Air Pollution By Baron Josey


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Air Pollution By Baron Josey

  1. 1. Air Pollution By: Baron Josey
  2. 2. Some Types of Air Pollution • Methylene chloride • Chlorofluorocarbons (CFC’s) • Nitrogen Dioxide • Sulfur Dioxide
  3. 3. Methylene chloride • Found in industrial solvents, paint, and paint strippers. • Once released into the atmosphere it takes 53 to 127 days to disappear. • Main effect on environment are global warming and acid rain. • Effects on human health are Dizziness, loss of hand eye coordination, and cancer.
  4. 4. Chlorofluorocarbons (CFC’s) • CFC’s Are released into the air from aerosol’s and refrigeration • One of the biggest air pollution problems in America • Causes cancer, global warming, and dissipates the ozone faster than any other air pollutant
  5. 5. Nitrogen Dioxide • Nitrogen dioxide is produces anytime gasoline is burned • Nitrogen dioxide is the number one cause of global warming • It is also one of the most deadly air pollutants • Causes cancer, lung failure, bronchitis, and death
  6. 6. Sulfur Dioxide • Produced when industries burn chemicals and fossil fuels • Sulfur dioxide is also produced when industrial ships and commercial airline planes burn their fuel • Sulfur dioxide is the number 2 in causing global warming and is a big problem in the shipping industry.
  7. 7. Federal and State Laws on Air Pollution • Air Rescores Protection Act • Clean Air Act • Outdoor Burning Act • Waste Management Act • Air Quality Act
  8. 8. Air Rescores Protection Act • This act was put in place by federal law to regulate and control air pollution emissions produced by factories, industrial plants, and power plants • This act is supposed to help reduce air pollution in America and is enforced by the EPA • Factories in violation of this act can be shut down, fined, and stripped of industrial licenses
  9. 9. Clean Air Act • This act was passed by congress in 1990 • The purpose of this act is to provide every person with clean air and to protect the environment from harmful air pollutants. • This act regulates the types of air pollutants being emitted into the atmosphere • Violation of this act will result in jail time, fines, and closing down of plants
  10. 10. Outdoor Burning Act • This law was put into place by the state of Georgia • This law was put into place to prevent people from burning any material that can be harmful to the environment • These materials include aerosol's, chemicals, and industrial solvents • Violators of this act can get fines and even jail time
  11. 11. Waste Management Act • This act was put in place by the state of Georgia • This act was introduced into Georgia law to prevent people and industrial plants from disposing of hazardous materials improperly • Violations of this act can result in fines and jail time
  12. 12. Air Quality Act • This act was put into place by the state of Georgia • This act allows the people living in air polluted areas to be notified by the state and placed into safer living environments • This act also gives everyone in the state of Georgia to have the right to clean air
  13. 13. What Can You Do? • Hybrid cars • Solar power • Wind power • Water power • Drive less • Buy green label products • Don’t waste anything • Recycle • Low V.O.C paints • Follow Air pollution laws • Educate your self • And the list goes on and on and on……