my contacts at the police department to be on the lookout for a suspicious-looking black male -- there’s a redundancy -- dressed in a cheap tuxedo. (beat) My men will do a hard target search of any strip club, whore house, crack house, flop house, dive bar or gay bar...Don looks at Amanda. DON(CONT’D) ...within a five mile radius of downtown Los Angeles. I want everyone to stay calm, and keep this to ourselves. (MORE) (CONTINUED)
  14. 14. 13.CONTINUED: DON(CONT’D) I expect this all to be over shortly, and we’re gonna pretend like today never happened.INT. LUCY’S APARTMENT - MOMENTS LATERTyler sits between MR. and MRS. BLOOM, upper middle class,late 50’s, and pretends to fight back tears. He has informedthe Blooms about their daughter’s pregnancy. TYLER I just hope she doesn’t do anything to harm our little boy. MR. BLOOM I’m having a grandson?Mr. Bloom shakes Tyler’s hand and pats him on the back. TYLER Well I don’t know for sure, but that’s what I’m hoping for. MR. BLOOM Why’s she going to Planned Parenthood? All those people wanna do is convince girls to have abortions and vote Democrat. TYLER I’m afraid that she might be planning something even more drastic. MRS. BLOOM Like what? TYLER There was just a look in her eyes that worried me.Tyler pretends to be overcome with emotion. MRS. BLOOM What, Tyler? TYLER Lucy told me what happened four years ago.The Blooms don’t like any mention of this. MRS. BLOOM She’s been fine ever since we convinced her to start taking the anti-depressants. (CONTINUED)
  15. 15. 14.CONTINUED:Tyler holds up the pill bottle full of Tic Tacs and shakesit. TYLER This prescription was filled on June 1st. Today is June 28th.Mr. and Mrs. Bloom trade looks of panic.EXT. DOWNTOWN PARK - MOMENTS LATERLucy and Michael have finished exchanging stories about thismorning. They have no idea what to say next. MICHAEL Well, our days can only get better. LUCY When I was a little girl, every Saturday morning, my mom and I would hop on the bus and ride around L.A. When we saw a place that looked interesting, we would get off and just start exploring the area. (beat) She’s from New York, and she used to say that people in Los Angeles were “self segregators with underdeveloped social skills”, who are afraid of strangers.Michael nods in agreement. LUCY (CONT’D) She thought meeting new people presented all sorts of possibilities.Michael smiles at that. LUCY (CONT’D) But what does she know? She’s married to her 10th grade boyfriend.They laugh, then share a brief silence. Michael stands andholds out his hand to shake. MICHAEL Well, Lucy, wish me luck. And I’ll do the same for you.Lucy takes Michael’s hand, then squeezes her eyes closed fora few seconds. Michael isn’t sure what’s going on. (CONTINUED)
  16. 16. 15.CONTINUED: LUCY I just wished you luck. MICHAEL Thank you. Goodbye. LUCY See ya.They walk off in opposite directions.INT. LUCY’S APARTMENT - MOMENTS LATERMr. and Mrs. Bloom prepare to depart. TYLER We’re doing the right thing.Tyler hugs them goodbye. TYLER (CONT’D) I’ll call if I hear from her. (beat) Oh, and in Lucy’s fragile emotional state, we have to remember that she may be suffering from delusions. So if she does contact you, be aware that she could make outlandish or inaccurate claims regarding you...or even me.Mrs. Bloom thinks this is an odd thing for Tyler to say. MR. BLOOM Thank you, son.Tyler has managed to conjure up some tears. TYLER I’m just doing the same thing any other father would.Tyler shoos them out, as if he wishes to cry alone. As soonas the door is closed, his game face returns.EXT. SANTEE ALLEY - LATERThe crowded open-air bazaar in the heart of downtown.Storefronts and kiosks sell discount and knock off goods,pirated media, street food and even animals.Lucy is here amongst the throng of people. She wandersthrough, ignoring aggressive sales pitches from shop owners,and not bothering to hide her crying. (CONTINUED)
  17. 17. 16.CONTINUED:At a bus stop across the street, Michael boards. As he’sabout to pay, he spots Lucy and sees she’s doing even worsethan earlier. Michael tries to decide if he should just mindhis business. He turns to the PERSON behind him. MICHAEL What time is the next bus? PERSON Twelve minutes.INTERCUT MICHAEL AND LUCY --Lucy’s balling gets louder and frightened shoppers steerclear of her.Michael crosses the street at an intersection and fightsthrough the crowd, trying to catch up with Lucy.Lucy can’t stay upright any longer. She plops down on thecurb, her feet in the gutter, and wails.Michael has lost track of Lucy. He cuts down the middle ofthe busy street to see if he can spot her.Lucy continues crying with her head between her legs.Michael stands on the opposite sidewalk and pans the area.He eventually locates his new friend.Lucy can’t wipe away the tears fast enough to keep her facedry. She lifts her head and recognizes someone walking downthe sidewalk.Michael hurries toward Lucy, carrying something behind hisback. He waves when he sees her looking his way.Lucy dries her face as she stands. She isn’t sure what’shappening.Michael and Lucy head toward each other. When they arewithin a few feet of meeting, Michael holds up a small cagewith a BABY RABBIT inside. Lucy is touched by the gesture.Suddenly, two MEN step out of an alleyway and snatch Michael.Lucy is confused and slowly backs away as Michael is draggedoff.EXT. VACANT ALLEY - CONTINUOUSMichael is thrown up against the wall by DETECTIVES JASONBENSON and MARK GORDON, both white, early 40’s. (CONTINUED)
  18. 18. 17.CONTINUED: MICHAEL Please, let me apologize. I know animal rights activists have been out here protesting the illegal sale of animals, but a young lady I just met needed something to cheer her up so...Detective Benson snatches the cage and chucks it into adumpster. DETECTIVE BENSON Only a special breed of cocksucker can leave his fiance at the alter, and barely an hour later be out buying bunny rabbits for some whore.Michael is confused for a moment, then gets it. MICHAEL Ah, sh...EXT. SANTEE ALLEY - SAME TIMEA frightened Lucy runs away. She hails a cab, and one pullsover immediately. But as she’s about to get in the taxi,Lucy changes her mind. Against her better judgement, shedecides to go make sure Michael is okay.EXT. VACANT ALLEY - SAME TIMEMichael stands before the two Detectives. DETECTIVE BENSON You know how on TV the police always do the good cop/bad cop routine? MICHAEL Yeah, so who’s who? DETECTIVE BENSON Well, Detective Gordon and I think the good cop is always the pussy, so we both like to play the bad one.They hit Michael with BODY PUNCHES that send him to hisknees. The Detectives do their special hand shake tocelebrate. Michael eventually catches his breath. MICHAEL Why are you two running errands for Don Lester? They fired him, he’s not your boss anymore. Don’t you have anything better to do? (CONTINUED)
