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  1. 1. VideoVideoGames Games
  2. 2. I recently learned something quiteinteresting about video games. Many youngpeople have developed incrediblehand, eye, and brain coordination in playingthese games. The air force believes thesekids will be our outstanding pilots shouldthey fly our jets. Speech of Aug. 8th
  3. 3. Video Games: The DefinitionA video game is an electronic game thatInvolves human interaction with a userinterface to generate visual feedback on a video device. In the early days ofcartridge consoles, they were sometimes calledTV games, a term now often used for handheldTV games.
  4. 4. Video Games: Theoretical ViewsLudologists argue thatvideo games in is first andNarrativists approach games game the contextTheories that examine a video as an artisticforemostare a relatively recentbe understoodinmedium Janet Murray calls "Cyberdrama". A in of what a game, which must developmentterms of in which we two most visibleanother ofmedium its rules, interface, and the schoolsthe humanities. The get to become concept inplay emergingto act are ludology and narratology.this that and field out in another world. This person, it deploys. Espen J.Aarseth says adifferent-lookinggameswould notearly widespread image of video body received make me playdifferently... When I play, I dont evenof films suchpopular support, and forms the basis see her body,butTron,eXistenZ it and past it." see through and The Last
  5. 5. Video Games: Platforms• Consoles referred as the New Generation Platforms• Handheld Consoles which have the best portable video gaming experience• PC which has the biggest games library• Handheld Digital Devieces which has the lightest games• Online Games
  6. 6. Video Games: Genres • Shooter Games • Action-Adventure Games • Arcade Games • Platformers • Role-Playing Games • Racing Games • Simulation Games • Strategy Games
  7. 7. Video Games: Development • Game AI • Game Design • Interactive Design • Game Programing • Level Design • Video Game Art • Game Graphics • Game Music
  8. 8. Video Games: Commercial Aspects
  9. 9. Video Games: Best Sellers in 2011Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3: Within 24 hours of going on sain the US and UK alone and grossed $400 million, making it the biggFIFA 12: FIFA 12 sold 3.2 million copies in its first week of availabilperformance. This makes it the "fastest selling sports game ever", aAssassins Creed: As of February 15, 2012, the game has shipped$256 million in its first day, making it the biggest in its series and inBattlefield 3: Sold 5 million copies, means $300 million, in first wefirst shooter game ever.
  10. 10. Video Games: Best Markets in 2011The three largest producers of and markets for computer and video (US and Canada), Japan and the Kingdom
  11. 11. Video Games: Social Aspects