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Barbara Light Casey Visual Resume

  1. 1. View My VisualCV Online: Barbara Light Casey MARKETING | ARTS| PROJECT MANAGEMENT | INTERCULTURAL EDUCATION | SOCIAL IMPACT PROGRAM DEVELOPMENT CT Business Expo June 9, 2011 Consultant self -employed Philadelphia, PA United States Greater Hartford Arts Council m: 860-604-2382 My Website: Linked In: Objective Booth Summary of Qualifications: • • • • • Leadership skills, ability to motivate others and build high-performing teams Highly creative, always looking for new ways to engage audiences Self-starter who takes initiative to solve problems; effective mentor Passion for learning about technology and its application for communication Proven ability to adapt successful programs in other realms to work in new ways Summary With no budget, I created a booth almost out of thin air, hiring a balloon sculptor to create a "theatre curtain" out of balloons. Placing a couple of bistro tables inside, we created an artsy atmosphere showing off our creativity. Marketing professional with a passion for managing and creating social impact programs. Applies marketing best practices and social media expertise to engage and educate. Experienced in developing partnerships, community organizing and youth mentoring. Culture Quest Professional training includes Nonprofit Management, Results-based Accountability, Video Production and Editing, Video Workflow Management, Direct Marketing and sales/CRM. Work History AFS Intercultural USA Storrs, CT, United States 2005 - Present Regional Study Abroad Coordinator, Member Leadership Team • Inspired 350+ CT and western MA high school students to study abroad to enrich their education. • Recruited and interviewed families throughout region for hosting incoming students. • Organized, staffed and conducted pre-departure orientation sessions, which prepared US students from State of CT and Western MA for study abroad. • Managed 30+ volunteers throughout region to assist with student and family interviews and orientations. Throughout the convention center, we placed posters with different trivia questions about some of our arts and heritage organizations. Participants could scan the Quick Response (QR) code with their smart phones, which took them to youtube where I had created little minimovies about each organization, revealing the answer. Participants who answered 10 of the 18 questions had their names put into a hat to win tickets to Bushnell or Theater Works or to Talcott Mountain Music Festival. Page 1 of 6
  2. 2. View My VisualCV Online: • Recruited, prepared and chaperoned a group of 8 younger high school students to Panama on community service-focused program being piloted as a lead generator for the longer programs. • Served a 2-year term as delegate to the national governing body. Created recruiting program, which has been adopted by other area teams across the country. Right Brained Strategies for your Left Brained Workforce Self Employed Storrs, CT, United States 2004 - 2012 Marketing Consultant Served clients in both the for profit and non-profit sectors on short and long-term marketing and program development projects. See recent examples below: Hochberg Holocaust & Human Rights (2010 to 2012) Program Development and Marketing • Built organization’s first website and developed multiple programs • Initiated the “CT Butterfly Project”, with an extensive media campaign soliciting handmade butterflies commemorating youth Holocaust victims. • Result: nearly 7,500 submissions came in from around the world. • Created gallery and invited public to view exhibit. 125+ attended Fidelco Guide Dog Foundation I produced a stage presentation, providing speaking points for Kate Bolduc (CEO) and included demonstrations of how the arts can be used in leadership training. To demonstrate this, I engaged a theatre improv troupe and a drummer, who led a team drumming exercise with audience members. (4-month project 2011) Interim Marketing Director • Developed 2012 marketing plan and new brand image. • Created media calendar • Led design of new custom facebook page and new custom youtube channel, introducing the organization to the benefits of social media. • Worked with Development Director to implement segmented messaging platform. • Increased engagement through social media by 16% in 2 ½ months, resulting in first donation via social media channel. Town of Mansfield – iParentNetwork Initiative (2008 to 2009) Chief Marketing Evangelist, Community Organizer, Member Steering Committee Tri-Town Coalition to Reduce Underage Drinking • • • • • • • Demonstrating team building through a drumming exercise. Built social networking website for parents Developed all content and directing outside web design firm. Created blog strategy and popular “Parenting in a Connected World” blog; Managed and trained other bloggers. Created successful grassroots marketing effort and robust media campaign. Presented at multiple community groups to educate parents about new initiative. Results: 20% of eligible parental households joined within 2 months of launch. Keynote speech by Kate about what businesses can learn from the arts about innovation, creativity, collaboration - all important skills of successful businesses. University of Connecticut, School of Nursing (5-month project 2007 to 2008) Temporary Consultant, Office of Advancement & Communications Page 2 of 6
