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Accessible Format Tools


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Convert text into Large Print, Braille, Daisy, Tactile or MP3 format. With less than 5% of books available in accessible formats, schools, colleges and universities must provide people with disabilities access to textbooks and reading materials in various alternative format such as large print, daisy, braille, tactile or MP3. Don't wait, ensure that these tools are a part of Resource Centers and equal opportunity cells.

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Accessible Format Tools

  1. 1. Problem… … providing information in different accessible formats?
  2. 2. Convert texts into Large Print, Braille, Daisy or MP3 format Try Accessible Format Tools
  3. 3. Convert… … reading materials to Word docs, large print, MP3 audio, DAISY or Braille.
  4. 4. Create… … professional talking books with human-narrated or synthetic voices.
  5. 5. Listen… … to content through a combination of text, speech and images.
  6. 6. Produce… … high quality tactile diagrams.
  7. 7. Explore… … a range of accessible format tools to suit your needs.
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