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Angoumois grain moth


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Stored pest. pest for grains.

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Angoumois grain moth

  1. 1. Angoumois GrainMothsitotroga cerealellaH.N.B.R AbeysingheU.W.L.U SampathP.C WerathungeD.K.P. Weerasooriya
  2. 2. Scientific classification Phylum - Arthropoda (Arthropods) Class - Insecta (Insects) Order - Lepidoptera (Butterflies and Moths) Superfamily - Gelechioidea Family - Gelechiidae (Twirler Moths) Subfamily - Chelariinae Genus - Sitotroga Species - cerealella
  3. 3. Life cycleAdultEggLarvaPupaAdult
  4. 4. AdultWing expanse of 13-19 mm and a lengthof 6-9 mm.Forewings are clay-yellow and withoutmarkings .The hind wings aregreyRear edges wingshave long fringes
  5. 5. Eggo The female lays eggssingly or in clumps onthe outside of thecereal grains.o The number of eggslaid is variable but maytotal up to 200 duringa life of 5-10 days.
  6. 6. LarvaThe larvae bore in to akernel which they hollowout completely in thecourse of development
  7. 7. PupaPupation also takesplace inside the kernel.Before pupation, thelarva extends theanterior of its chamberto just beneath thesurface of the grain, thusforming a small circularwindow.
  8. 8. The newly emergedadult pushes throughthe window of the seedcoat leaving a small butcharacteristic roundhole; part of the windowoften remains at theedge of the hole.AdultEmergence
  9. 9. Diets The adults moth feed on honey ,water etc. larvae feed on grains. They bore into the seeds of the host plantand feed inside the seed covering.
  10. 10. Damage A primary pest of grain, which may be attackedin the field, Most damage occurs in storage. Attacks all types of cereal grains.
  11. 11. Harvesting and drying Grain moisture content(12-14%) Minimize cracked andbroken grain duringprocessing Don’t mix old and newgrain
  12. 12. Cleaning And Disinfesting TheStorage System By sanitation or hygiene Use of monitoring devices May need to treat with insecticide Malathion (50EC) at 5ml/20l of water @20ml/m2, Fenitrothion (50EC) at 5ml/l water @20ml/m2, Deltamethrin (2.5% WP) at 1.5g/l water @20ml/m2
  13. 13. Treat Infected GrainGrain treatmentInsecticide- malathionFumigationphosphine,carbon dioxidePhysicalHeat