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Ten strategies for getting into a state of flow


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Ten strategies for getting into a state of flow

  1. 1. Ten Strategies for Getting into a State of Flow See Blog at
  2. 2. You cannot consciously move into flow, because flow is a gift from the soul that occurs when you surrender to your soul’s desires. Although you can’t switch flow on, you can encourage it into your life by consciously committing yourself to your soul’s purpose and then attempting to implement as many of the following strategies as you can.
  3. 3. Become Unbelievably Adaptive
  4. 4. Surrender to the Process
  5. 5. Never Trick Yourself Into Believing You Have the Best Answer
  6. 6. Be At Ease With What Is
  7. 7. Focus on What Is In Front of You
  8. 8. Be at Ease with Uncertainty
  9. 9. Try to Include Everything
  10. 10. Consider the Whole System
  11. 11. Stick to Your Values
  12. 12. Follow Your Passion