  3. 3. View My VisualCV Online: • Developed marketing communication plan incorporating the use of social media to support new strategic plan. (Other clients: YearMovie LLC, Academic Keys – a variety of projects What Businesses Can Learn From the Arts 2004-2007) Casey, Light & Associates, Inc. Sharon, MA, United States 1990 - 2002 Founder and Principal • Built marketing communications agency on a partnership model managed entirely through the Internet - one of the first of its kind in the Boston area. • Led a range of communications initiatives for clients primarily in the technology, biotech, medical and financial services sectors. I interviewed George Castineiras SVP, Prudential, about what he believes his business has learned from the arts. I edited the video using a combination of still shots taken from the video, combining it with existing video from a recent Arts Council street painting event. • Operated as an extension of client's departments. • Custom selected the team for each client and personally managed all projects. • Built business to $5 million in revenue, delivering high-quality annual reports, branding programs, collateral, corporate identity, direct mail, websites, case studies and event promotion. Greater Hartford Arts Council Expo Video This was a video I created that played continuously during the day at the booth and was also projected on the big screen periodically during the day-long event. Education University of Connecticut Hartford, CT, United States Mar 2011 - Jun 2011 Certificate, Nonprofit Management Training Professional Development iParentnetwork • Certificate, Non-profit Management, Encore!Hartford, University of Connecticut’s Center for Continuing Studies • Completed 56 hours classroom + 8-week Fellowship at Greater Hartford Arts Council, 2011, where I developed a program to encourage business community to regard the arts community as a rich resource from which they can learn about innovation, creativity and collaboration – important leadership skills for today’s workforce. • 40+ hours of online training in social media • Professional training in video production and video editing • Professional training in sales and Salesforce CRM To market the new web site to community members I created a number of eyejot email videos that were emailed to a list of community members we compiled through a variety of grassroots marketing efforts over a period of 1 year. University of Kansas, William Allen White School of Journalism Lawrence, KS, United States B.S Science, Journalism; major - advertising Page 3 of 6
  4. 4. View My VisualCV Online: • Member Alpha Delta Sigma (top 10% of class) • Awarded scholarship (one of only 36 awarded nationally) to study direct marketing with industry veterans, including John Yeck and Bob Stone, widely considered the "fathers" of direct marketing. Skills Leadership & Management (Rockstar) 10+ Years Experience, (Currently in use) I drove around town with this on my car for a year, promoting the web site as Mansfield had an ordinance against signage that I had to work around. Founded Casey Light & Associates, a Marketing Communications agency. Grew business from startup to almost $5 million business within first 7 years. Expanded membership ten-fold, from 3 to 30 consultants. I was responsible for creation of the logo and the name of the organization: iParentnetwork Strategic Planning Marching in the Festival on the Green Parade (Advanced) 10+ Years Experience, (Currently in use) For YearMovie, as part of the leadership team, revamped company positioning and introduced strategies to market the company as a leading provider and seller of multimedia curriculum to Academia, transitioning from a DVD yearbook provider. Refocused sales to target multimedia teachers at high schools instead of yearbook advisors, which proved beneficial for business. For the Greater Hartford Arts Council, I developed the strategy and appropriate message to introduce the business community to consider arts based training opportunities. For Casey, Light & Associates, I developed the business model for creating an agency of consultants using the Internet as a management tool, which, at the time, was groundbreaking. One example of our grassroots marketing: marching in the Festival on the Green Parade For AFS Intercultural, Southern New England Team, I developed a 2-tier plan to recruit students for study abroad and developed presentations for each touchpoint. These presentations were shared and are now being used nationally by other teams. RoweCom Corporate Brochure - new branding Partnership & Team Development (Rockstar) 10+ Years Experience, (Currently in use) Built Casey Light & Associates, a marketing communications agency, purely on a model of collaborative partnerships. Throughout my career, my biggest successes always came from programs I developed which were based on diverse stakeholders coming to the same table to work towards a common goal, such as those for Hochberg Human Rights, Tri-Town Coalition to Reduce Underage Drinking and others. For YearMovie, I developed a partnership with Video Educators of New England to help expand our reach into the region. Social Media & New Media (Advanced) 7-9 Years Experience, (Currently in use) RoweCom was in the business of knowledge management managing the huge resources of large companies - all the journal subscriptions, etc. We worked with them to undergo a new brand identity and after a brainstorming session with senior management, developed this brochure. Built a parent community social networking website from the ground up for the Tri-Town Coalition to Reduce Underage Drinking. Built a web site for Hochberg Human Rights to help promote “The Butterfly Project,” as well as one for the organization itself. Page 4 of 6
  5. 5. View My VisualCV Online: Created a poetic tweeting campaign and a Quick Response Code Scavenger Hunt to promote Arts Council participation in the CT Business Expo. Refined SEO for Fidelco Guide Dog Foundation resulting in moving web site from page 13 in a google search to page 1. Revived dormant facebook page, including development of custom welcome and donation tabs (resulting in first donation via facebook). Increased engagement on facebook by 16% in 2 months. Transition Systems Corporate Brochure Interests • • • • • • Intercultural Education / Study Abroad Parenting and Technology Music Education and the Arts Youth Development Peace Organizations Human Rights Certifications Encore!Hartford 2011 Fellow (University of Connecticut) Mar 2011 - Jun 2011 Certificate in Nonprofit Management through Encore!Hartford program - 2011 Certificate- Kleid Collegiate Institute (Direct Marketing Educational Foundation / DMA) The Collegiate Institute was an introduction to the principles of direct marketing taught by outstanding authorities in the field, including John Yeck, Bob Stone, widely considered to be the "fathers" of direct marketing. Reference Excerpts “Barbara is a pleasure to work with for many reasons. She is a professional who follows through and completes the full scope of her commitments. In our work together, Barbara is responsible for the recruitment, orientation and management of our outbound applicants in CT and MA. This work involves coordination and communication with other colleagues living throughout the territory and motivating them to help with various recruitment activities. She is also responsible for working closely with applicants and their parents to answer a myriad of questions, many of which require further investigation and research to answer. Transition Systems was in the business of offering solutions that streamlined the IT infrastructure of large health care organizations. Although the company was in the technology business, their solutions were all about improving health care. We created a brochure within an annual report to save the client money as they were publishing their first annual report after going public. By producing two different covers and producing a run that had the financials and one that did not we were able to get double the cost efficiency for this client. Fidelco Guide Dog Foundation New brand for Fidelco Guide Dog Foundation Facebook Page Barbara has been instrumental in organizing Pre Departure Orientation events (approx. 60-70 people) over the years and in facilitating the logistics, the program and various group activities for students and parents. Barbara regularly articulates ideas for improving processes and procedures. She is someone who sees the big picture and can identify critical factors that will make the largest impact. She is well respected by her team and by her colleagues from other territories. She is definitely an asset to the AFS-USA organization!” Jenny Davis, Program Development Manager, Outbound Programs, AFS USA “Barbara has taken on a unique challenge with our community. She has developed a state of the art product that goes well beyond our expectations, while working closely with a diverse leadership team. Barbara is both an efficient and creative consultant who is greatly appreciated by all our members.” Ruth Freeman, Tri-Town Coalition to Reduce Underage Drinking "“I had the opportunity to work with Barbara this year while she was an Encore Fellow. Barbara enthusiastically accepted an opportunity with the Greater Hartford Arts Council to lead an initiative Page 5 of 6
  6. 6. View My VisualCV Online: which had no precedent in the Greater Hartford area. The GHAC had decided we needed to be an exhibitor at the CT Business Expo, and we hired Barbara to create the vision, purpose and execute our involvement which showcased the arts community as a resource for businesses, specifically within their professional development programs. Not only was the exhibition a success, it launched a new collaboration venture for the arts and business communities! Barbara is an articulate, passionate and results oriented professional. She has demonstrated her ability to create and execute independently while keeping all stakeholders updated throughout the process. Her integrity and work ethic is second to none and she is very capable of harnessing resources to get the job done. Barbara would be an asset to any organization that values such professional skills. For further information or to discuss Barbara's qualifications for a specific position, please feel free to contact me at Kate Bolduc Chief Executive Officer, Greater Hartford Arts Council ” "Barbara Casey's expertise and professional advice on electronic publicity has helped our committee immeasurably in reaching a clientele far beyond our expectations. Barbara brings a strong background of knowledge and valuable connections to any group. She approaches assignments with creativity, gusto and an unmatched personal élan, which results in attractive and effective presentations. " Jeanne Morascini, Chair, Hochberg Holocaust and Human Rights “Barbara is a unique individual bringing both a creative and strategic perspective to all that she does. Her project management skills are excellent and the resources that she brings to problem solving are the key to worry free projects. I wish I could hire her today!” Margaret Coughlin, EVP, Ingalls Quinn and Johnson/BBDO “Barbara is an extremely creative individual who also has the capacity to work with a multitude of diverse personalities and bring a project to complete with grace and style.” Maura Ryan, MFS Institutional Advisors “Barbara is a creative, strategic thinker who is resourceful, skilled, and gets results. I particularly appreciated her "can-do" attitude and great sense of humor. I would work with Barbara again in a heartbeat!” Judy Weinstein, Director, Workplace Giving, Greater Hartford Arts Council “Barbara, total pro. Graceful, astute, kind, fair, brilliant. Her day-to-day business premise is that clients pay her money to make them a whole lot more money. And she does. In a world prone to “faith based marketing” she brings the perfect counterbalance of eagle-vision business sensibilities deployed through persuasive creative solutions. She exists well outside of the marketing culture of smoke-andmirrors. She needs neither. She is the real thing.” John Neil Murphy, Owner, Red Leaf, Inc. “It was a privilege to work with Barbara. Strong analytical and communication skills give her the ability to summarize complex challenges and develop creative solutions. She is an asset to any team. I highly recommend Barbara.” Mark Gallagher, Brand Expressionist™, BLACKCOFFEE® “Barbara is smart, creative, and a pleasure to work with. She combines creative insight with analytical thinking, a rare commodity.” Jim Ferry, President, Boston Innovation Group (B.I.G.) This next-generation resume was created using VisualCV Page 6 of 6