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Managing paid search campaigns in a B2B world is different to B2C. Here's the inside scope from the B2B PPC marketers at Banner Corporation.

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  • Not just b2b, but smaller geographical markets and niche products...
  • Super tight campaign structure: 1 to 1 creative and keywords
  • What about impressions?
  • What about impressions?
  • Search Marketing for Business to Business

    1. 1. Search in a B2B World<br />
    2. 2. The B2b difference<br />Setting the scene<br />
    3. 3. Passionate vs keeping the job<br />“This $2 million CRM system looks very solid, with great support service and 3rd party development adoption”<br />“The new iPad is so sleek and shiny, I must have it!”<br />At the office<br />At home<br />
    4. 4. Remember the technology adoption curve?<br />Image CC:<br />
    5. 5. Are we talking Brand or Demand?<br />“I want Brand Awareness! ...but we need to also hit our sales numbers!”<br />“I want Sales! ...but we also need to increase brand awareness!”<br />
    6. 6. Clear Objectives<br />Brand<br /><ul><li> Share of Voice
    7. 7. Impression Share
    8. 8. Impressions
    9. 9. Clicks
    10. 10. Avg. Position</li></ul>Demand<br /><ul><li> Web Leads
    11. 11. Marketing Leads
    12. 12. Sales Leads
    13. 13. Closures</li></li></ul><li>Keyword research<br />Getting the basics right<br />
    14. 14. You’re not the Keyword Expert<br />
    15. 15. Getting into the mindset of the audience<br />“reduce company carbon footprint”<br />“hd video conference system”<br />CTO<br />CEO<br />
    16. 16. Keyword Conflicts<br />Expect cross-over between divisions and product lines<br />Be strategic - Balance objectives and keyword performance<br />Be tactical - Adjust budgets and scheduling to maximise opportunity<br />CAD for Architects<br />CAD forCivil Engineering<br />
    17. 17. Small sample sizes<br />Statistics that matter<br />
    18. 18. Blue Widgets Size 3<br /> Stock and only £29 . Order now for overnight delivery!<br />RELEVANCE and CTR achieved !<br />12<br />
    19. 19. 13<br />Adgroup<br />Creative<br />[keyword]<br />
    20. 20. Adgroup<br />Creative<br />[keyword]<br />Adgroup<br />Creative<br />[keyword]<br />Adgroup<br />Creative<br />[keyword]<br />Adgroup<br />Creative<br />[keyword]<br />Adgroup<br />Creative<br />[keyword]<br />Adgroup<br />Creative<br />[keyword]<br />Adgroup<br />Creative<br />[keyword]<br />Adgroup<br />Creative<br />[keyword]<br />Adgroup<br />Creative<br />[keyword]<br />Adgroup<br />Creative<br />[keyword]<br />Adgroup<br />Creative<br />[keyword]<br />Adgroup<br />Creative<br />[keyword]<br />Adgroup<br />Creative<br />[keyword]<br />Adgroup<br />Creative<br />[keyword]<br />Adgroup<br />Creative<br />[keyword]<br />Adgroup<br />Creative<br />[keyword]<br />Adgroup<br />Creative<br />[keyword]<br />Adgroup<br />Creative<br />[keyword]<br />Adgroup<br />Creative<br />[keyword]<br />Adgroup<br />Creative<br />[keyword]<br />Adgroup<br />Creative<br />[keyword]<br />Adgroup<br />Creative<br />[keyword]<br />Adgroup<br />Creative<br />[keyword]<br />Adgroup<br />Creative<br />[keyword]<br />Adgroup<br />Creative<br />[keyword]<br />Adgroup<br />Creative<br />[keyword]<br />Adgroup<br />Creative<br />[keyword]<br />Adgroup<br />Creative<br />[keyword]<br />Adgroup<br />Creative<br />[keyword]<br />Adgroup<br />Creative<br />[keyword]<br />14<br />
    21. 21. 5<br />10<br />8<br />12<br />2<br />8<br />20<br />5000<br />30<br />27<br />191<br />50<br />18<br />2<br />610<br />12<br />5<br />150<br />10<br />102<br />189<br />15<br />13<br />2<br />18<br />198<br />265<br />42<br />34<br />12<br />15<br />
