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Fitness connection pp

  1. 1. Veterans Exercise
  2. 2. Exercise Physiology Improving WellbeingChronic diseases are on the rise in Australia, many of whichcan be prevented or managed by addressing lifestylefactors such as insufficient exercise.Department of Veteran’s Affairs provide gold card andwhite card holders individual and group exercisephysiology services to prevent, manage and reduce theimpact of chronic conditions.
  3. 3. What is a Chronic Condition or Disease?Defined by Medicare as a condition or disease that has oris likely to be present for at least six months, such as: • Asthma, cancer, cardiovascular illness, diabetes, a mental health condition, arthritis or musculoskeletal conditionA General Practitioner may also identify the risk ofdeveloping a chronic disease, by identifying a minimum ofone risk factor, such as: • Lifestyle (e.g. smoking, inactivity, poor nutrition) • Biomedical (e.g. high cholesterol, high blood pressure, impaired glucose metabolism or excess weight) • Family history of chronic disease
  4. 4. DVA Exercise Physiology ServicesTo utilise this DVA exercise physiology initiative, you must bereferred by your GP via a D904 referral to an exercisephysiologist accredited with the Exercise and SportsScience Australia (ESSA), based on clinical need. For whitecard holders this should be for the accepted condition ofwhite card.
  5. 5. Fitness Connection Exercise Physiology ServicesFitness Connection Exercise Physiology Servicesprovide 100% bulk billed exercise physiology serviceswith DVA, providing you individualised and groupgym conditioning and rehabilitation programs at nocost.Fitness Connection Exercise Physiologists are universitytrained health professionals accredited with ESSAand Medicare, specialising in Veterans Affairsservices. Fitness Connection provides a friendly,supportive and professional service working with yourGP to assist you to improve your health outcomes.
  6. 6. What the Program IncludesThe program includes at no cost to you: • Individualised exercise sessions based in a gym • Gym membership (funded by Fitness Connection) • Organise eligible free/funded transport to & from sessionsComing soon: • Group exercise sessionsThese services are also available to your partner ifthey attend with you (funded by Fitness Connection)
  7. 7. What to expectInitial appointment: Pre-exercise health screening andfitness/functional assessmentExercise Sessions: Exercise tailored to your individual’srequirements (e.g. health needs, injury history, goals)Exercise Programs: Tailored programs to utilise in betweenexercise physiology sessions, updated following re-assessmentsRe-assessments: To assess improvements compared to initialresults and to review exercise sessions and programsGP Reporting: To provide your GP with assessment results andimprovements and to advise of the appropriate exercisemethods implemented
  8. 8. What you needTo commence this program, a GP or specialist D904referral is required (vouchers available at FitnessConnection). Referrals for white card holders mustidentify that exercise will assist in the management ofthe specific condition for which the card is issued.If your GP has identified that this service isappropriate for you and has provided you with theD904 referral, you can contact Fitness Connection toschedule an appointment at the nearest practicelocation.Your partner should also obtain a GP check up andapproval prior to commencing the exercise program(medical approval forms are available from FitnessConnection).
  9. 9. Any questions?For further details on DVA Exercise Physiologyservices: • Download the Exercise Physiology Fact Sheet from the DVA website ( or contact your local VAN officeFor further details on Fitness Connection ExercisePhysiology Services or to make an appointment: • Call (07) 5679 0045 • Visit
  10. 10. We are pleased to be able to recommend Fitness Connection gym to all veterans and their partners. The staff have always provided a friendly and professional environment and have encouraged and personally assisted us in managed programs, which have resulted in significant health and fitness gains. As a veteran with 20 years service I generally understand veterans health and fitness needs and would be pleased to discuss our experiences with any veteran and/ or partner, Alan & Rhonda BrandtFitness Connection Exercise Physiology participants