  19. 19. 18.CONTINUED:Gordon and Benson can’t believe their ears. DETECTIVE GORDON What the fuck did you say about our mentor?The Detectives move toward Michael to resume the beatdown.AT THE END OF THE ALLEY --Lucy hurries past and spots Michael being assaulted. Sheducks behind the building and tries to figure out what to do.A FEW MINUTES LATER --Michael has crumpled to the ground as the Detectives take abreak from kicking his ass. MICHAEL I really wanna thank you fellas for not hitting me in the face. I truly appreciate it. DETECTIVE BENSON It’s one of the unwritten rules of good police brutality. Stupid civilians like yourself have more sympathy for a guy with a little puffiness under his eye, than you do for someone with a cracked sternum. HAGGARD FEMALE VOICE (O.S.) Hey...hey...can you give me some money? I need money...The detectives turn around to see who’s behind them.Lucy is here, pretending to be some sort of drug addict. Shehas dirt on her face and holds one of her sneakers in herhand. DETECTIVE GORDON What the fuck do you want? LUCY I need money. DETECTIVE GORDON Money for what? LUCY Uh... (CONTINUED)
  20. 20. 19.CONTINUED: (2)Michael sees he’s going to have to help. MICHAEL Crystal meth. She’s a tweaker. LUCY Yeah, I’m a Twitter. MICHAEL Tweaker. LUCY Tweaker.Lucy has no idea what a tweaker is and does an awfulimpersonation. LUCY (CONT’D) Tweak, tweak, tweak... DETECTIVE BENSON You’re pretty hot for a tweaker. What’re you willing to do for cash? LUCY Uh...I’ll suck both your dicks for $10?The Detectives are surprised by the bargain price. DETECTIVE GORDON Well, we are in a recession.Michael looks at Lucy, “What the hell have you just done?”Lucy panicked, she isn’t sure. He makes it back to his feet. MICHAEL Wait, guys, this woman is...Michael is tossed into the corner and the Detectives pushLucy to her knees. LUCY Is it too late to up it to twenty? DETECTIVE GORDON We already agreed to ten. Don’t have us arrest you for false pricing.The Detectives unzip their pants in unison and each takes oneof Lucy’s wrists. They simultaneously place one of her handson each crotch. (CONTINUED)
  21. 21. 20.CONTINUED: (3) LUCY You guys do this often? DETECTIVE BENSON Not often enough.Lucy takes a peak at Michael and sees he can’t even raise hishead. She reluctantly looks toward the manhood danglingbefore her, and doesn’t like what she sees. LUCY I see neither one of you is Jewish. You know, it’s never too late to get snipped. It’s an outpatient procedure, local anesthetic. DETECTIVE BENSON Pull hard on that foreskin, honey, you can’t hurt me. It’s like leather. DETECTIVE GORDON And don’t mind the cheesy stuff that smells like Limburger. I didn’t have a chance to shower after the gym.Lucy gags. DETECTIVE BENSON Be careful with your ring, too. It’s always hard explaining bruises on my cock to the wife.Lucy can’t believe what she just heard. LUCY You’re married? DETECTIVE BENSON Yeah. Am I being judged by a $10 meth...Lucy JERKS BOTH ZIPPERS UP as she stands. The Detectivesscream and drop to their knees. LUCY And I bet you thought only a Mohel could perform a bris!Lucy helps Michael to his feet as the cops writhe in pain. MICHAEL Circumcision humor? Are you serious? (CONTINUED)
  22. 22. 21.CONTINUED: (4) LUCY Be sure to put peroxide and Neosporin on it, and try not to get aroused for a few days. Mozel tov!EXT. LOS ANGELES STREET - CONTINUOUSMichael and Lucy sprint from the alley. LUCY Wisconsin, Tennessee, Florida! MICHAEL Huh? LUCY What. The. Eff! I stopped cursing last year. What was going on back there? MICHAEL My father-in-law is the former Chief of Police. (beat) You shouldn’t have gotten involved. What if they had attacked you?Lucy turns serious. LUCY What if I’ve broken the limbs of men bigger than those two, and know how to defend myself?Michael stares at Lucy. Lucy only smiles. Michael keepsstaring, Lucy keeps smiling. MICHAEL Have you... LUCY Anyway, rabbits are my favorite animal. I begged my parents to buy me one when I was a little girl. MICHAEL That’s too bad, they’re easy to take care of. LUCY Oh, they finally got me one, but my dad had an allergic reaction to its fur. It almost killed him. (CONTINUED)
  23. 23. 22.CONTINUED:Michael checks behind them, no sign of the detectives. MICHAEL We need to stop running. LUCY Why? They’re gonna come after us. MICHAEL After what you did to those boys, they’re not gonna be in a hurry to see you again, trust me.They slow to a fast walk. MICHAEL (CONT’D) The quickest way for a black person to draw suspicion is by running in public. Why do you think you never see joggers in Inglewood or Compton?Lucy slathers her hands and lower arms with hand sanitizer. LUCY Is wearing a tuxedo also a good way to not look suspicious? (beat) Just kidding. You like nice. MICHAEL Thanks. LUCY So wasn’t Don Lester allegedly corrupt? MICHAEL Ha, “allegedly”. LUCY And he thinks you left his daughter at the alter? You’re fucked, dude. MICHAEL Thank you for being so optimistic.Lucy is distracted by something behind Michael. LUCY Do you really think we’ll be okay for awhile? MICHAEL Yeah. (CONTINUED)
  24. 24. 23.CONTINUED: (2) LUCY Be right back.Lucy disappears inside a tiny mom and pop CLOTHING STORE withvarious dresses in the display window.Michael waits alone on the sidewalk. Passersby try to figureout why a guy dressed so well is standing on a street in thispart of town. A few more minutes pass. LUCY (CONT’D) Ta-da!Lucy emerges from the store in a WHITE GOWN. MICHAEL What in the hell? LUCY I felt so underdressed, with you in a tux and all. This Quinceanera outfit was on sale.Michael takes Lucy by the arm to resume walking. MICHAEL Are you one of those wacky red heads?Lucy nods and smiles. All Michael can do is laugh. LUCY We need to find a pay phone and call our friends. I have a few quarters. MICHAEL Okay. (beat) So tell me about Tyler.A slight change in Lucy’s mood. LUCY See any phones yet? MICHAEL Yeah, I’ve seen, like, ten. I just didn’t wanna say anything. (beat) Where’d you meet him? LUCY The same place any respectable woman meets her boyfriends in L.A. At a bar. (CONTINUED)
