Financial Advice From Fall 2013 Personal Finance Class


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Financial advice from students in my Rutgers University Personal Finance class to other college students.

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Financial Advice From Fall 2013 Personal Finance Class

  1. 1. Financial Advice from Fall 2013 Personal Finance Class Students  Take the initial steps to set up a retirement account NOW! Stop procrastinating and look into your options/procedures to set up this account.  Save 10% of your gross income and invest it in an index fund.  Put $$$ in your Roth IRA.  Start investing early and always pay off loans/debts with the highest interest rate first.  Start saving now and never touch your savings account.  Get a part-time job and make as much as you can as early as possible.  Start a budget and stick to it in order to begin saving and investing early.  Start early with investing to accumulate as much compound interest as possible.  Save early in life.  Save now, spend later. Set a goal and work towards that goal.  Pay yourself first; work a few hours every week for yourself. Advice From Previous Personal Finance Class Students: