Amco Pest Services Inc. Intro Presentation


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Amco Pest Services Inc. Intro Presentation

  1. 1. Offering the highest level ofcustomer satisfaction since 1962 Visit us at: Toll Free: 1-877-534-BUGS (2847)
  2. 2. The year was 1935. This was the first year of the first generation of Professional Pest ControlServices for the Williams family. Arthur Williams a PHD in chemistry started in the industryas a termite control consultant. He was well respected for his knowledge gained through hisexperience in the treatment process of wood construction timbers to protect againsttermites and other wood destroying insects. Arthur was one of the inventors of plywood.Demand for his services grew, and he began treatments to structures as an occupation. Thevery first property treated was in the City of Elizabeth, New Jersey in 1935.As the 30’s turned to the 40’s and 50’s the industry grew as the amount of homes grew aswell. Through family involvement, company mergers, and acquisitions, Amco has remaineda family owned and operated business.In 1962 Amco Pest Services was incorporated and serves the needs of propertymanagers, homeowners, businesses and industries to this day. We are one of the leadingpest control firms in the Industry as time has shown through our continued commitmentthrough quality, integrity and value to all our satisfied customers.As a member of Quality Pro the industry “Mark of Excellence” Amco has again proven itselfas an Industry stand out. We are members of the New Jersey Apartment Association(NJAA), Community Association Institute (CAI), and National Pest Management Association.Our technicians and staff meet and exceed the recommendation of the Quality Pro andNational Pest Management Association standards. Our staff is rigorously trained andretrained in the latest methods to ensure the most complete and precise applications aspossible.
  3. 3. Specializing in tailored maintenance programs for community associations and apartment complexes Complete Pest Services Bed Bug Specialist Bed Bug Detection Dog Expert Rodent Control Termite and Carpenter Ant Control Sentricon Termite Baiting Systems Prompt Emergency Services Lawn Spraying Non-chemical Programs Professionally Trained Staff Fully Insured and Licensed White Fly Specialist
  4. 4. These pests usually come out at Bed Bug bites often cause rednessnight or in darkened areas. The and some swelling. Antihistaminespest’s small white eggs hatch and corticosteroids have be given tointo almost transparent nymphs help relieve itching. Approximatelythat start feeding at the first 50% of Bed Bug victims do not showopportunity and molt five times evidence of bites.before becoming adults.Usually, all stages of BED BUG HIDING SPOTSdevelopment are present in aninfestation. A temperature of70°F is ideal for bed bugs; onlyadults are present at 50°F orlower. Bed bugs have beenknown to live as long as 18months. At least threegenerations per year are
  5. 5. General ManagerRob Logan training with Hardy Director of Operations George Caso and Hardy
  6. 6.  Humane Wildlife Removal Birds Raccoons Squirrels Skunks Moles Pigeons Animal Exclusions Bird Exclusions
  7. 7. We currently service over 100apartment complexes andcommunities throughout NewJersey and New York.We offer the highest level ofcustomer service with the mostthorough pest managementprograms tailored to meet andexceed your most stringentexpectations in all phases ofpest and wildlife management.
  8. 8. Amco presently services over200 community associationsthroughout the state of NewJersey and New York providingall phases of pest and wildlifemanagement.Let us customize a tailoredmaintenance program to fit theneeds of your community.
  9. 9.