  25. 25. 24.CONTINUED: (3)Maybe omit the bold exchange. (beat) Actually, it wasn’t at a bar, it was at my apartment. MICHAEL You lived in Highland Park? I like that neighborhood. I tried to convince Amanda that we should look for a place there, but the only time she likes to be around Latinos is if they’re cooking food or doing yard work. LUCY I never lived in Highland Park. What’re you talking about? (beat) Anyway, it was my birthday, well, a week after my birthday. MICHAEL A belated birthday party. LUCY No. What’s the deal with all the strange questions, dude?Michael pulls Lucy behind a dumpster. LUCY (CONT’D) What? MICHAEL I thought I saw an unmarked car.Michael watches as a few vehicles pass. MICHAEL (CONT’D) Was today the first time he cheated on you? LUCY Yes. (beat) No. It’s just the first time I walked in on him. Which I have to say is a lot more unpleasant than finding another woman’s hair on my toothbrush or having a used condom come back up in the toilet. Don’t they teach you guys not to flush those things? (CONTINUED)
  26. 26. 25.CONTINUED: (4)Michael checks to make sure the coast is clear. MICHAEL We’re okay. LUCY No you’re not okay. That water drains to the ocean. MICHAEL I’m talking about the cops. LUCY Oh. (beat) Am I obligated to ask about you and Amanda now? MICHAEL No. LUCY Good. (pointing) Pay phone!EXT. PAY PHONE - MOMENTS LATERLucy holds the receiver and Michael stands just outside thebooth. Lucy drops a coin in, but when she’s about to dial,her mind goes blank. MICHAEL You okay? LUCY Yeah, just wanna make sure I’m remembering my parent’s number correctly. They changed it about twelve years ago.Lucy finally jogs her memory. LUCY (CONT’D) Don’t make fun of me, it’s just been awhile since I used one of these. Do I need to dial 9 first?Michael shakes his head no and Lucy turns back around. LUCY (CONT’D) I see you laughing. (CONTINUED)
  27. 27. 26.CONTINUED:Michael can’t hold his laughter as Lucy dials. Someone picksup the call on the other end: MALE VOICE (O.S.) Manny’s Towing.Lucy hangs up quickly, but loses the quarter. LUCY Who remembers phone numbers anymore?Lucy slaps the last quarter into Michael’s hand. MICHAEL I have an amazing memory. I could probably recall all the numbers of my closest friends if I had to.Michael dials with confidence. After a few seconds, thescreeching sound of a FAX MACHINE blares in his ear. Michaelcan’t hang up fast enough, and the coin is lost. LUCY “I could probably recall all the numbers of my closest friends...”Lucy laughs at Michael as he pulls her away.INT. CHURCH (BRIDES QUARTERS) - MOMENTS LATERDon holds a garbage bag and each bridesmaid drops her phonein. DON Posting on Facebook and Twitter about what happened is only gonna make damage control more difficult. I thought I made myself clear when I asked you to keep this between ourselves.Don collects the final phone. DON (CONT’D) Are they all off?The bridesmaids nod yes and Don hands the bag to Amanda. DON (CONT’D) Now...A PHONE RINGS. (CONTINUED)
  28. 28. 27.CONTINUED: DON (CONT’D) Goddamn it!Amanda searches the bag, but cannot find the culprit. AMANDA It’s not here. DON All right, up against the wall. All of you.The bridesmaid can’t believe what they’re being asked to do. DON (CONT’D) Now!The women do as their told while the ringing continues. DON (CONT’D) Feet and hands shoulder width apart.Don starts to aggressively frisk the bridesmaids. BRIDESMAID#2, mid 30’s, objects. DON (CONT’D) Don’t flatter yourself. You’re 20 pounds heavier and ten years older than my last girlfriend.Don still can’t find the ringing phone.OUTSIDE THE WINDOW --Derrick is still hiding here. He desperately searches hispockets for his RINGING CELL PHONE.INTERCUT DON AND DERRICK --Don moves on to the next bridesmaid.Derrick finally locates his mobile and silences it. Hebraces for Don to appear in the window.Don ends the frisking when the ringing stops. DON (CONT’D) Whoever’s hiding that phone better hope I don’t hear it again.Don allows the bridesmaids to return to their seats.Derrick relaxes after avoiding disaster.
  29. 29. 28.EXT. DOWNTOWN STREET - MOMENTS LATERLucy and Michael walk.POV A VAN ON THE OPPOSITE SIDE OF THE STREET --Two MEN spot Lucy and Michael. MAN #1 There she is. MAN #2 A prom dress and feces on her face?INTERCUT LUCY & MICHAEL WITH VAN -- MICHAEL Don’t you think you should clean that dirt off your face now? LUCY This is actually chocolate that melted in my purse.Lucy runs her finger across her cheek then sticks it in hermouth.The two men in the van groan when they see this. MAN #1 This is worse than I expected. MAN #2 Who’s the brotha in the penguin suit? MAN #1 Probably some pimp who’s preying on her. Those guys can always spot the mentally ill ones.BACK TO LUCY AND MICHAEL -- LUCY What sort of stuff was Don Lester involved in? MICHAEL Rumor was that he ran a protection racket. When all the development in downtown started, he kept the gangs and organized crime from interfering. Everyone needed him; real estate developers, shop owners, land lords. (CONTINUED)
  30. 30. 29.CONTINUED: LUCY Let’s turn up there and wait for a bus or cab. Hey, do you think, as a black man in formal wear, that you could successfully hail a taxi?EXT. ALLEY - CONTINUOUSMichael and Lucy lean against the wall. MICHAEL I hope so. LUCY Is there anyone whose place you can go to? MICHAEL My four closest friends are my groomsmen, and everyone else was on their way to the wedding. What about you? LUCY I was never very good at making girlfriends. And I refuse to be one of those chicks who says she prefers to hang out with guys.Lucy checks around the corner. LUCY (CONT’D) Don’t they know that most of their so- called “guy friends” are only around for the possibility of drunken accidental hookups? You don’t see those great guys hanging out with gay dudes, do you? MICHAEL The guy I found Amanda with was someone she dated for seven years. She said they were over each other, and just “close friends” now. LUCY I’m sorry. (beat) We should go to my parents’ place in Northridge. You can use their computer and get in touch with your boys.A WHITE VAN with NORTHRIDGE PSYCHIATRIC HOSPITAL emblazonedacross the front enters the other end of the alley and drivesin their direction. (CONTINUED)
  31. 31. 30.CONTINUED: MICHAEL I know Northridge. What part?The van speeds up and they step aside to make room. MICHAEL (CONT’D) Yo, slow down!The van skids to a stop in front of them and the door fliesopen. Two MEN snatch Lucy and pull her inside. LUCY Michael!Michael grabs Lucy’s hand and is dragged along. MICHAEL What the hell is happening?! LUCY My parents’ address is 2374 Geyser Avenue. Tell them I think my boyfriend had me committed!Michael looses his grip and the van speeds away. MICHAEL Lucy!DISSOLVEINT. CHURCH (BRIDES QUARTERS) - LATERDon storms back in. Amanda and the others anxiously await anupdate. DON Get them outta here.Amanda clears the room. DON (CONT’D) Detectives Benson and Gordon said he has some girl who’s strung out on crystal meth helping him.Amanda starts to cry.OUTSIDE THE WINDOW --Derrick hurries off after getting this news.
