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It's Time to Revise Your Business Card


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Does your business card still look like a phone book listing. That's Old, Done and Gone. This article provides suggestions to revise your business card to a mini ad presentations.

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It's Time to Revise Your Business Card

  1. 1. Here's a Lia Kay Barrad Marketing Tip In Search of Customers? We will help you find them. IT IS TIME TO REVISE YOUR BUSINESS CARD! The traditional business card is OUT, DEAD, GONE. The time for a sales contact is now, with your card and your 30 second elevator speech. There are certain key steps to take in marketing your business that will bring increased traffic to your door. It used to be your business card. You met someone, they took your card, saved it and now what? While giving someone your name, address, phone number, and email is important, being certain to put your company’s website has now become essential. It will direct them to learn more about your company but by then they might have not saved your card because it had not value to them. Let your Internet-age business card sell yourself and what you have to offer. It is an advertisement. Make your card valuable and your business will be valuable. Got your keyword phrases – put them on the card. Use it as an adjunct to your other advertising. Give someone a reason to want to visit your website and to want to call you. Even better, they might pass it along. Remember the print version of your card is two-sided – so, use both sides. Create the front side of your card basic and clean. Four-color is nice, but not necessary. Good graphics help. Use the backside of your card as an advertisement - it can be subtle or way out there. However, be sure to put your phone number on both sides. At all times, you want to motivate the reader to contact you or tell their friends to call. Most importantly, you want the recipient to keep your card. If they do not need to use your business now - they might in the future. Here are some things you can do to make your card become a successful sales tool: After you place your basic information like your company name, your name, address, phone, email, etc. - add some personality. In addition, consider using a fold over card – when flat it could be postcard size to mail or when folded, it still gives room to design a mini ad and still fit in a wallet or purse pocket. Here are some ideas to think about including:  How long you have been in business or noting professional certifications are an important element to lend credibility to your expertise. Let people know about you.  Personalize the card with a photo. Sometimes having your picture on the card will help someone remember you the next time that you meet or feel comfortable talking with you over the phone because they know what you look like.  Create an appealing offer (10% off your first order, free consultation)  Listing products you sell or services reminds someone what you have to offer and gives them a reason to call.  If you are a painter, hairstylist, landscaper - show a before and after image  If you are member of service organizations, add their logos  Provide an inspirational quote or slogan Good Luck and until next time, we wish you business selling success! This article is copyright protected, all rights reserved. For permission to reprint or distribute online, please contact Lia Barrad, 562-743-8615. And visit her website: