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Best fresh fruits deliver directly to your office to wake up your mind

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  1. 1. Fruitsmail.comTechnology Entrepreneurship Venture Lab 2012 April 2012
  2. 2. Fruitsmail.comValue proposition and competitors analysisThe market of fruits retail is a mature one, with many established competitors and withoutsignificant potentials of growth in total. However, there is a key subsector of that which is verypromising. The last few years, people have realised the value of healthier lifestyle and diet,especially busy professionals who work long hours and encounter high stress level on daily basis.They are seeking to balance the adverse impact of their work lives with a healthy, organic dietand this is the trend that our company will be based on and promote even further to succeed. Inorder to do that, we need to focus on the following: 1. High quality organic products 2. High quality of service (friendly and simple user interface for orders as well as punctual delivery) 3. Eco-friendly operations 4. Reasonable pricing 5. Educational marketing (provide facts about the high nutrition value of our products on the package and in commercials)
  3. 3. Fruitsmail.comElevator aims to provide your company with wholesome, healthy, locally sourced andsustainable fruit and vegetables. Our friendly and intuitive web-portal allows you to select abeautifully packaged assortment of groceries for prompt delivery to your offices. Packaging is sustainably produced and reusable, replaced free-of-cost when it wears out.Employees will appreciate fruit and vegetables carefully chosen by our experts to provide a widerange of heath benefits focused towards helping manage the busy working environment, such asimmune boosters, energy and vitality, and relaxation. Each box contains detailed but easy tounderstand information on these health benefits, including great ideas about when and howbest to enjoy your produce. Our company prides itself on fantastic value for money alongside a personal and warm customerservice and advice. Please see our website for further information and to order your first grocery box today!
  4. 4. Fruitsmail.comA green deliveryIn order to deliver the best products to youroffice and propose you the best experience ever,we chose to use bikes, all across the city.Your fruits will remain fresh and ready to eatbecause we carry them with high attention andin fresh containers.A punctual and green delivery, from us to you !
  5. 5. Fruitsmail.comAn original packagingFor the clients comfort, we deliver our fruits inwell-designed, recyclable boxes that could be usednot only as perfect containers for carrying thefruits all across your days, desks, meetings at yourofficeA great way to carry your fruits for all themembers of your companyAll packages include the complimentaryinformation about the best hours to eat each fruitthat you order from us. 
  6. 6. Fruitsmail.comAdvertisingFor Fresh Energy @work, Think !Scenario :One idea is to have a background of a tired employee with a voice saying:“Are you exhausted and you still have to keep working?”“Why don’t you take a break and visit You are just 2 clicks away from getting youhealthy energy booster delivered to your desk in less than 30 mins! Amazing isn’t it?” Slide changes and we have a happy employee holding our fruit package with a voice saying:“Did you know that eating an apple can improve your brain focus ability by 50%?”And this following text:“ delivers the best organic fruits from £15 per week”
  7. 7. Thank youAna Tetelbom Schuchmann Benoît Piedallu Davide Palmisano Ibrahim Over Lamia Alonso Natalie Kosmina Plout Galatsopoulos Sam Johnson Theo Mauger Vida Sakiene