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Image Analysis - Artists and Bands

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Image Analysis - Artists and Bands

  1. 1. MEGAN In the photograph of Miley Cyrus the photographer has put her in the centre of the shot to show that she is a solo artist. The prop of the microphone emphasises that she’s a singer. The background is all the same type of light colours so that she stands out against it. This all gives the overall impression that the genre is pop. The composition of the photograph of Panic at the disco delivers balance on the vertical axis, both sides are similar. The lead singer is more noticeable because he isn’t stood right up like the other members of the band. The colours are neutral except for the red on the hat which stands out more. The band are usually put into the genres of pop punk, electro, vaudeville, baroque pop and alternative rock this comes across in the photograph because of the way they are dressed. This photograph of Avril Lavigne uses the rule of third; the colours are bright and vibrant to represent the pop/rock genre. High key lighting is used and the background makes the setting and photograph look more natural. In the photograph of Nirvana, Black and white colours are used which is a usual convention of a rock picture which indicates the rock genre. The clothes and low key lighting and the colour contrast of white on black also establish the genre to be a type of rock music. The rule of thirds is used and the lead singer is more centred than the other members of the band
  2. 2. MEGAN In the photo of Florence and the machine, the colours show the music genre to be indie as the bright colours and patterns indicate that the music will be different like the way she looks. High key lighting is used and there is a plain pale blue background. In the photo of Lady gaga she is the only person in the picture and is centred which indicates that she is a solo artist. Due to her clothes and hair she would be considered to fit into the pop genre. The lighting is high key and the background is white so that she stands out against it in a black dress. The sunglasses also contrast to the colour of her skin and hair. The photograph of Mcfly is composed in a way to show the importance of the singer as he’s slightly more to the front than the other members of the band. The background is of a wall and looks natural and this is mirrored in the clothes which gives the overall impression that the band is normal and like any other person. Overall the band would be perceived as a pop/punk band due to their overall appearance (clothes, hair).
  3. 3. MEGAN In the image of Eminem the background colour is blue, a colour which is associated with royalty, and has connotations with the genre of rap. The colour of his clothing stands out against the background and the clothes he is wearing are casual which is often seen in photographs of rap artists. The photo uses the rule of third and this makes it stand out that he is the only person in the image, showing that he is a solo artist. The composition uses the rule of third. The colour contrast shows the pop/country genre which Taylor Swift is from. The image uses shallow depth of field to create the relaxed atmosphere which mirrors in the artists style of music. The light focuses on the singer to show she is the main subject in the photo and also a solo artist. The bracelets and the pattern on her shirt reflects the background which all represent youth as the singers audience is aimed at younger people.

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