Accessible books – The opportunity for Publishers


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Today mostly accessible formats are available from re-publishers. The opportunity for Publishers and Authors is to provide the customers with the documents in the relevant formats.

With the push towards EPUB 3, it is going to be easier to provide the same ebooks to different audiences including people with disabilities.

Publishers need to see the opportunity in ensuring that the accessibility standards be adhered to in the EPUB 3 productions and can also ensure how they can support the accessibility needs by providing formats like Daisy and Braille formats.

Lets work towards making books more accessible and inclusive.


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Accessible books – The opportunity for Publishers

  1. 1. Accessible Books An opportunity Shilpi Kapoor Managing Director Tel: +91-22-26860485/6 Web: Email:
  2. 2. Today’s Scenario 1 Billion People with Disabilities in the World • A Persons with disability doesn’t have the option to buy and read a book as and when they want to • Accessible formats are generally produced and distributed by – Disability Organizations / Libraries for the Blind – Education Institutes – Disability Support Services • Publisher thereby loose the business opportunity of servicing this segment • Often the same book is being produced by multiple disability organizations
  3. 3. Challenges faced in Adoption of Accessibility “Though Publisher do know of the problem, often are unsure of the approach or solution that could assist them to adopt accessibility Costs Training & Implementation Understanding the accessibility needs Large Number of Books Publishers often see a huge challenge of implementing accessibility Little or no understanding on how to adopt the accessibility standards and guidelines and how to implement them across the different platforms and technologies Internal teams and vendor teams need to be trained in accessibility implementation The estimation of cost vs the return on investment is often a deterrent in implementing accessibility
  4. 4. Overall Approach Plan an Accessibility Strategy • Decide what standards to follow • Understand the implications in various technologies • Create an initial implementation strategy Which formats will you provide? • Braille • Large Print • EPUB 3 • NIMAS • Daisy • Accessible PDF What type of additional support you need to add in your books? • Image description • MathML Support • Tactile Diagrams • Captioning Production • Create workflows and processes to map the requirements • Ensure accessibility is added all through the process • Train teams and choose vendors based on knowledge Market Reach Ensure you create delivery channels to reach the target audience
  5. 5. How can BarrierBreak assist you? • Plan your accessibility strategy • Provide offshore teams to support the implementation • Ensure quality by providing access to people with disabilities Lets partner in this journey towards accessible publishing!
  6. 6. Where to Contact Me? email: Web: Connect with me at: Shilpi_Kapoor