  32. 32. 31.INT. CHURCH (GROOMS QUARTERS) - CONTINUOUSClark, Phil and Wilson aren’t sure what they should be doing.Derrick bursts in. CLARK What’s up, Derrick? DERRICK That muthfucka’s got people out there hunting for Mike like a runaway slave! We gotta go. PHIL Where was he last seen? DERRICK I don’t know, but Amanda’s daddy said he has some crackhead helping him. WILSON (to Clark) What do you wanna do? CLARK I want to go look for him, but Don has us trapped here. Did everyone text their friends? PHIL You know this city is way too spread out for someone to just happen to see him. WILSON Michael will get to a phone and call us. He once told me he has all of our phone numbers memorized.The guys are relieved by Wilson’s misplaced optimism. CUT TO:EXT. BLOOM FAMILY HOME - MOMENTS LATER2374 Geyser Avenue is a modest ranch-style home in a quietneighborhood. The Northridge Psychiatric Hospital van isparked in the driveway.INT. BLOOM FAMILY HOME - CONTINUOUSLucy is strapped to a gurney in her childhood bedroom.Classic video game posters line the walls and Star Warscurtains are still on the windows. (CONTINUED)
  33. 33. 32.CONTINUED:Lucy has been cleaned up and given a powerful sedative, butstill wears her new gown. Mr. and Mrs. Bloom stand overtheir daughter and the two MEN who picked her up are herewith a DOCTOR. MRS. BLOOM Will you let me change you out of that dress into something more comfortable? LUCY (slurring) No. I have to keep this on for my new husband. He’ll be here soon.Lucy’s parents have no idea what she’s talking about. DOCTOR The sedative we gave her can sometimes cause hallucinations. LUCY Mommy, are you sure the drugs won’t harm the baby? MR. BLOOM So now you’re concerned about the health of my grandson?! LUCY Grandson? What’s he talking about?Lucy motions her mother to come closer. LUCY (CONT’D) (whispering loudly) Is he drinking again?Lucy’s father stomps out. LUCY (CONT’D) I need to use the potty. MRS. BLOOM (to Hospital Employee) Is it okay?One of the men helps Lucy into a wheelchair. MRS. BLOOM (CONT’D) Thank you so much for letting us spend time with her before she goes to the hospital. (CONTINUED)
  34. 34. 33.CONTINUED: (2) DOCTOR How much longer until her boyfriend arrives? MRS. BLOOM He should be here in 15 minutes.OUTSIDE THE WINDOW --Michael is here. He watches Lucy being rolled out and knowshe must act fast.15 MINUTES LATER --Lucy sits next to the gurney in the wheelchair. Tyler entersbehind Mr. Bloom. TYLER There you are! I’ve been so worried, why did you run... LUCY Asshole!Lucy lungs at Tyler, but doesn’t have the use of her legs. TYLER Lucy, I thought you stopped cursing. LUCY I caught him fucking another cheerleader from his school! That’s why he’s telling you I’m crazy!Tyler stands calmly next to Mr. and Mrs. Bloom as Lucy isrestrained. TYLER Oh, another cheerleader? So not only did I commit statutory rape by having sex with a hot, blonde 17-year-old the morning I found out I’m going to be a father, I’ve done it before as well? (to Lucy’s parents) This is exactly what I predicted. Delusions. I just wanted to see her before she was taken away. I’ve seen enough.The DOORBELL RINGS. (CONTINUED)
  35. 35. 34.CONTINUED: (3) MR. BLOOM (exiting) Who the hell could that be? TYLER So, yeah, let’s, uh, get her outta here.They put Lucy’s oversized purse in her lap and prepare toroll her out. Lucy looks up and smiles.Michael sashays in behind Mr. Bloom. LUCY It’s my new hubbie! And no, Mom, he’s not Jewish.Michael puts his finger to his lips and Lucy mock zips hers.He pretends to be some sort of high-strung and effeminatemessenger. MICHAEL My name is Tyrone Montague, but my stage name is Fly Ty. I am here to deliver a Singing-Prego-Gram to Lucy. Arranged by her loving baby daddy to be.Michael rests his hand on Tyler’s shoulder. Tylerimmediately jerks away. TYLER What the hell are you talking about, man? I didn’t order a singing-prego what? I don’t even know what that is. MICHAEL Are you Tyler... TYLER Harris. MICHAEL Tyler Harris? TYLER Yes. MICHAEL Is she Lucy... TYLER Bloom. (CONTINUED)
  36. 36. 35.CONTINUED: (4) MICHAEL Lucy Bloom? TYLER Yes. MICHAEL Then it looks like I’m in the right goddamn place! Now I ain’t come all the way out here to be denied my opportunity to perform. (beat) Ever since I took the bus here from Tupelo, Mississippi to pursue my dream of being a singer/cinematographer/fashion designer, people been trying to keep me from doing what I love.Michael gets angry now. Mrs. Bloom has seen his face before,but can’t remember where. MRS. BLOOM You look familiar.Michael turns away from Lucy’s mother. MICHAEL Now is any of ya’ll crazy enough to try to keep this little black boy from lifting his voice to sang? (to Tyler) Are you? Soft ass. You don’t look like none of the baby daddies where I come from. TYLER (under his breath) Thank God for that.Michael gets in Tyler’s face. MICHAEL What you say? Speak up.Tyler doesn’t want to repeat it. MICHAEL (CONT’D) Everybody shut the fuck up and let me do my thang!No one was talking. Michael stalls, trying to think of hisnext move. (CONTINUED)
