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If you are looking for an online MBE preparation course or simply need some additional MBE prep, you should consider Adaptibar.

I used Adaptibar when I was studying for the California bar exam and really liked it.

I liked it because it used questions licensed from the National Conference of Bar Examiners. This means that I was practicing with real MBE questions! (As of today, Adaptibar has access to over 1400 authentic MBE questions.)

I liked it because Adaptibar lets you generate practice tests that target single subjects as well as complete, 200 question practice tests.

I liked that Adaptibar adapts to test you on your “problem areas.” So, if you are having trouble answering questions about a certain subtopic, you will get more questions relating to that subtopic to help hone your skills.

I liked that it was an online solution and available to me anywhere I had an internet connection (i.e., almost everywhere).

And, I liked that Adaptibar provided detailed answer explanations so that I could learn from my mistakes.

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Adaptibar Review

  1. 1. Why I Recommend Adaptibar for MBE PrepA Review
  2. 2. MBE Prep OptionsThere are lots of MBE study options outthere: – BarBri – Themis – Kaplan (formerly PMBR) – Multistate Edge (formerly MicroMash) – Adaptibar – And a host of others
  3. 3. I’ve used more than one MBE prep program• I used BarBri and PMBR (now Kaplan) when I took the Oregon bar exam.• I used Adaptibar when I took the California bar exam.• You can pass the MBE with any of these, but Adaptibar stands out.
  4. 4. Why Adaptibar?• Real MBE questions – 1400 of them!• 24/7 online access• Adapts to test you on your weaker areas• Keeps track of statistics• Construct practice tests –Full-length tests –Subject area tests
  5. 5. Any drawbacks?• I see only one drawback: You don’t get to practice taking MBE questions with a pencil and paper.• Since I believe in practicing under test-like conditions, it is not possible to replicate that aspect of the test.• To remedy this, you can buy a practice test from the National Conference of Bar Examiners at
  6. 6. Who should use Adaptibar?Bar takers who want/need additional MBE practice.People studying on their own who need an affordable source of practice MBE questions.Bar exam repeaters who are looking for a different set of questions to practice with. (This is why I chose Adaptibar when I took the California bar exam.)
  7. 7. Get $50 off Adaptibar!• I’ve worked out a great deal with the friendly people over at• If you buy Adaptibar through my affiliate link, you will get $50 off!• Just visit this link to learn more: