The Public Library as Community Disaster Recovery Center


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NJLA 2014 conference panel featuring 3 One Page All Libraries participants. OPAL is an initiative of the NJ State Library and the National Network of Libraries in Medicine.

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The Public Library as Community Disaster Recovery Center

  1. 1. The Public Library as Community Disaster Recovery Center: HowtoPrepareyourLibrary&CommunityforanEmergency 2014 New Jersey Library Association Conference
  2. 2. Panelists Michele Stricker Associate Director, Library Support Services, NJ State Library Marie Downes and Cheryl Rheiner Director & Librarian, West Deptford Public Library Barb Hauck-Mah Director, Caldwell Public Library Allison Moonitz Assistant Director, Mahwah Public Library
  3. 3. Our Topics Intro from NJ State Library Emergency Prep Training for Libraries One Page Service Continuity Plan Staff Training
  4. 4. Library: Community Partner in Disaster Response
  5. 5. Project OPAL: West Deptford Library One Page All Libraries: a service continuity plan for libraries that helps you get your services up and running again, as quickly as possible, after a disaster.
  6. 6. Emergency Preparedness Resources Print Websites Apps Other Materials
  7. 7. Emergency Preparedness workshop
  8. 8. LOGIN Libraries Participants West Deptford Library February 7, 2014
  9. 9. What is a Service Continuity Plan? Maintain information services Communicate Library status Protect & rescue resources Summarize response procedures
  10. 10. Creating a Service Continuity Plan Pocket Response Plan (PReP)
  11. 11. Project OPAL Pilot Program: NJSL and NNLM PReP Template from the Council of State Archivists 21 Ports in a Storm Libraries: Lodi Library volunteered for Project OPAL 9 weekly email assignments : Dan Wilson , Proj Coord. NNLM
  12. 12. Lodi Library’s Service Continuity Plan Click on NNLM link & customize Lodi One Page Disaster Plan
  13. 13. The value of OPAL Bite-size tasks with adaptable format • Service priorities • Role responsibilities • Community partners
  14. 14. Develop your Teams Key service contacts Library disaster team Continuity of services team
  15. 15. Establish Priorities Library Services Plan Communications Plan Disaster Response Procedures
  16. 16. Collection Rescue Team Selects Priority Materials to Protect & Rescue Location & Labelling
  17. 17. You have a plan: Now what? Tabletop exercises Training Drills Review and update plan
  18. 18. Contact info Michele Stricker Marie Downes Cheryl Rheiner Barb Hauck-Mah Jennifer Cohen Allison Moonitz Dan Wilson (Coordinator, NNLM National Emergency Preparedness & Response Initiative)
  19. 19. For more info Emergency Preparedness resources : West Deptford Library’s Workshop for LOGIN libraries content/uploads/2013/12/Emergency-preparedness-resources.pdf 15 elements of a Library that is disaster ready This presentation is on SlideShare at Allison Moonitz’s presentation is on SlideShare at safe-disaster-planning-staff-training