Utilizing Enterprise Social Platforms to Increase Engagement and Productivity


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Should you use Yammer, Jive, Bloomfire in your company? This presentation shares current information on what companies should consider in deciding on a social platform

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  • Hi. I am Barbara Fowler, a Partner with Chief Outsiders. We do part-time Chief Marketing Officer assignments in mid-size companies. Today’s topic is “Social Media and Employee Communications; Tips to Increase Productivity and Motivation. You might be wondering why a marketer is sharing this topic, rather than someone from HR or IT. What we have found is that when we are contracted to work with a firm, one of the first things that many employees complain about is lack of communication. This hurts revenue growth as the more engaged your employees are, the more productive they are and the longer you keep them. So, oftentimes when we are working with a company, we work with their HR team to introduce tools that help employee engagement. And enterprise social is one of those tools.
  • Utilizing Enterprise Social Platforms to Increase Engagement and Productivity

    1. 1. Social Media and EmployeeCommunicationsTips to Increase Productivity and MotivationJune 13, 2013Barbara M Fowlerwww.chiefoutsiders.combfowler@chiefoutsiders.com@barbfow50
    2. 2. First, some what ifs….what if you needed to know…• How much each department was spending on paper?• If workers in Argentina got paid time off when they gotmarried?• What type of ice-breaker exercises were successful inTaiwan?• A good joke to start a meeting in Poland?• Where that presentation you saw two years ago could befound?• Who has done a presentation on employee social mediacommunication?• The legal size desk in Tokyo?Where would you get thisinfo? How long would it take??
    3. 3. A Recent Quote fromMcKinseyWhy is This So Important?“MGI estimates that companies can see improvements of as muchas 25 percent in knowledge worker productivity by more efficientlyand effectively communicating and finding information andexpertise, partly by uncovering the “dark matter” that wouldotherwise lie buried in corporate emails. Communications onsocial platforms form an easily searchable record, providingvaluable answers to questions for everyone who has access, notjust the email recipient. http://bit.ly/16rbbaS
    4. 4. 1Define Realityof your workers today!It Begins with a new HR Mindset!
    5. 5. What do they need?Consider:Who are they?Where are they?Where do they work?
    6. 6. Yes, No, Maybe?Consider:What do you currently use?How was it rolled-out?Is it working?
    7. 7. • Improvement in Engagement• Collaboration• Productivity Improvement• Cost Reduction• Improving CustomerExperience• ??What are your goals?
    8. 8. • Yammer• Jive• Bloomfire• Bitrix24• Mango Apps• New Tools Every DayWhat are some tools?2
    9. 9. Don’t just buy and hope!Put Together a PlanPrepare Them in Advance3
    10. 10. • Command and Control is Over• Knowledge is Power Mentality• Fear of Change• Some Workers Left BehindUnderstand the Risks
    11. 11. • Shortened Cycle Time• Everyone Gets a Voice• The Collective is Always Better thanthe Individual• Fundamentally ReuseableAnd the Opportunities
    12. 12. ExamineSkill and WillWe Dont Like Things We AreNot Good At!4
    13. 13. How To StartBuy-in is KeyFind one great opportunityReward EngagementHands-on with Key ExecutivesWe Dont Like Things We AreNot Good At!
    14. 14. UnderstandPleasure versusGratificationPleasure Today, GratificationTomorrow5
    15. 15. Dont MakeAssumptionsAnd If Your Do…Assume theBEST6
    16. 16. Dont Let YourPeople Go QuietlyTo Their GraveLearn to Challenge7
    17. 17. TakeResponsibilityAllow Your People to KeepTheir Dignity8
    18. 18. Develop GroupAccountabilityand TeamworkWe Are in This Together!9
    19. 19. Learn what you cancontrol, what youcan influence andwhat you have nocontrol overWhy is This So Important?10
    20. 20. HOWAnd…Do You Apply These Tips?
    21. 21. Try: Fail: Learn:Try Again!TRY
    22. 22. Try: Fail: Learn:Try Again!Barbara Fowler at bfowler@chiefoutsiders.comFollow me on twitter at @barbfow50Thank YOU
    23. 23. Appendix – Good Links• http://searchunifiedcommunications.techtarget.com/feature/Socialize-Comparing-enterprise-social-software-vendors• http://socialmediatoday.com/stephendale/1337461/overcoming-barriers-enterprise-collaboration• http://www.cfoinnovation.com/content/less-half-employers-say-social-media-cost-effective-communication-tool• http://bit.ly/16rbbaS