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MFLN Personal Finance One Pager With Webinars-07-13


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Handout for July 2013 military conference listing MFLN Personal Finance deliverables and webinar links

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MFLN Personal Finance One Pager With Webinars-07-13

  1. 1. The Military Families Learning Network serves military family service professionals through engaged online communities which identify and make use of the highest quality, best practices, research and evidence- based information, educational and curriculum materials, and programming activities and efforts. Facebook: Personal Finance 4 PFMs Twitter: Search #MFLN    Serving Military Family Service Professionals Military Families Learning Network UPCOMING ONLINE LEARNING ONLINE COMMUNITIES Dr. Michael Gutter, Principal Investigator: Dr. Barbara O’Neill, FAQ Coordinator: Molly Herndon, Social Media Specialist: CONNECT WITH US U.S DEPARTMENT OF DEFENSE Living on the Financial Edge July 24, 2013, 11 a.m. Eastern Behavioral Economics September 25, 2013, 11 a.m. Eastern Each 90 minute webinar provides 1.5 free CEUs to AFC-credentialed participants. No registration is required, but the installation of security certificates may be. Visit the links for more information.
  2. 2. Military Families Learning Network Archived Personal Finance Webinars Housing and Fore​closure Talking With Kids about Money Implications of Relatives Raising Children While Parents Are Deployed Financial Aspects of Divorce Home Ownership: When Is The Right Time? 9 Skills of Couples Communication About Money Retire Ready: Financial Planning for Later Life Thrift Savings Plans: Retirement Planning for Military Families Income Tax Return Filing Issues for Members of the Armed Forces Basic Money Management Managing the Holiday Financial Frenzy Long Term Planning Financial Frauds & Scams Investing For Your Future 1: Basic Concepts and Investment Products Investing For Your Future 2: Mutual Funds and Tax-Deferred Investments Financial Statements and Record-Keeping Financial Ratio and SWOT Analysis Paying for Post-Secondary Education Expenses– Part 1 Paying for Education Expenses and the GI Bill– Part 2 Credit Basics & Debt Repayment Strategies CEUs can be earned by AFC- credentialed participants by viewing archives of these webinars, and successfully completing a quiz. Visit the links for more information.