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Multi-Level Marketing: Myth or Money Maker by lia barrad


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Have you ever considered joining a Multi-Level Marketing Business as a way to make money? This MLM Myth or Money Maker presentation by Lia Kay Barrad will help guide you to the right decision. In Search of Customers? We will help you find them.

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Multi-Level Marketing: Myth or Money Maker by lia barrad

  1. 1. Presented by Lia Kay Barrad A division of Haiku Web Services, Inc. 831-588-2470
  2. 2. Myth: MLM = Network Marketing = Direct Sales NO Hard Work = Financial Benefits = Fun A Someone #1 just came up to you and said:  I have a way to help you get rich QUICK. It is easy and I just need all the names of your friends and family to show you how to do it. And Somebody # 2 came up to you at another time and said:  I have a way to help you build a business by residual income. Are you interest in hearing about a business opportunity that I believe in and sell for? Maybe your thinking….  I want to quit my day job and/or my night job and/or my weekend job.  I want to get rich without having to work hard or put in long hours.  They are saying if I sell the information about a companies product or service to a team of people who work hard, I can get rich QUICK. Hummm. I think I’ll try #1.  Problem with #1: Who is the person doing the hard work to get rich? The person who just came up to you with this great offer… OR … Are they trying to get rich QUICK by making you work hard?  Solution: The purpose of this class is to help you understand why person #2’s offer is the one to choose. Ethical Sales is Hard Work and Worth the Payoff.
  3. 3. Truth: MLM = Network Marketing = Direct Sales Hard Work = Financial Benefits = Fun Do you agree???  Self Employment is the way to becoming independently wealthy  Residual Income is the way to become independently wealthy  Commission Sales is the way to become independently wealthy  Going to Vegas is the way to become independently wealthy  Investing in Stocks is the way to become independently wealthy  Building Retirement Income is the safe way to save money  Having a regular job feels safe, but on my salary, it is just not enough to get ahead  Having a regular job is annoying, but if I quit, I do not know where to find another job  Having a job is better than no job  I need a vacation, a long vacation, but I need the money first. Let’s see what the Internet has to offer… Let’s try to get rich QUICK…
  4. 4. Multi-Level Marketing Myth or Money Maker: Get Rich Quick Sales Pitch
  5. 5. Multi-Level Marketing Myth or Money Maker: Get Rich Quick Sales Pitch
  6. 6. Multi-Level Marketing Myth or Money Maker: Get Rich Quick Sales Pitch
  7. 7. Multi-Level Marketing Myth or Money Maker: Get Rich Quick Sales Pitch If you are tempted to push this button, please take a deep breath, go out and hug your child, a pet or yourself instead…DO NOT DO IT. They are after your money not you.
  8. 8. Multi-Level Marketing Myth or Money Maker: Get Rich Quick Sales Pitch This example was hilarious to me, you sit and watch the offer expire and then… Note the clock and then when it expires, it says you just reload the page; you have another chance to get ripped off. The next slide will tell sad truth about someone who was taken by them. THERE ARE NO GET RICH QUICK SCHEMES -- ONLY SCAMS EXCEPT TO THE ONE WHO STARTS THE COMPANY.
  10. 10. MLM = Network Marketing = Direct Sales Hard Work = Financial Benefits = Fun How does this relate to Multi Level Marketing? Because it all starts with a Sales Pitch.  We are here to see if MLM’s are a myth or a moneymaker.  IF THE SALES PITCH SEEMS TOO GOOD TO BE TRUE. IT IS. STAY AWAY.  MLM or Network Marketing is a system of selling products or services directly to the consumer. Today, many internet offers might seem like the same thing. Like any business, there are start up costs and a learning curve.  Some people also call this type of selling to Word of Mouth Marketing or Referral Based Marketing. WOMM is a very strong way to get sales.  BEWARE OF PONZI SCEMES. To decide if you want to develop a MLM business, it all starts with the sales pitch. Let me repeat, if you are approached by someone who is offering something that is too good to be true… It probably is. Goal of this Presentation: To show you how to research to find out the truth.