  37. 37. 36.CONTINUED: (5) MICHAEL (CONT’D) Now, I don’t mean no offense by this, but I got a thing against red heads. First man to break my heart was a carrot top. So I’ma need fire crotch behind me when I sing to her.Lucy looks between her legs. Everyone else is confused. MICHAEL (CONT’D) What ya’ll looking at? Roll the bitch out the door while I warm up my voice!Michael pretends to go through voice exercises while theothers do as they’re told. Once Lucy is on the other side ofthe doorway, Michael makes sure everyone is in front of himand backs up. He begins singing, quite poorly. MICHAEL (CONT’D) ‘Lu-cy, I hope you’re not too drugged up to know what’s going on.’ LUCY You have such a pretty voice. MICHAEL ‘If you want me to get you out of here, give me a sign.’Everyone is now suspicious. MICHAEL (CONT’D) ‘I said, give me a sign.’Tyler starts to move toward Michael. Michael finally breakscharacter. MICHAEL (CONT’D) Are you gonna give me a sign or what?Michael looks over his shoulder and sees Lucy reaching out tohug him. She pulls him into her lap, and as they rollbackward, Michael pulls the door close.Michael quickly gets to his feet and NAILS TYLER WITH A RIGHTCROSS, as he attempts to exit the bedroom.EXT. BLOOM FAMILY HOME - CONTINUOUSMichael and Lucy fly out the front door. Michael pushesLucy’s wheelchair as fast as he can to the sidewalk and awayfrom the house. (CONTINUED)
  38. 38. 37.CONTINUED: MICHAEL Why were they trying to put you in a mental hospital?Lucy is having trouble focusing as they turn onto anotherstreet. LUCY I attempted suicide four years ago. (beat) Tyler knows that if I report him for having sex with another cheerleader, it would be the end of his coaching career.Lucy puts her hand on Michael’s and smiles at him. MICHAEL What? LUCY I’m so happy you came to my rescue. I didn’t even think you liked me. MICHAEL I don’t know if I do. But I owed you.Lucy points at Michael’s face and laughs. LUCY You’re lying. You think I’m quirky, yet sexy. (beat) Can I ask you a personal question? MICHAEL No. LUCY When did you know you were in love with Amanda? MICHAEL You want me to answer that right now? LUCY Because I’m not sure if I’ve ever been in love.Michael stops. MICHAEL You’re not in love with Tyler? (CONTINUED)
  39. 39. 38.CONTINUED: (2) LUCY I thought I was until this morning. Now I realize that I was only with him because he was the next guy. MICHAEL What? LUCY You know the ole story: Always in a relationship, blah, blah, blah, serial monogamist, blah, blah, blah. (beat) But the problem is, as you get older, the stakes get higher. And before you know it, you’re living with someone or having a kid with someone, just because he was the next guy. MICHAEL I’m sorry, Lucy.A beat. Lucy leans in to whisper something. LUCY Don’t forget about the bad guys. MICHAEL Right.Michael resumes running. LUCY What we’re you doing back there? Fly Ty? MICHAEL I didn’t have much time, and the irate, gay black man always frightens you people. LUCY Did you just refer to us as ‘you people’? MICHAEL (smiling) Yep. I’ve always wanted to say that to a white person. (hopeful) Are you offended?Lucy gives it some thought. (CONTINUED)
  40. 40. 39.CONTINUED: (3) LUCY Yes I am. MICHAEL Good. LUCY See anybody coming? MICHAEL No, and I don’t think they will be for awhile.INT. BLOOM FAMILY HOME - SAME TIMETyler is still groggy from Michael’s punch, and slowly makeshis way down the hallway. When he finally reaches the frontdoor, he finds Mr. and Mrs. Bloom standing with the others.The vehicle hoods on the hospital van and Tyler’s car are up.Mr. and Mrs. Blooms’ cars are blocked in the driveway. MR. BLOOM He ripped out the battery cords.BACK WITH MICHAEL AND LUCY --Michael continues running while pushing the wheelchair. LUCY We need to pick somewhere to meet in case we get separated again. MICHAEL Okay. LUCY The food cart near the corner of Wilshire and Fairfax, by the tall light posts. They have the best corn dogs in L.A. MICHAEL I love corn bread and I love hot dogs, but putting them together is like that Tom Cruise/Cameron Diaz movie, the combination just doesn’t work for me.They hit a bump in the sidewalk and Michael trips and falls.A RING BOX tumbles out of his pocket and lands open in afresh pile of dog poop. (CONTINUED)
  41. 41. 40.CONTINUED: LUCY The people in this neighborhood never curb their dogs!Lucy gasps when she realizes she’s looking at the WEDDINGRING. Michael struggles to keep his emotions in check. LUCY (CONT’D) It’s beautiful, Michael. MICHAEL It’s my original design. I teach jewelry making at Santa Monica College. LUCY You’re good.Michael struggles to remain composed. MICHAEL I think we’re both gonna have to save our emotional meltdowns for when we have more time. LUCY But when they come, man, they’re gonna be doozies.Michael plucks the ring from the box and rises to one knee. MICHAEL I don’t wanna risk having this fall out of my pocket, seeing as how I’m gonna be returning it, so I need you to hang on to it for me.Lucy holds out her left palm. Michael turns Lucy’s hand overand slides it onto her ring finger. It fits.Lucy is unable to speak for a moment as Michael stands. Shecan’t take her eyes off the ring. LUCY (stammering) Yes. I do. I mean, I will...hold this diamond ring for you as long as you need me to. Just let me know whenever you want this diamond ring back, and I will do my best to accommodate your request for this diamond ring.Michael resumes pushing the wheelchair.
  42. 42. 41.INT. CHURCH (BRIDES QUARTERS) - MOMENTS LATERDetectives Benson and Gordon sit before Don and Amanda. Thecops shift uncomfortably in their chairs. DON What the hell do you need Neosporin for?! (to Gordon) And why do you need peroxide?! DETECTIVE BENSON Uh...we got some pretty nasty scrapes chasing Michael and the girl. DON Does Michael have any ex-girlfriends who are drug addicts? AMANDA No. DON Does he use dope?Amanda is hesitant to answer and Don picks up on it. DON (CONT’D) What does he use? Heroine, methamphetamine? AMANDA No. Marijuana. He has a medical card. DETECTIVE GORDON That medicinal stuff is awesome. I love the Master Diesel Kush. DON Shut up. (to Amanda) This is good to know.Detective Benson gets a phone call and answers. DETECTIVE BENSON Hey. (beat) I’m with the Chief right now.Don snatches the phone. (CONTINUED)
  43. 43. 42.CONTINUED: DON Sorry you had to call Detective Benson’s number, but we can’t have any record of us communicating. You already know the situation, and Amanda just helped me come up with a plan. Hold on. (to Amanda) Has Michael completely moved out of his apartment yet? AMANDA Not until the end of the month. DON Do you still have a key?Amanda nods. DON (CONT’D) Go get it. (to the Detectives) You know what to do. And find out who the tweaker is.The Detectives stand, but are not quite ready to go. DETECTIVE BENSON Uh...was anyone able to find the first aid kit?Don shoves each man toward the door. DON Get the hell outta here! You can kiss each other’s boo boos on your drive to the east side.EXT. LOS ANGELES STREET - MOMENTS LATERA bus pulls to a stop and the wheelchair platform is lowered.Michael rolls Lucy out onto the sidewalk. She holds her lefthand in a position where everyone can see the ring. LUCY (waving w/left hand) Goodbye, Mr. Bus Driver. (pointing w/left hand) Maybe we should go that way, Michael. (w/left hand to chin) Hmm...or maybe the opposite direction. (left palm to forehead) My, it is a warm afternoon. (CONTINUED)
  44. 44. 43.CONTINUED: MICHAEL Well, at least people are still getting to see the ring today. LUCY Michael, how does your mama feel about you marrying a white girl? I once heard a black man say that black moms don’t want their sons bringing any girl home that can’t use their comb. Does Amanda have kinky hair? MICHAEL How long does it take for the drugs to wear off? LUCY Or does your mom have a weave? MICHAEL No, my mother did not have a weave. But the last time I saw her she did have her hair blown out into a gigantic afro. LUCY She still wears a fro? MICHAEL No. (beat) She and my father died in a car accident on there way to a birthday party with a blaxpoitation theme.Lucy starts to cry. MICHAEL (CONT’D) It’s okay, it happened a long time ago. It was back when I was seven.Michael realizes this will make Lucy’s crying worse. Itdoes. LUCY I never know the right thing to say after someone tells me something like that. I’m sorry. The drugs aren’t helping either. MICHAEL What you just said is fine, and honest. It’s better than the usual awkward silence, followed by the attempts to change the subject. (CONTINUED)
  45. 45. 44.CONTINUED: (2) LUCY Is it weird if I keep asking you questions about it? And remember, the drugs are talking. MICHAEL I guess. LUCY Were you adopted by a white family after your parents died? Because you speak so much better than I do. MICHAEL Okay, maybe it isn’t okay for you to keep asking me questions. (beat) But no, I was not adopted by Phillip Drummond. I was raised by my grandmother on the west side.Lucy makes a ‘W’ with her fingers. LUCY Westside! MICHAEL No, the white people west side. LUCY Oh. I thought maybe white parents would explain the fiance too, since you’re not a professional athlete. I’m just so curious about interracial couples. MICHAEL I know, right. And I hate when people try to be PC about it, that when you, you know, attempt to get background on their relationship, they pretend like what they’re doing is so normal. LUCY And why am I acting like it’s unusual for a white woman from Colorado to be married to a brown man from Sri Lanka? MICHAEL My first instinct when I see them is to stare. But then I hurt my neck trying so hard to look away really quick. (CONTINUED)
  46. 46. 45.CONTINUED: (3) LUCY Screw that, dude, I gawk. And if it’s a mother and child? Yes, I do wanna play with your cute little half-breed offspring. MICHAEL While I run through a mental list of what mix the kid might be. LUCY I’m so glad I’m not the only one. MICHAEL So have you only been with white guys? LUCY (strange Irish accent) Oh, heavens no. I’ve banged the whole lot of ya.INT. BLOOM FAMILY HOME - MOMENTS LATERTyler re-enters with Mr. and Mrs. Bloom. TYLER Fuck! I knew I shouldn’t have had you wait for me. This is all my fault. We need to file a Missing Persons report. MRS. BLOOM Someone has to be gone for more than 24 hours first. MR. BLOOM Who was that guy? What the hell is a Prego-Gram?Tyler’s phone rings and he immediately answers. TYLER This is Coach Harris.Tyler is surprised by who’s calling. TYLER (CONT’D) Chief Lester, it’s an honor. I want you to know, I was one of your biggest supporters, and I don’t agree with how you were screwed over by the City Council. (CONTINUED)
  47. 47. 46.CONTINUED:Don says something that shuts Tyler up. He steps away fromMr. and Mrs. Bloom. TYLER(CONT’D) I do know...a person by that name. (long beat) I see. I see. I can be there in 20 minutes. Thank you for the call, sir.Tyler hangs up and the Blooms wait for an explanation. TYLER (CONT’D) It’s, uh, about one of my players. He had a run-in with Don Lester.Mrs. Bloom can’t hide her contempt. MRS. BLOOM I don’t understand how a Chief of Police can be fired over suspicion of being corrupt, and a year later be running a multi-million dollar consulting business that contracts with the same police...A thought crosses Mrs. Bloom’s mind as Tyler moves toward thedoor. MR. BLOOM You okay? MRS. BLOOM Yeah, I just remembered that I saw an article on the LA Times website about Don Lester’s daughter getting married today. (beat) To a black gentleman that I recognize from somewhere. Maybe he’s a professional basketball player? Can you believe a racist like him would stand for that? TYLER I’m not sure that he is. I need to go take of care this. MR. BLOOM What should we do about Lucy? TYLER I think she’ll turn up. Soon. I’ll be in touch. (CONTINUED)
  48. 48. 47.CONTINUED: (2)Tyler exits. Mrs. Bloom is surprised by his sudden change infocus.EXT. LOS ANGELES STREET - MOMENTS LATERMichael is in a dead sprint as he pushes Lucy. MICHAEL Are you sure it’s the same detectives? You really only saw them from the scrotum to the belly button. LUCY For the second time, yes!Michael turns over his shoulder to take a peak. LUCY (CONT’D) Faster, Michael!A CAR carrying two MEN gains on them. MICHAEL Hold on, we’re turning!They round the corner of a building to another street and thewheelchair skids. MICHAEL (CONT’D) This reminds me of how my friends and I used to race shopping carts around Vons. LUCY Well I am not a box of Cap n’ Crunch, so be careful.Lucy realizes she dropped something. LUCY (CONT’D) Michael, my purse.They skid to a stop. Michael leaves the wheelchair and looksback around the corner. He spots Lucy’s purse on the groundand also sees the MEN who were “chasing” them aren’t thedetectives at all. Michael watches them drive off, picks upthe purse and sits against the wall. Lucy cannot see him. MICHAEL Man, I can’t believe you were able to recognize those cops through the tinted front windshield of a moving car, from what, fifty yards away. (CONTINUED)
  49. 49. 48.CONTINUED: LUCY I have excellent vision and I’m great with faces. MICHAEL Oh my God, Lucy. Here they come! LUCY Hurry!Michael struggles not to laugh. MICHAEL I’ve got a cramp in my leg, and I can’t move. You’re gonna have to wheel yourself! LUCY No, Michael, I won’t leave you! MICHAEL Go! They’re only a few feet...Michael pretends to scuffle with attackers.Lucy rolls the chair for twenty feet, then stops.Something’s fishy.Michael continues the charade. Lucy cautiously peaks herhead around the corner, and Michael finally ends hisperformance. MICHAEL (CONT’D) I’m hungry. Let’s get something to eat. LUCY Butthole. (beat) Where can we go? MICHAEL Why don’t you use your excellent vision to look for a place? LUCY Before we get food, though, I need to have a bowel movement. But it’s gonna be strange doing it without my iPod. I always listen to “I’m Coming Out” by Dianna Ross. (CONTINUED)
  50. 50. 49.CONTINUED: (2) MICHAEL That image is so appetizing, I don’t think I need to eat now. LUCY I missed my a.m. session, and I don’t wanna go too close to my p.m. one. MICHAEL You poop two times a day? LUCY Sometimes three.INT. PUBLIC RESTROOM - MOMENTS LATERThe door swings open and Michael holds Lucy in his arms asthey enter the closet-sized space. MICHAEL This is not the threshold I expected to carry a woman across today. LUCY Thank you, Michael.Lucy puts down seat covers and Michael gently places her onthe toilet. MICHAEL Have fun.EXT. PUBLIC RESTROOM - CONTINUOUSMichael closes the door behind him and takes a seat in thewheelchair. LUCY (O.S.) Finished! MICHAEL (incredulous) What? LUCY (O.S.) I do this 2.5 times a day. I’m like a machine. MICHAEL Well all right, “machine”, here comes the chair. (CONTINUED)
  51. 51. 50.CONTINUED:Michael cracks the door just wide enough to push thewheelchair in. He takes several steps back and hears thechair hit the toilet. MICHAEL (CONT’D) Sorry.Lucy struggles inside while Michael checks to make sure noone is following them. MICHAEL (CONT’D) What’re you doing? Hurry up. LUCY (O.S.) I can’t raise myself to get in it.Michael doesn’t like where this is going. LUCY (O.S.) (CONT’D) Did you hear me? MICHAEL The part about you not being able to get into the wheelchair? LUCY (O.S.) Yes. MICHAEL Nope, I didn’t hear that. LUCY (O.S.) I need your help.Michael debates for a moment. MICHAEL How does it smell in there? LUCY (O.S.) Like the fragrance counter at Macy’s.Michael doesn’t consider this a joking matter. LUCY (O.S.) (CONT’D) Come help me, please?Michael considers this request for a moment. After a fewmoments, he holds his breath and reluctantly goes into therestroom. We remain outside. (CONTINUED)
  52. 52. 51.CONTINUED: (2) MICHAEL (O.S.) You know my ancestors used to have to do this sort of thing, back in the day. I’m not excited about repeating it. LUCY (O.S.) Black people used to wipe the butts of white people? MICHAEL (O.S.) I didn’t say anything about...oh, hell no. LUCY (O.S.) But everything is numb back there, and it’s not like I can see it. I have hand sanitizer in my purse. MICHAEL (O.S.) So then why don’t you put that on your ass, and call it a day?A short silence inside. PEOPLE walk past and wonder what’sgoing on. MICHAEL (O.S.) (CONT’D) Just for this, you’re buying lunch.We hear Michael unrolling a large wad of toilet paper. LUCY (O.S.) How can you think about food when you’re about to put your hand up my booty? MICHAEL (O.S.) Shut up and lean over the chair. (beat) Now is it front to back or back to front? LUCY (O.S.) Front to...ouch, not so rough!INT. CHURCH (GROOMS QUARTERS) - MOMENTS LATERWilson smokes by an open window. Phil, Clark and Derrickhuddle at the table. WILSON What do you think about kidnapping Amanda?Derrick jumps up. (CONTINUED)
  53. 53. 52.CONTINUED: DERRICK Hell yeah! That’s the best idea we’ve had so far. CLARK Are you crazy? Amanda isn’t some woman illegally in the country, working as a prostitute to pay off her debt to human smugglers.Derrick is confused by Clark’s comparison. He wonders whyWilson isn’t as well. CLARK (CONT’D) Think about what would happen if we did that. WILSON Don wouldn’t kill us, and you know going to jail again doesn’t scare me. CLARK Well it scares me. (to Phil and Derrick) And it better scare you too. DERRICK Shit, I been locked up before. CLARK You spent one night in the Beverly Hills jail after getting a DUI.Derrick doesn’t have a good response. CLARK (CONT’D) Yeah, Michael let me hear the voicemail of you crying for him to come get you. Sit down. (beat) We have everyone we know looking. PHIL But most of our friends were on their way here. CLARK Well they have nothing else to do now.Wilson looks out the window sees someone approaching thebuilding. (CONTINUED)
