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Twitter and Hootsuite Presentation


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Presentation for Del Web Stone Creek Computer Club, 09/16/20

Published in: Technology
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Twitter and Hootsuite Presentation

  1. 1. Twitter and Hootsuite Barbara O’Neill @moneytalk1
  2. 2. What Types of Social Media Do YOU Use?  Have you tweeted?  Do you have a blog  Do you use Facebook?  Are you Linked In?  Other (e.g., Instagram)?
  3. 3. 3 Why Social Media? IF FACEBOOK were a country, it would be the largest country in the world. There are more Facebook users than there are people in any country. 2.5 Billion active monthly FB users (vs. ≈1.4b residents of China and ≈1.35b residents of India and ≈330 million U.S. residents ) The world’s second most popular search engine is YOUTUBE YouTube is owned by #1 search engine GOOGLE There are ≈ 330 million monthly active users and 145 million daily active users on TWITTER in 2020.
  4. 4. My Street Cred  Twitter user since 2009  Former professor at Rutgers University  Currently a full-time entrepreneur  Use Twitter for business 95%+ of the time  In top 1.5% of Twitter users worldwide (~3,500 followers) Only 0.06% of Twitter users have more than 20,000 followers, and only 2.12% have more than 1,000 followers. Meanwhile, 95.9% have less than 500 followers. Users with up to five followers has decreased from 46% to 32%, while users with more than 100 followers has more than doubled to 16% from 7%.
  5. 5. My Tweeting: Business Use Only
  6. 6. Twitter Benefits for Me  FREE way to build my brand and promote my business  Source of daily news (no need to buy a newspaper)  Source of research-based information (search a hash tag)  Stay connected with colleagues and friends  View a variety of opinions  Great for conference summaries
  7. 7. Why Do YOU Want to Use Twitter?  To see what all the fuss is about  Promote your brand and/or business  Stay connected with friends and family  Get daily news for free  Learn new things  Follow people who you respect  Share your opinions  Other reasons?
  8. 8. Develop a Twitter “Game Plan”  Professional use only?  Personal use only?  Personal and professional use? (one account or two?)  “Off Limits” content (e.g., politics)  Having a “game plan” will help you determine what (and what not) to tweet about….and to stay in your lane
  9. 9. My Twitter Mission Statement “To provide useful, research-based personal finance information (and occasional, non- controversial personal anecdotes) to an increasing number of followers” Dr. Barbara O’Neill, CFP®
  10. 10. Write Your Twitter Mission Statement To…. Volunteers to share mission statements?
  11. 11. Twitter 101 Log on to Determine your username and password Let your mission statement drive your user name Examples:  Business name  Favorite hobby/passion  Name or nick name Also determine a graphic image Examples:  Personal or family photo  Logo  Graphic image
  12. 12. You Have 280 Characters to Say Something The circle fills in blue as the number of characters increases; turns gold when you exceed the limit
  13. 13. Tweet Length  Typical tweet length is less than 50 characters even with 2018 increase from 140 characters to 280: 280-character-tweet-length  If you “run long,” substitute and smush to save characters  4 for “for” and 2 for “to” or “too”  #creditcards  You can also create Twitter threads: thread
  14. 14. Try to Engage Your Followers  Avoid pure “broadcasting”  Ask questions  Show interest in others  Incorporate seasonal events or current events  Provide useful information and links  Retweet useful information from others
  15. 15. Visuals Increase Twitter Engagement Three Times Canva graphics Paint graphics Grayed out images Hand drawn sketches Stock images Personal photos GIFs (
  16. 16. Hashtags Are a Data Magnet  Choose hashtags mindfully  People search hashtags for content (like a key word)  See #Explore for searches and to see trending hashtags  Frequently used hashtags pop up automatically (just click)  Hashtag words are frequently smushed together (e.g., #financialeducation, #creditcards, and #AshWednesday)  Don’t overuse hashtags in a tweet (e.g., every other word)
  17. 17. Notifications Likes, Retweets, New Followers, Mentions, Direct Messages
  18. 18. Messages (DMs)
  19. 19. Twitter Profile
  20. 20. Twitter Profile Tips  Use your real name  Use a high-quality photo  Use a high-quality header image (1,500 px x 1,500 px)  Include credentials  Tell prospective followers who you are and what you do in 160 characters or less  Include a URL to your blog or website  Tweak and update as needed
  21. 21. Other Twitter Tips and Tools  Create short customized links to content with or TinyURL  Track your Twitter influence with Kred
  22. 22. Key Twitter “Influence” Factors  Number and power of followers  Engagement of followers  Number and frequency of tweets  Follower/Following ratio  Number of likes  Number of retweets
  23. 23. Monitor and Schedule Tweets With Hootsuite
  24. 24. Hootsuite Publisher
  25. 25. Final Thoughts  Know why you are tweeting: have a “game plan”  Start small (10-15 minutes per day)  “Lurk” for as long as you want  Tweet when you are ready  Build your skills, confidence, and network
  26. 26. More Final Thoughts  Recognize people with shout outs to their Twitter name  Like and/or retweet useful content  Consider following people who follow you  Unfollow bad actors (e.g., trolls) and block their tweets  Report questionable content to Twitter  Periodically review lists of suggested followers  Check out Twitter chats (e.g., #creditchat- 3pm- Wednesdays)
  27. 27. Don’t tweet anything that you would not say to someone F2F or write in a newspaper letter to the editor!
  28. 28. Remember Who is Watching You…. Bosses and potential bosses Clients and potential clients Family and friends Trolls
  29. 29. Welcome to the “Twittterverse” 29186/twitterverse
  30. 30. Questions? Comments? Experiences? You can follow me on Twitter @moneytalk1