  11. 11. MLM = Network Marketing = Direct Sales Hard Work = Financial Benefits = Fun MLM Sale Pitch Misinformation & Myths: (Note: If all of the points below is their truth, they might be a pyramid scheme.)  MISREPRESENTATION: They compare their sales incentive to other companies with misleading information. TRUTH: If their company is a good one, the company will stand on their own merit.  MYTH: You will only make money if you get in on the beginning. Truth: Anytime you start there is an opportunity for growth. Look at Avon or Primerica as examples of good companies with well thought out compensation plans.  MYTH: We have fewer sales legs or downlines than XYZ company, therefore, you can make money quicker. Truth: A MLM company sales structure will make money for anyone who works hard. And I mean work really, really hard, not dissimilar to being traditionally self-employed.  MYTH: Sell our sign-up kit. The more people you recruit the quicker you will start making residual income. Truth: If people buy products, use products and love the products, they will tell their friends and someone will be interested in selling as well.  MYTH: Sell to your friends and family first and if they say no, just keep on them. Do not do it. If you ‘attack’ all your friends and family with your sales pitch they will not like you. Did your friends and family come to you with what they sell and how did you feel when they did? Learn to develop skills in Direct Sales and then you can offer a sales pitch to anyone.
  12. 12. MLM = Network Marketing = Direct Sales Hard Work = Financial Benefits = Fun If the business opportunity (any business opportunity) seems interesting, do your homework and research. Here is a way to start investigating the opportunity:  In your internet browser find a search engine (Google or Yahoo) Type in: The Company Name Scams The Company Name Lawsuits The Owner of the Company Scams or Lawsuits The Company Phone Number and Domain Name Registration (if they are real, there will be a way to reach their company office) The Company Name Opportunity  Search on the Better Business Bureau website ( to see their rating. If it is A+, accredited business with no complaints or complaints resolved, this would be an opportunity worth investigating.  The Internet is a great resource to help you or confuse you. Now, is the time to ask your family and friends. Talk over the opportunity with them, show them your research and if it feels right, proceed.
  13. 13. MLM = Network Marketing = Direct Sales Hard Work = Financial Benefits = Fun So the opportunity seems interesting, now what?  Remember, there is no rush to make a decision. If the person is making you feel rushed, say thanks but no thanks. If it is someone you know, you might find a way to let them know you do not like their hard sales approach. Politely recommend that they tone it down. Ask if this is how they are trained to approach a prospect. If yes, this will let you know about the organization.  If hard sales is how they are trained, i.e.. ‘do not let anyone you meet out of your sight until you hand them brochures and samples.’ This is a big red flag about the Organization and not necessarily the Company.  Let me explain. The person who recruits you is called your Upline. They also might have an Upline. The person that started the sales tree is the top of the organization. Then there is the company who developed the MLM concept. A sales tree is NOT a pyramid scheme. Companies can be pyramid schemes. Sales trees are just business organization hierarchies, like in a traditional business. Someone has to be the boss. It might be you.
  14. 14. MLM = Network Marketing = Direct Sales Hard Work = Financial Benefits = Fun What’s Next?  Review their sales material with a fine tooth comb. Read the fine print. Ask for clarification.  Call the parent company directly and hear about it directly from them. Ask them what % of salespeople or distributors in their sales organization earn top money. If they are a legitimate company, they will answer. If the answer sounds funny, so might the company be.  Try using the product or service first. See if you like the company. If you like the product, like their customer service, you will be able to sell it to others with sincerity as a user.  Find out what money you will need to invest in your marketing materials and what kind of direct marketing can you do yourself. Any new business has start up costs + costs while you are not making money. Like any business, to succeed you will need a business and marketing plan.  Attend sales training meetings. See what the other people are like. Are they similar to you, do you have common interests and goals? Are they going to help me grow my business?
