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Galaxy Poster #1 Educator of Year and Ten Tech Tools

  1. 1. 2013 NEAFCS Educator of the Year Award Recipient and T4: Ten Terrific Technology Tools to Increase Productivity and Expand Progam Outreach Barbara O’Neill, Ph.D., CFP® Extension Specialist in Financial Resource Management Rutgers Cooperative Extension, New Brunswick, NJ NEAFCS Educator of the Year Award Career Highlights  35-year Rutgers Cooperative Extension career as FCS Educator in Sussex County, NJ (1978-2004) and Extension Specialist in Financial Resource Management (2004-2013).  Leader of national Cooperative Extension programs MONEY 2000™, Investing For Your Future, Money Talk: A Financial Program For Women, and Small Steps to Health and Wealth™.  Member of eXtension Financial Security for All (FSA) Community of Practice (CoP) Leadership Team and Military Families Learning Network. Oversaw publication of almost 2,000 FAQs to date.  Author of over 1,800 newspaper columns and feature articles, including case studies of family finances. Also an active user of Twitter for financial education:  Developed five online self-assessment tools to provide feedback to users about their finances and collect data for research about financial practices:  Author or co-author of eight books, 98 refereed journal articles, 25 conference papers, and 118 conference abstracts. Recipient of over $860.000 in grant funding and presenter at 258 national/ regional conference workshops and 42 poster sessions.  Promoted to the rank of Distinguished Professor at Rutgers University and recipient of over three dozen national awards..  Serve on the editorial boards of five professional journals and served as national Secretary of NEAFCS and national President of AFCPE. Earned and maintain eight professional designations including Certified Financial Planner® (CFP®).  Teach an undergraduate Personal Finance course for juniors and seniors at Rutgers University: T4: Ten Terrific Technology Tools This poster describes ten technology tools that can significantly increase Extension educators’ productivity and enhance their program outreach. Dual Computer Monitors- An entire day of work a year can be saved by using two computer monitors: one to access the Internet and the other for e-mail and preparing documents (e.g., Word, PowerPoint). Two monitors eliminate the need to repeatedly minimize files and enables efficient multi-tasking (e.g., checking e-mail while listening to a webinar). Virtual World Videos- There are several Web sites where users can create short videos involving one or two avatar-like characters. Content developers select characters, voices, gestures, settings, sounds, and camera angles and type the text that characters say. A Web site called Xtranormal recently ceased operating but there are others like and For sample videos, see eXtension- eXtension features such as frequently asked questions (FAQs), Ask an Expert (AaE), learning lessons, and archived webinars are a source of both professional development for Extension educators and educational resources for content users. Twitter- Twitter can be used as both a professional development and a program outreach tool. With just 15-20 minutes of use per day, it is possible to reach hundreds, even thousands, of people, receive real-time subject matter and research updates, and use metrics, such as Klout, link clicks, and hashtags, to evaluate impact and effectiveness. YouTube Video Resource Guides- Extension clientele appreciate resource links that are easy to find, use, and understand. Extension educators add value by reviewing educational videos and compiling a curated resource list of quality content. These links can also be inserted into PowerPoint presentations and social media messages. Dr. Barbara O’Neill 2013 NEAFCS Educator of the Year Online Class Archives- The audience for face-to- face Extension educational programs can be expanded worldwide by videotaping speaker presentations, interviewing program participants, and creating Web sites that house the videos and program materials. Examples of this can be found at and Templates- Any document likely be needed again should be saved as a template file and updated as needed. Examples include bios (various lengths), travel reimbursement Excel spreadsheets, photo release forms, “boilerplate” letters, and organizational descriptions and mission statements for grants. Google + Hangouts- Google+ Hangouts enable up to nine people to video chat together face to face. They are an excellent venue for small classes, committee meetings, long-distance search committee interviews, and other times when people in distant locations need to come together. Hangouts are free to use and more personal than conference calls due to the video link. PowerPoint Games- PowerPoint games based on the format of the Who Wants to be a Millionaire? and Jeopardy! television game shows can create learner interest. Games can be created by Extension educators or by their students as a learning activity. GotoWebinar Presentations- For Extension educators who lack access to Adobe Connect or Elluminate through their academic institution, GotoWebinar provides an affordable alternative with attractive features such as online registration, automated “reminder” e-mails for registered participants and presenters, and “participation tools” such as hand-raising and polling questions.