Market Research Report


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Market Research Report

  1. 1. Market Research ReportThe purpose of my questionnaire was to find out information about the target audience of thenewspaper I will conduct. I wanted to gather information on what my newspaper should includehow it should look and what things I would need to make sure I included so it would sell. How old are you? I tried to distribute my questionnaire evenly through 10 to 16 different age groups so I would gain unbiased results. 17 to 25 I think as many different ages buy newspapers it 26 to 35 would be beneficial to gain information from all age 36 to 45 groups. 46 to 55 56+ What is your gender? I tried to ask an equal amount of people from each gender to get a balanced view on what would be best to include in my newspaper. Together with the question on age, I can now come up with a brief idea of who my target audience should be. Male Female What is your I wanted to ask a balanced number of employment to employment? gather results from which I could make a newspaper which could apply to people on all levels of Full time employment. I also wanted to know the employment level to see what type of profession regular Part time newspaper readers are in as I could use this to adhere my results to this group of people. Unemployed
  2. 2. What is yourhousehold income? Household income was a question I asked to see what type of target population I would be applying my results to. From knowing the £0,000- 10,000 household income I can gather some £10,001- information about what these kinds of people 20,000 would want to see in the newspaper. £20,001- 30,000 £30,001- 40,000 £40,001+ How often do you buy newspapers? I asked how often people buy newspapers to decide how often my newspaper would be sold. Never This data shows me that most people like to buy newspapers once a week, with some even Few times a buying two or more. This shows me that year releasing a weekly newspaper would probably Once a be best. month Once a week 2+ a week Which type of newspaper do you I asked this question because I wanted to gather prefer to read? information about which style of newspaper is more popular. I could also look at this correlated with other information such as age and gender to see which type of person I should be targeting my newspaper to. From this Broadsheet information I can see that younger people prefer Tabloid to read tabloid magazines and these readers are mostly female.
  3. 3. Do you read your I asked this question as I wanted to see what age local newspaper? group correlated with reading their local newspaper, as I will be making a local newspaper I wanted to know more of what my target audience would be. It showed that the age groups of 26+ read their local newspapers Yes whereas the younger group didn’t. It also showed an equal amount of males/females who read local No newspapers.What is the name of your local newspaper? Manchester By knowing the name of the local newspapers my Evening News population know of, I could then identify with the Salford above question which of these newspapers were read Advertiser and not just heard of. From this I can look at the most Oldham popular, known and actually read newspapers and try Advertiser to take inspiration from them for my own newspaper. Manchester The Manchester evening news and the Metro were Metro the most read. Manchester Guardian How much would you spend on a This chart shows me that most people would pay 30- newspaper? 50p for a newspaper but some wouldn’t mind going higher. This means I can use this information to settle on a middle price of 40p. This is also an average price 10-20p for a newspaper. 30-50p 60-80p 90p-£1.00 Over a £1.00
  4. 4. What type of article interests These results from this question help me to decide you the most? which type of article I want to include in my newspaper. By correlating these results with the age/gender/who actually read their local papers I can see that the most News beneficial subject to write an article on would be Sport local/international news. Fashion CelebrityThis research has helped me decide that my target audience should be both male and females andof the age group 25+. Mostly I will direct my newspaper towards 25-40 year olds as I have found thisparticular age group are more active in buying/reading newspapers – especially local ones. Before Idid my research I was leaning towards creating a tabloid newspaper but due to these results I thinkmaking a broadsheet newspaper but subverting this slightly by including a few tabloid type effects(such as not so formal language) will be more successful.Using Bulmer & Katz uses and gratifications theory, I believe through the use of shocking words orimagery on the front of my newspaper it would surprise/ divert the audience enough to forget aboutdaily routine and problems. Personal relationships could be identified through the words in thearticle – also with personal identity – as the article could be about something the audience agree onthe viewpoint with. This could be either because of personal relationships or because they agreewith the articles opinion. In terms of surveillance, the audience can see advertisements on the frontpage of my magazine which may give them information. Also, the images I use may give theminformation for example images of females with a certain haircut may make them see that haircut asin fashion and copy it.