Lets Get Googleie by lia kay barrad


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Lets Get Googleie by lia kay barrad

  1. 1. Presentation by Lia Kay BarradIn Search of Customers? We will help you find them. 831-588-2470 FOR CLASS PARTICIPANTS ONLY. THANK YOU FOR YOUR UNDERSTANDING.
  2. 2. How will this class help you find your customers? Knowledge, experience and a system.Target Market Buying Habits + Planned Advertising+ Community Involvement = Marketing Action Plan Lia integrates traditional marketing with her formula for Website Success: Code + Content + Pretty = Customers Lia Copyright 2009. All Rights Reserved.
  3. 3. Please come visit my garden.I am nice, I eat bugs. I would love to visit. I am from Santa Cruz. Where are you?
  4. 4. Who is your target market?Age groupPreferencesReading StyleLocationWho are you?Am I showing you my garden so you will buy my property?Am I am landscaper showing you a cut lawn?Am I offering a day in a secret garden, picnic included? Enjoy the Road to HanaWhat is your Unique Selling Proposition? Hawaiian Refreshments served in A Beautiful Maui Rainforest GardenTell me in 25 Characters, 35 characters, 65 characters, 120characters, 10 words, 25 words, 3 sentences. Vacation Rental Available Private Maui Rainforest Retreat A Banana Slug Vacation Paradise
  5. 5. StructureLocationPoint of ViewFeaturesBenefitsWhy visit your placeWhat can I do when I get thereWhat will the you do for meHow much will is it costAre there discounts available
  6. 6. Before we begin to play your website symphony…You need to write the tune. Include words, images,sound, timing, tone, instruments, venue, and more.
  7. 7. Lia Barrad’s formula for Website Success:Code + Content + Pretty = CustomersTo Get Google’ie you need to understand terms, how theyare used and how that effects the visibility of your website.Search Engine OptimizationSearch Engine MarketingBuzz Marketing (Talking about you through other websites)Viral Marketing (Refer a Friend)Word of Mouth Marketing (Real live talking about you)Social Media (is more than you think)Local Search (Location specific)Traditional MarketingTraditional AdvertisingOnline Advertising (PPC, CPM, CPA, Sponsored Links)
  8. 8. Search Engine Optimization is:
  9. 9. SEO is not just smoke and mirrors. Here is Matt McGee’s approach and Barrads’ agrees completely. Your Website is a Marketing Tool and should be built correctly and promoted with care.
  10. 10. You Need to Know about theAnatomy of a Web Page Lia Kay Barrad Copyright 2009. All Rights Reserved.
  11. 11. You Need to Know aboutLocal Search & Categories Lia Kay Barrad Copyright 2009. All Rights Reserved.
  12. 12. Examples of Keyword Driven Meta Tags and listings Keyword Phrase Title Tag Description Highlight shows Multiple Keyword Phrase Matches Keyword Phrase Must Match Content On your Website.
  13. 13. Example of Use of Meta Tags Local Old code – do not need Lia Kay Barrad Copyright 2009. All Rights Reserved.
  14. 14. Meta Tags and Webmaster Rules are Key components to a CorrectlyBuilt Website. Find a Web Designer or Developer that knows them.1. Title Tag: not more than 70-75 characters2. Description: not more than 120 characters (so it can be a retweet)3. Keywords: not more than 3 to 5 in a meta tag and they must match the content of what is on the page.4. Search Engines, Ipads and Mobile technology cannot see sites with Flash or Frames. Follow the Bing, Yahoo and Google Webmaster Rules to find out what else does and does not work.5. To see if a Web Designer has correctly configured your website, in your Internet Browser find the View Source or View Page Source in the toolbar, click open. (IE, Firefox, Safari, Chrome). If the meta tags are missing or not to standard – ask why or say thanks but no thanks.6. No Flash. Feed me words.
  15. 15. What? Stop? All that? I need to what?Slow Down Lia… and Show me.
  16. 16. Maui Ocean Center’s websitestarted with a flash intro and wasoutdated. Their goal was to attractfamilies to come to the aquariumas a planned activity and not anafterthought.Lia was contracted to help them getsearch engine results and sales.
  17. 17. Image Details Images Names: real words, all lower case, all one word Caption (Alt tag): real words, short sentence format that describes the picture and the context on the page.
  18. 18. Word Details Keywords are Important Words For Google to know they are important They need to repeat 3 to 5 times on a page. They have to be in Words, not part of your image. There should be at least 150 – 200 words on a page Nouns and verbs please. Adverbs ok. Action based Adjectives are ok. No pronouns, prepositions, conjunctions, Meta tags must reflect words that are on the content of the page Make you website easy to navigate and provide clear calls to action. Let me know the purpose of your website and of each page.
  19. 19. Make Home page pleasing for the Humans, have call to action and phone. Make it location specific.Before: home page has nophone or clear location.Target market unclear aswritten.After : Phone and Locationprovided. Page rewrittenwith keyword rich text. LocalSE listing profiles weredeveloped and placed.
  20. 20. • Before: All image home page website, same • After: Helped Maui Coffee Roaster’s securemeta tags on each page, images names not SE new graphics and website vendors to build newfriendly and no alt tags, no phone number or website. Transitional website has keyword richlocation, no formal e-newsletter, shopping text. PPC Ads were developed to complimentcart not PCI compliant, did not show product, customer database was analyzed andproduct line or send people to retail store traditional radio, print ads and direct mail wereand more and more. developed in a coordinating campaign for a better than expected 2008 Holiday at their store and online.
  21. 21. Today: Maui Coffee Roastershas new and improve site andshopping, a newsletter, astrong following in socialmedia. As they now havestrong organic listings onmost selected keywords, theystopped PPC campaign andused ad dollars elsewhere.The website is there to servelocals and tourists. Theirrestaurant is showcasedwhich drive sales new coffeesales and customer loyalty.
  22. 22. In 2007, was contracted by web designer to optimize the site. Honda has 5 other IslandHonda dealerships in US and Canada and the Maui one was not on page one ofGoogle. If you notice in example on the left – not once does it mention the location.The left navigation pages were images and not indexed. Confidential SEO work wascompleted to their satisfaction and garnered top organic listing results.
  23. 23. Update Required:Helen Berman, besideswriting the definitive bookon media sales training, hadbeen doing event and roadshow type training for thepast 20 years. In comes thedevelopment of on-demandwebinars and a new image –The Berman Media SalesInstitute. Hugh change andresults. 2 ½ year project.
  24. 24. And now a moment fromyour target market…In Search of Customers?We will help you find them
  25. 25. The Internet has changed the way we do business and theway we find customers. Today –Websites have become a way to:  Communicate with the World  Entertain and Inspire  Search for Information  Present your Company  Find New Friends  Find New Customers  Develop New Business Revenue And… Websites can also be:  Good  A Scam or  A Garbage Can  And so much more…In Search of Customers and How to Get Seen on the Web by Lia Barrad. Copyright 2008, all rights reserved.www.BarradsBuzz.com
  26. 26. Ok, consumers are online! We want to know are they searching, researching or buying?
  27. 27. 2006-2007 Study
  28. 28. How Important is it to Consumers to use the Internet to Buy Something?
  29. 29. Who is Buying What? And Where? Subscribe to www.Emakerter.com and receive Daily Charts and Info. It’s free and provides invaluable information to a business about latest trends, myths and misconceptions.
  30. 30. Who’s Purchasing? Who is Recommending a Purchase? Trust Factors in 2003 and Trust Factors in 2009.What’s changed and What still Influences Buyers Decisions
  31. 31. Are you spending time and money to listen to your customers? If not – you had better start now!What is you Ad Budget?Be sure to make your Ads an Expensewith ROI Benchmarks.A Good Market Spend brings customersto cover your advertising costs and more- more Business & Profits.
  32. 32. Your Business Your CustomerSocial Media Spend and how it is used might surprise you and your customer.
  33. 33. Did you know Google Maps and other Local Search Directories obtains businesslisting information from your Local Yellow Page Company and Phone companies(except Vonage, Skype, Comcast and other non-utility companies).Advertise in one print & online directory and dominate Local Search and Spend.
  34. 34. Combine your media and mediums,reach your market, win trust and sales.
  35. 35. And, they havedifferent Internetpersonality types.Their personal style,age group
  36. 36.  1. Create an Email and Login and Online Persona unique for Online Listings and Review writing. 2. Create 3-5 Photos that are Ads (120 x 120 pixels) 3. Write 100 character profile and longer 4. Know your 5 Categories 5. Know your 5 – 7 keywords 6. Know your products 7. Know your services
  37. 37.  1. Register your site at Site Advisor.com (Is your site safe to surf? Let my virus protection program know.) 2. Register your listing with the Better Business Bureau 3. Register your site with Nanny Safe or Kid Safe sites 4. Register your site with Alexa.com 5. Register with Google Places, Yahoo Local, AOL Local, etc. etc. etc. 6. Superpages.com, YP.com, Insider Pages, CityPages.com 7. Register with any target market related sites that offer free listings. Make a note to contact Lia and she will help you get listing in over 120 sites and Twitter places for a very affordable fee…..
  38. 38. Sample ProfilePages.An important partof link building.
  39. 39. Correctly Created Websites are Created by Website Content Creators who: Are Skilled Journalists, Editors and Wordsmiths that know your product or service and can write about it for the web–concise, quick, clean and useful Know how to convert your Traditional Material into Web Ready MaterialCorrectly Created Websites have a Web Marketing Professionals who are: Skilled at Marketing Traditional and Web Marketing Research Can Drive Visitors or Traffic to your Business and your Website Help your business get sales leads, customers and the bottom line – Help you make money.
  40. 40. Advertising Trends, Myths & Misconceptions What are your perceptions of Adverting Trends? Myths? Misconceptions? How would you advise a new business to advertise? Can you construct a $200 a month budget that shows proven ROI? A $400 budget? A $1000 a month budget? A 10,000 a month budget? Can you help define your target market and your social media market? Can you define your trust factors and know how to develop them?
  41. 41. Some of Lia Barrad’s Favorite Sites www.adtech.com www.alexa.com www.marketingsherpa.com www.futurenow.com www.emarketer.com www.websitemagazine.com www.webnewspro.com www.seochat.com www.mediapost.com www.adage.com www.slideshare.net www.online-publishers.org www.salesvantage.com www.mequoda.com Most of these websites have free a newsletter or free whitepapers to download. I recommend you subscribe to see if you find the information useful (and unsubscribe if not).
  42. 42. Now, go out and Get Google’ie
  43. 43. An Important Note from Lia Kay Barrad: Thank you for inviting me here today. Please note this presentation has been prepared for your use only. It is NOT to be reproduced as a handout to a client or other individuals for any reason. Your understanding is appreciated. Presentation by Lia Kay Barrad. Copyright 2010. All Rights Reserved. In Search of Customers? We will help you find them. 831-588-2470 Lia Kay Barrad is a Marketing Consultant & Trainer and invites your inquiries and questions. For the past 6 years she has lived on Maui, Hawaii and is glad now live with her husband and family in Santa Cruz.Lia is here to help companies get clicks, calls and sales. New Business and Referrals are Welcome.