  15. 15. MLM = Network Marketing = Direct Sales Hard Work = Financial Benefits = Fun If Direct Sales is about Selling – then ask:  Who is Your Customer?  How do I find them?  How do I approach them?  How do I overcome their sales objections?  How do I close the sale?  How do I keep them coming back?  How do I grow my sales revenue?
  16. 16. MLM = Network Marketing = Direct Sales Hard Work = Financial Benefits = Fun  The MLM company you are investigating should be able to help you answer those direct sales development questions. If they cannot, say thanks but no thanks. Because if you do not know and they do not know….well, it is just NO.  However, if it starts to feel right and good, then consider selling for the company with the right organization. Remember, a MLM company might have several ‘legs’ or ‘sales trees’.  Choose the sales tree that is right for you. Please note: that might not end up being the person who showed you the ‘plan’. This can be tricky especially if this is a friend, but starting your business is about you, not about them. If you can let them know you found a better sales tree, they might come into your group instead. After all, you both want to make money, make friends and have fun.  Good Luck and Happy Selling. Did I say you were making money yet? No.
  17. 17. MLM = Network Marketing = Direct Sales Friends = Financial Benefits = Fun MLM is about Selling a Product or Service. It is not about Recruiting more salespeople or Downline (other direct salespeople.)  Residual Income is key to growing your organization.  If no one buys the product or service there is NO revenue from sales. If there is no revenue there is no RESIDUAL INCOME.  If they are selling Insurance or Financial Planning, and you have decided you want to sell Insurance or Financial Planning. It is a good fit for you. There will be start up costs.  If they are selling gifts and goodies, and you love to buy gifts and goodies, then it is a good fit for you. There will be start up costs.  If they are selling cosmetics or candles or fragrances, because you love skin care and girls night out parties, then it is a good fit for you. IF YOU LOVE WHAT YOU SELL - YOU WILL MAKE SALES.
  18. 18. MLM = Network Marketing = Direct Sales Friendship = Financial Benefits = Fun Being Self Employed (Traditional or MLM) is hard work and long hours. Direct Sales is hard work. And there can be benefits and fun. To gain the riches, you do need to work long hours. There can be benefits and fun. Benefits are not necessarily revenue. You will learn You will meet great people You will make friends You might risk burnout, months without income and stress Sales statistics say that 1 in 14 prospects will be interesting in your product or service. 1 in 14 = 14 hours of your time not earning money = 14 hours of time perfecting your sales approach = a chance to improve yourself = a chance to learn about yourself = well, hard work. Now, to the ONE person who is interested, you now have a chance to make money and find a friend. Your path to money making might begin.
  19. 19. MLM Sales Success Formula:  You might not know how to sell. Part of joining an MLM organization is about the training offered. It will help you be confident about selling and about yourself. It might make you money.  No matter what, it will help you become an expert in your field, be it insurance, cosmetics or party planning.  MLM is a great place to learn about sales, meet positive people who, like yourself who are motivated to succeed.  And, if you are lucky, hard working and persistent it can make you money.
  20. 20. We hope you found benefit in our presentation! About the class instructor, Lia Kay Barrad Lia Kay Barrad, President of Haiku Web Services, Inc. Mrs. Barrad has over 20 years experience in the Marketing and Publishing Industry. She has a desire to help companies grow and a track history of marketing success. She was actively involved in various MLM companies, loved them, learned from them, used the products and stayed involved because of the people. Nine years ago, her Upline in Quixtar walked her down the aisle when she married. She knows that for those who find an ethical upline and company as she did, you can make money. Lia Barrad is available to present this class to your organization. Please call 831-588-2470 to learn more.
  21. 21. If you have any questions, please be sure to give Lia a call 831-588-2470. Good Luck and Best Wishes for Selling Success. This presentation is written by Lia Kay Barrad Copyright 2009. All Rights Reserved. Reprints are available upon request.