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InfiniteUp Teaser


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Published in: Software
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InfiniteUp Teaser

  1. 1. InfiniteUp Digitizing African Informal Retailers At Scale 25 August 2020 Commercial in confidence∞U
  2. 2. Commercial in confidence∞U "This is the essence of being an entrepreneur in the developing world. It is to fill an institutional void in a way that allows a transaction that was fiendishly complex and costly to occur in the past to now be consummated and to actually happen.” Professor Tarun Khanna, Harvard Business School
  3. 3. Commercial in confidence∞U Sub-Saharan Africa’s 45,000,000 informal retailers are defined by institutional voids. There is no Amazon marketplace, there is no Alibaba, there is no Costco, there is no Wal-Mart. Payment is predatory, supply chain is a nightmare, businesses are run by entrepreneurs holding smartphones in one hand for WhatsApp and Facebook but still managing their business with pen and paper. “When I want to get more fabric for my tailor shop, I close my shop and take the twenty hour bus to Nairobi.” Acayo, Tailor in Kakuma, Kenya “I am interested in advertising but don’t know how. Customers just know my shop. It has a good location and we give good customer care.” Sameer, Shoe Cobbler in Malindi, Kenya InfiniteUp Will Transform Informal Retailers Across Africa
  4. 4. Accomplished in USA / Europe by: Accomplished in USA / Europe by: InfiniteUp Is a Multi Sided Smartphone Based Business Ecosystem, Bringing Together in a Single Product High Impact ServicesInfiniteUp Fills the Void for Sub-Saharan African Informal Retailers Commercial in confidence∞U Business Tools Formal Records for Businesses Accomplished in USA / Europe by: Sales Agents Major banks Delivery Business to Consumer Marketplace Business to Business Marketplace Accomplished in USA / Europe by: Accomplished in USA / Europe by:
  5. 5. Commercial in confidence∞U Try it out: (available in 12 languages) V1 InfiniteUp App Built and Being Tested
  6. 6. Commercial in confidence∞U Sub-Saharan Africa’s Fast Growing Population Means Decades of Increasing Growth Opportunities Total Available Market Is at Least 10B USD, With InfiniteUp Taking a Staged Rollout Change in working age population (ages 15-64) Population projections, 2015-2100 Product < > User Fit Free To Use Business Management Tools with Viral Scaling Strategy Business to Business / Consumer Marketplace + Supply Chain Leveraging Platform Median age by country, 2017
  7. 7. Commercial in confidence∞U Barrett Nash
 Technology Joseph Rugenyuza Growth East Africa Ingrid Ishimwe Growth
 Central Africa Peter Dikonzo Growth Southern Africa Harry Ryder Strategy
 User Experience
 Operations Sweat equity shares can be earned by each and every InfiniteUp partner. If InfiniteUp wins big, then InfiniteUp’s early adopters and biggest believers across Africa win big. We are going in the same direction: to be the winner that dominates a natural monopoly. Team
  8. 8. We aren’t raising money We’re too busy getting our first 1,000 users We’re looking for partners, investors and cheerleaders to join us as we fill the institutional voids in African business at scale Feel free to ask questions or request updates on progress: