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Super 3 presentation


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Super 3 presentation

  1. 1. It’s a bird! It’s a plane! NO, it’s SUPER3! Swigert Elementary 2012, Created by Barbara Garcia
  2. 2. Help! I need help withmy project. I don’t know where to begin.
  3. 3. Plan Man to the rescue!Begin with a plan. Ask yourself these questions. What am I suppose to do? Where should I look for information?What does a good job look like?
  4. 4. Where do I find information? Here’s a few tips.Pick up a book or magazine.Look inside to find answers.Check out LION to find books and use databases. Did I mention onlineencyclopedias? E-books? You can watch short films too. Isn’t this fun!
  5. 5. Did you know you can use Lion from home? Just go to To login type in your student ID and last name. It’s that simple!
  6. 6. See how to find books.
  7. 7. See all the awesome databases. Login to databases using your student ID and last name.
  8. 8. Diddly-Do here! Now thatyou have a plan, time for action. Ask questions. Find answers. Record facts. Cite sources.Read, write, draw or tell something about your project.
  9. 9. Huh...what questions should you ask? Here’s a few pointers.Find key words. Then use the words Who, What, Where, When, Why or How to create your questions. who/what/where/when/ why/how + key words = Super Question
  10. 10. Here’s a few of my favorite places to look for information. Pebblego has a ton of coolfacts about animals, earth, space and biographies.Watch plenty of educational videos at Safari Montage. Learn about geography,shapes, numbers and time at Britannica Learning Zone.Explore the world using The World Almanac for Kids Online.
  11. 11. Greetings! I am Robot Reviewer. Let me review your activity. Processing... Is this done? Did you do what you were supposed to do? Do you feel okay about your work?Should you do something else before you turn it in?
  12. 12. Attention! Remember to be honest.Do you know what plagiarism is?It is cheating. When you plagiarize you steal a person’s ideas or writings. Always give credit to authors by citing your work.
  13. 13. How do you cite work? Processing... Answering question... For books:1. Author’s name2. Title of book3.City of publication4. Publisher5.Date of publicationTry for extrahelp.Example:Silverstein, Shel. The Giving Tree.New York, Harper & Row, 1964.
  14. 14. Plan! DO! Review! Super3 saves the day!Keep up the good work Super Searchers! Learning something new always saves the day.
  15. 15. Special thanks to...- Super3 Research Model created by Michael B. Eisenberg and Robert E. Berkowitz.- Graphic illustrations created by Jonathan and Barbara Garcia.- Screen recording created using QuickTime Player.