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A brief slide show explaining how my book came to be and the topics it covers. My book -- Bar Exam Mind: A strategy guide for an anxiety free bar exam -- teaches you strategies and techniques to reduce bar exam anxiety, stress and fear. If you want to pass the bar exam, you should spend your time learning the law, not worrying.

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Bar Exam Mind Book Trailer

  1. 1. Bar Exam Mind A book trailer
  2. 2. Bar Exam Stress is Horrible!I know how bad it can get.
  3. 3. How do I know?• I took the Oregon bar exam in 2006.• I never thought I’d have to take another bar exam.• But, life happened, and my family and I moved back to California.• Now, I had to take the dreaded California bar exam.• I was stressed and afraid of failing.
  4. 4. Stress and Fear• Stress affects memory.• Chronic stress, like studying for the bar exam, is bad for health.• Fear makes us focus on the negative.• Focusing on the negative is not helpful to achieving goals.
  5. 5. Let me help you.• After passing the California bar exam, I realized that the techniques I used to reduce my stress and fear could help others.• I started a blog.• Then, I wrote an e-book.• Here is what one person said about the book in an email --
  6. 6. I purchased your book and read it last night. I already feel relief. I am starting to employ some of your techniques starting today and I am very excited and motivated to get my mind back on track. I just thought you might enjoy hearing how your efforts are truly appreciated. Thank you!--July 2011 California Bar Exam Passer (purchaser of original Bar Exam Mind eBook)
  7. 7. A revised book• I continued to revise the e-book and now have published Bar Exam Mind: A strategy guide for an anxiety-free bar exam.• You can get it in paperback and Kindle at
  8. 8. What’s in the book?• negative visualization techniques to remove bar exam fears• positive visualization techniques to improve performance• how to use and create affirmations• how to eat right for brain health• which supplements doctors recommend to enhance focus and learning• and so much more!
  9. 9. Get your copy