World at war


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World at war

  1. 1. World At WarAre ExtraterrestrialsReal?By Osamwanse A Edosomwan Jr
  2. 2. What is Extraterrestrial life?• It’s life “beyond or not of” and “of orbelonging to earth”• Most people and in Science fiction associatealiens as being green men with a huge headand big eyes• These hypothetical forms of life can rangefrom simple bacteria-like organisms to beingsthat are far more complex than humans
  3. 3. The Origins of E.T• Alien life has beenhypothesized to exist inthe Solar System andthroughout the universe• When Scientist ask is thelife out side of earth theyreally don’t mean andAlien spices but planetsthe are like earth meetingthe basic elements forhuman survival
  4. 4. Earth Ancient Astronauts• Travelers from outerspace know as“spacemen” built/ aidedmany of the structures onearth ( Egypt Pyramids,Moai Head Stones• Mayan Ruler K’inichJanaabi Pakai died onAugust 683 and on histomb lid was a carving ofhim some space machinein the Temple of theInscriptions•
  5. 5. Reasons why some believe in E.T.• Some people claim they seen U.F.Os, abducted byAliens, too many government cover ups aroundthe world• Also when Neil Armstrong travel to the moon onApollo 11 he claims he saw Extraterrestrialswatching him and his crew• There is this theory called the Copernicanprinciple and it states that Earth does not occupya unique position in the Universe, nothing isspecial about Earth
  6. 6. The reasons why some don’t believein E.T.• Scientist such as carSagan and StephenHawking say “ It wouldbe improbable for lifenot to exist somewhereother tan Earth”• There is no documentproof or evidence aboutaliens
  7. 7.
  8. 8. Dr. Lydia Smith (Astrobiologys)• Do you believe E.T. exist? No. But there are DNAfrom space that we collected from metro rocks• What about life on other Planets by life a meansimilar bio features like what we have on Earth?Yes I believe there is life on other planets werehumans will colonizes and live• Do you think people should rule out thepossibility of Aliens? I’m really not sure, butanything is possible
  9. 9. Martian Meteorite alh84001• Using more advanced analytical instruments now available, aJohnson Space Center research team has reexamined the1996 finding that a meteorite contains strong evidence thatlife may have existed on ancient Mars.• The new research focused on investigating alternateproposals for the creation of materials thought to be signs ofancient life found in the meteorite. The new study arguesthat ancient life remains the most plausible explanation forthe materials and structures found in the meteorite.• In 1996, a group of scientists led by David McKay, EverettGibson and Kathie Thomas-Keprta of NASA’s Johnson SpaceCenter (JSC) in Houston published an article in Scienceannouncing the discovery of biogenic evidence in theALH84001 meteorite. A newly published paper revisits thatoriginal hypothesis with new analyses. The paper, “Origin ofMagnetite Nanocrystals in Martian Meteorite ALH84001,” byThomas-Keprta and coauthors Simon Clemet, McKay, Gibsonand Susan Wentworth, all scientists in the AstromaterialsResearch and Exploration Science Directorate at JSC, is in theNov. 1 issue of the journal Geochemical et CosmochimicaActa of The Geochemical Society and The MeteoriticalSociety.
  10. 10. Ancient UFO Sightings/ Astronaunts• Ancient paintings fromVal Camonica, Italy arebelieved to depictforgotten deities;ancient astronautproponents claim thesepictures resemblemodern day astronautsdespite being paintedca. 10,000 BC.•
  11. 11. Questions• What is your opinion of Aliens? Do believethey exist or not?• How would you fell if you found out Aliens doexist?• Also how would you reach if they come toEarth?
  12. 12. References•• PBS: Life Beyond Earth a film by Timothy Ferris••• Natural History Museum• Penn State University Astrology