  54. 54. 53.CONTINUED: (2) WILSON Who’s this?Outside, Tyler walks up and is greeted by Don and Amanda. PHIL That’s weird. It’s Tyler Harris. He’s the football coach at Schwarzenegger High School. DERRICK Why would you know something like that? Hold up, there’s a school named after Arnold Schwarzenegger? PHIL There was an article about him in the Sports section. His team lost a game for the first time in three years last night. CLARK Is he a friend of Amanda’s? PHIL Not that I know of.Tyler vigorously shakes Don’s hand. DERRICK His ass sure is happy to be meeting Don. PHIL Wait a minute. The article said he played football at Cal State Bakersfield. Just like that asshole, Duncan.Don, Amanda and Tyler speed off in a Crown Victoria. CLARK (to Wilson) Call your boys. We gotta get outta here.Wilson smiles and stands. WILSON My driver’s been a block away for the past 30 minutes. DERRICK That’s what I’m talkin’ bout!They all quickly get to their feet. Wilson holds up hisphone and they prepare to leave. (CONTINUED)
  55. 55. 54.CONTINUED: (3) WILSON He’s gonna create a diversion as soon as I send this text. Ready?They all nod, and when Wilson hits send, FIRE ALARMS andPOLICE SIRENS blare outside. The guys are impressed. Wilsoncalmly finishes his cigarette and puts the butt out on awedding invitation. WILSON (CONT’D) Let’s hurry.EXT. LOS ANGELES STREET - MOMENTS LATERMichael rolls Lucy away from a taco truck. Lucy holds alarge bag of food in her lap and shifts in her chair, chafedfrom the rough wiping. Michael eats. LUCY Had you and Amanda talked about kids? MICHAEL Nothing specific. When I told her what name I’d like if we ever had a girl, she got quiet and we never discussed it again. LUCY What’s the name? MICHAEL Dolores. It was my mother’s middle name. LUCY That’s pretty. I’ve always wanted a son, preferably gay.Michael isn’t sure he wants to know why, but he can’t resist. MICHAEL Why, Lucy? LUCY So I can make him play sports and teach him how to fight and throw knives, all sorts of other macho boy crap too. Combined with his naturally feminine ways, he’ll grow up to be the best of both worlds, the perfect man. (CONTINUED)
  56. 56. 55.CONTINUED: MICHAEL Well now that you’re potentially carrying your future UFC fighter/hair stylist, do you have any names in mind?Lucy takes a deep breath, she doesn’t want to ruin the lightmood. She’s unable to speak for fear of crying. MICHAEL (CONT’D) Ah, it’s a silly exercise. I think you should wait a few days after the kid is born, so that way you can get an idea of their personality. LUCY I know you just met me, but based on what you’ve seen, do you think I’ll be a good mom? MICHAEL I don’t have anything to go by. I would have to have known a woman who currently has adult offspring, before she gave birth. And I don’t. LUCY So you’re not sure that I’ll be a good mother. That’s comforting. MICHAEL Lucy, that’s not what I said. LUCY So give me an answer then. I know my parents don’t think I’ll be good at it, and who gives an eff what Tyler thinks. (beat) But I need to know if I can pull it off. If no one thinks I can do it, then I’ll go ahead and schedule another appointment at Planned Parenthood right now. MICHAEL Planned Parenthood? So that’s the one phone number you have memorized? LUCY I’m serious, Michael. MICHAEL Okay. (beat) Do you ever watch football? (CONTINUED)
  57. 57. 56.CONTINUED: (2) LUCY Nope. MICHAEL One of the most successful NFL quarterbacks over the past ten years is a guy by the name of Kurt Warner. LUCY Is he the guy who sent the penis photos? MICHAEL No. When Kurt Warner graduated from college, no one drafted him and he got cut from the only team that invited him to tryout. (beat) After that, he worked in a grocery store for $5.50 an hour. Once he got tired of washing lettuce, he started playing semi- pro football and then moved on to be the starting quarterback for the Admirals. LUCY What city are they in? MICHAEL Amsterdam. When he finally got a chance to come back home and play in front of fans who weren’t smoking hash, Warner became the third string quarterback for the Rams. LUCY When I was a little girl, I wanted to be a cheerleader for the L.A. Rams. They were good. MICHAEL Well they weren’t when Kurt Warner got there. However, after a freak injury to the starting quarterback, he got his opportunity to play. (beat) Kurt Warner was MVP of the league that year, went on to be one of the greatest quarterbacks of all time, and now I’m standing on a street corner, in a tuxedo, using his career as an analogy for why I think Lucy Bloom will eventually become a good mother. (CONTINUED)
  58. 58. 57.CONTINUED: (3)Lucy hands Michael his drink and smiles at himappreciatively. LUCY Hmm. Maybe I need to start watching football.They approach an ELECTRONICS STORE with a large flat screenTV in the window. The local news is on. MICHAEL You getting any feeling back in your legs?Lucy takes her time wiping her mouth. LUCY Oh, yeah. I got the feeling back not long after I used the toilet.They come to an abrupt stop. MICHAEL Then why am I still pushing this wheelchair? LUCY I thought you were just being chivalrous to a damsel in distress. MICHAEL So saving you from being sent to a mental hospital and wiping your pale ass wasn’t chivalrous enough? Get up! LUCY Well if you’re gonna put it that way...Lucy hops to her feet. They both look toward the TV in thewindow, and something catches their attention.ON THE SCREEN:Don and Amanda stand outside an apartment before reportersand TV cameras. DON Good afternoon. I’m Don Lester, former Chief of the Los Angeles Police Department. (beat) At approximately 1 p.m. (MORE) (CONTINUED)
  59. 59. 58.CONTINUED: (4) DON (CONTD) today, I called the Eagle Rock police station to report an anonymous tip I received regarding a large drug stash in apartment 112 at 1505 Munson Avenue. MICHAEL That’s my apartment! DON When police arrived, they discovered 25 pounds of marijuana, 10 pounds of methamphetamine and 5 pounds of crack cocaine. LUCY Damn, Michael. You were planning a kick ass wedding reception.The camera pans a table next to Don where the illegal itemssit. DON The unit is under lease to a man by the name of Michael Preston. Mr. Preston was scheduled to marry my daughter, Amanda, today.On cue, Amanda looks heartbroken. DON (CONT’D) Unable to carry on his double life, Michael, a registered drug user, fled moments before the ceremony was set to begin and was joined by Van Nuys resident, Lucy Bloom.Lucy gasps. DON (CONT’D) Standing with me is Coach Tyler Harris of Arnold Schwarzenegger High School in Granada Hills.Tyler joins Don and Amanda. Lucy and Michael look at eachother, too bewildered to speak. DON (CONT’D) Tyler is the boyfriend of Ms. Bloom and the father of their unborn child. We have strong evidence to support our belief that Ms. Bloom is addicted to methamphetamine and that Mr. Preston is her drug dealer. (CONTINUED)