Novel food packaging methods for meat


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Novel food packaging methods for meat

  1. 1. Novel Food Packaging Methods For Meat W. M .R. P. Dayarathne
  2. 2. contents • What is food packaging? • Food packaging materials • Active and intelligent food packaging • Modified atmosphere packaging • Meat packaging
  3. 3. what is food packaging? Packaging is a means of providing the correct environmental conditions for food during the length of time it is stored and/or distributed to the consumer.
  4. 4. Objectives of food packaging 1. Barrier between food and contaminants. 2. Protects food from impact during shipping and storage. 3. Acts as a dispenser 4. Protects food from moisture, gas, odors, and light 5. Identifies the contents 6. Serves as a cooking and storage container
  5. 5. Food packaging materials • Metals (steel, tin, and aluminum) -- canned foods • Glass -- beverages, pickles, condiments • Paper (usually coated with wax, plastics, or aluminium foil) -- cartons of milk, crackers • Plastics -- milk jugs, beverages, deli salads • Packaging films (cellophane, edible films, and coatings) -- candy bars, hot dog casings, chips • Laminates (layering materials into one product) -- drink boxes
  6. 6. Active packaging • “packaging in which subsidiary constituents have been deliberately included in or on either the packaging material or the package headspace to enhance the performance of the package system” Intelligent packaging • “packaging that contains an external or internal indicator to provide information about aspects of the history of the package and/or the quality of the food”
  7. 7. Active packaging • Oxygen scavengers • Carbon dioxide scavengers and emitters • Preservative releasers • Moisture absorbers
  8. 8. Intelligent packaging • Temperature and time-temperature indicators • Gas-sensing dyes • Microwave ‘doneness’ indicators • Microbial growth indicators
  9. 9. Modified atmosphere packaging • Modified atmosphere is the practice of modifying the composition of the internal atmosphere of a package (commonly food packages, drugs, etc.) in order to improve the shelf life. • In MAP specially consider about these gases Nitrogen(N2) Carbon Dioxide(CO2) Oxygen(O2)
  10. 10. Advantages of MAP • Longer durability of perishable food / Decrease of spoilage • Reduces the growth of germs • The product retains its form and texture. • The product retains its vitamin content, taste and fat content. • The natural colour of the product is preserved. • The need to use preserving agents is reduced if not eliminated. • The longer the shelf life of the products.
  11. 11. Meat Packaging Requirement • Attractiveness • Product weight control • Easy to handle/manage • Meat color • Meat flavor • Shelf-life • Antimicrobials • Product safety
  12. 12. Package Diversity • Fresh vs. Frozen • Fresh vs. Cured • Raw vs. Cooked • Intact muscle vs. Restructured • Dried vs. Marinated • Species differences • Irradiation
  13. 13. Meat Colour and Stability • Most important visual trait • Drivers of retail sale • Discoloration: Cost – millions • Packaging needs to stabilize the colour
  14. 14. Meat Packaging What to consider? • Meat considerations • Package consideration • Processing considerations • Operational considerations
  15. 15. Why packaging is needed for meat?
  16. 16. Current Worldwide Annual Meat Consumption( per Capita) Source: Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) 2010, Livestock and Fish Primary Equivalent, 02 June 2010, FAOSTAT on-line statistical service, FAO, Rome, viewed 1st November, 2010, Citation: Chartsbin statistics collector team 2010, Current Worldwide Annual Meat Consumption per capita,, viewed 8th January, 2012, <>. 18
  17. 17. Drawbacks of Meat packaging • Waste Food packaging accounts for a large amount of all waste. • Cost Packaging accounts for a percentage of all food manufacturers' costs, and that is factored into the final price of each food product for the consumer. • Health risks some packaging materials cause to many health issues
  18. 18. Plastic Packaging Discarded (Metric tons) Source: US EPA, 2007 data plastics-recycling-remains-low Thousands of tons 20
  19. 19. Solution for The Solid Waste 21
  20. 20. As a Substitute Source: www. The main fossil fuel based plastics  LDPE  LLDPE  HDPE  PP  PVC  Nylon  Polyester
  21. 21. Thank you for your attention Questions? 23