    22. 22. 5<br />10<br />8<br />12<br />2<br />8<br />20<br />5000<br />30<br />27<br />191<br />50<br />18<br />2<br />610<br />12<br />5<br />150<br />10<br />102<br />189<br />15<br />13<br />2<br />18<br />198<br />265<br />42<br />34<br />12<br />16<br />
    23. 23. Split Testing for CTR and CR<br />Days required if we need at least 100 clicks or 20 sales to pick a winner<br />17<br />
    24. 24. Structure Campaignfor Efficient Split-testing<br />Size of circle: Number of keywords in ad group<br />Number s: Ad group impressions<br />5000<br />5000<br />5000<br />5000<br />Long Tail Keywords<br />5000<br />5000<br />5000<br />5000<br />18<br />
    25. 25. Wise use of Dynamic Keyword Insertion<br />Relevance is Evaluated in Real-time – what the user sees – inserted search phrase counts as much towards Quality Score (relevance factor) as a hard coded keyword<br />{KeyWord: Blue Widgets Size 3}<br /> Stock and only £29. Order now for overnight delivery!<br />Blue Widgets Size 3<br /> Stock and only £29. Order now for overnight delivery!<br />19<br />
    26. 26. Be aware of:<br />Still require strict structure to optimise deep links<br />Disqualify by misspellings, incorrect grammar or punctuation<br />Generally dodgy results<br />*PPC ads sourced by<br />20<br />
    27. 27. The buying cycle<br />Call to action and gated content<br />
    28. 28. Have the Right Bait<br />Understand where the audience are in the buying cycle<br />3rd party articles<br />Case Studies<br />AIDA<br />White papers<br />Tech solution sheets<br />
    29. 29. ...and Ask the Right Questions<br />Awareness<br />Lead Generation<br />Download Whitepaper<br />
    30. 30. SEM in a box<br />Driving demand through the channel<br />
    31. 31. Case Study: Avaya Unified Communications<br />Opportunity:<br />Improve local reseller online presence across EMEA partners<br />Lead generation and Co-branding opportunity<br />Scalability:<br /><ul><li>Pre-defined price packages
    32. 32. Review
    33. 33. Optimisation
    34. 34. Reporting
    35. 35. Content themes</li></li></ul><li>Keys to success<br />Finding the right partners – not too digitally savvy or too analogue<br />Solid education package and manage expectations<br />Formalise agreements of service levels with mutual deliveries<br />Makes monetary sense for Brand, Re-seller and Agency<br />
    36. 36. B2b gets personal<br />Mobile and Social<br />
    37. 37. Are you where your customers are?<br />“30% of SMB and Enterprise employees expected to use a smartphone by 2013”<br />- Forrester 2009<br />
    38. 38. “The average search query length on a smart phone is about three keywords, same as for a desktop computer”- Google (2.9) and Bing (2.7)(IAB UK Mobile Seminar, 2010)<br />“Approximately 30% of mobile searches have a location intent”(Michael Schipper, Google, 2010)<br />
    39. 39. Where do you start?<br />Use analytics to check what percentage of traffic already mobile<br />Pages should be “on rails”<br />Mobile/3G friendly assets<br />Simplified lead forms and call-tracking<br />Separate desktop and mobile campaigns<br />
    40. 40. LinkedIn Direct Ads<br />334,000 people in Norway<br />100,000 working in 500+ companies<br />10,500 C-level figures<br />Target by<br />Company size<br />Job function<br />Industry<br />Seniority<br />...and of course Geography, Gender and Age<br />Increase reach through the Linkedin Audience Network<br />CPC typically starts around 25-30 kr<br />Can only selectfourtargeting options at once<br />
    41. 41. Facebook for B2B marketing?<br />Good for<br />Targeting specific companies<br />Possibly low CPC<br />...but<br /><ul><li>Don’t know their position
    42. 42. or if they even tell the truth</li></li></ul><li>Three Top Tips<br />Keyword research: Ask the experts<br />Keyword overlap: Have a central owner of search<br />Landing pages: Know when to ask for info, how much and when not<br />
    43. 43. Want more B2B Marketing Insights?Visit<br />