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Creating & Sharing Farm to School Stories of Impact


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Barbara Ganley's Slides from the November 2, 2016 Workshop for the Vermont Farm-to-School Annual Conference

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Creating & Sharing Farm to School Stories of Impact

  1. 1. Creating & Sharing Farm-to- School Stories of Impact A Workshop with Ned Castle,VT Folk Life Center Barbara Ganley, Community Expressions, LLC & Vermont Story Lab Betsy Rosenbluth, Vermont FEED & National Farm to School Network, Shelburne Farms Icon by Ethan Clark Noun Project
  2. 2. Icons by To Uyen & Joel McKinney Walking Stories
  3. 3. a. An early food memory b. A favorite moment in your farm-to-school work
  4. 4. Icon by irene hoffman /noun project What makes a great gift?
  5. 5. Icon by gregor cresner /noun project What makes a great storytelling?
  6. 6. 1940s Experiment
  7. 7. 63% remember STORIES Yo Szczepanska 5% remember STATS Made to Stick Dan & Chip Heath
  8. 8. Hugh McLeod
  9. 9. More than Stories Alone
  10. 10. New Reality STORY ARC Hook Problem ShiftTurning Point
  11. 11. Kurt Vonnegut on Story Shapes
  12. 12. Story opens… Narrative arc Surprise, resonance, shift, delight
  13. 13. Common Mistake #1
  14. 14. New Reality IMPACT STORY Challenge Action Result
  15. 15. New Reality Ritz got his green thumb many years ago while teaching at a Bronx high school. Someone sent him a box of daffodil bulbs. Not knowing what to do with them, he stashed them behind a radiator. A few weeks later, a fight broke out. Ritz says one student ran to the radiator because, he assumed, the boy had hidden a weapon there. Instead, he found "hundreds of flowers busting out of this box. And the kid, instead of coming out to beat someone's behind, came out with a box of flowers. The class burst out laughing." Ritz says he had an epiphany. He and his students went on to plant some 20,000 bulbs across New York that year. The lesson, Ritz says, is that a seed well-planted can grow into something beautiful anywhere.
  16. 16. New Reality Larger Story of Your F2S Work
  17. 17. what could be the smaller stories of impact? ch?v=7_Y8yX2-BhQ If this is the LARGER story,
  18. 18. Whose Story? Policy makers? Students? Staff? Board? Donor? Farm? School? The food ? Who will tell it?
  19. 19. https://www.youtub QPCn_e8Jjo
  20. 20. ? Gan Khoon Lay Common Mistakes # 2 & 3
  21. 21. Strategic Story Flow Mission Project/Campaign Objectives Audience Channels(s) Media Story/Message Outcome Evaluation
  22. 22. What is your GOAL? Your objectives?
  23. 23. Whom do you want to reach? Influencers Decision Makers School Community Your Staff Farm Community
  24. 24. What Your Audience Wants What Your Org Wants Sweet Spot
  25. 25. Kirby Wu/Noun Project Common Mistake #4
  26. 26. Your Audience and You It takes two to story… Richard Kearney Andy Goodman
  27. 27. The RIGHT Story: Goals & Audience 1. What’s your primary goal in this project/outreach effort? 2. What audience you wish to reach (e.g. school staff, decision makers, youth) 3. What do you want them to do? Why should they care? Why should they act? 4. Where do they get their information? Connect? Images via the Noun Project by James Keuning, Mattis Gutsche & Miguel Balandrano Hayashi Fumihiro
  28. 28. Icons by To Uyen & Joel McKinney Walking Stories Redux
  29. 29. New Reality Challenge Action Result
  30. 30. 1.Hook (your opening line) 2.3 Details 3.Your final line
  31. 31. Anton Hakanson/Noun Project Common Mistake #5
  32. 32. Capacity MediaChannels STORY PROJECT
  33. 33. Your Capacity MediaChannels STORY PROJECT Sweet Spot
  34. 34. Choices, Choices MEDIA
  35. 35. Video Stories v=on76n-8ffEQ
  36. 36. Multimedia
  37. 37. Audio Slide Shows
  38. 38. Adobe Voice A free iPad/iPhone App for making digital stories ANIMATED STORIES
  39. 39.
  40. 40. Capacity & Engagement
  41. 41. staff-bios by=sterlingcollegevt Online Channels External Blogs InstagramFacebook Website Youtube Twitter
  42. 42. Plus… F2F
  43. 43. Where Your Audience Is Where Your Org Is Sweet Spot
  44. 44. Goal Audience Channel(s) Media Stories for Impact Capacity
  45. 45. Pause & Reflect Gerardo Martin Martinez/Noun Project
  46. 46. Gan Khoon Lay Practice
  47. 47. Planning Your Story Project Designing a Storytelling Project Dave Sime
  48. 48. New Reality Larger Story of Your F2S Work
  49. 49. Goal Audience Channel(s) Media STORY + TELLER Capacity
  50. 50. Gathering Stories
  51. 51. Project Presentation & Platforms
  52. 52. What? So what? Now what? Planning Your Story Project
  53. 53. Project Planning
  54. 54. Project Kitchen: Sharing Project Ideas
  56. 56. staff-bios Website/Blogs/Feed Instagram Facebook Youtube OPTIONS
  57. 57. Kevin/Noun Project Tagging Stories & Sharing Meta-Stories
  58. 58. Take-aways
  59. 59. Andy Goodman of the Goodman Center