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How to become a bank teller


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How To Become A Bank Teller - Interview Questions. Learn what questions they ask and how to answer to get the job.

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How to become a bank teller

  1. 1. How To Become A Bank Teller: “Nailing” The Interview http://www.becomeabankteller.comA Quick and Easy to Follow Guide On Getting The Job andDominating The Interview! With example questions, tips, tricks and customer service interview questions.
  2. 2. Interview Training Get The Job Preparation SkillsThe Four Quadrants of Success
  3. 3.  Interview: ◦ The interview is crucial, as we all know, here are some questions you should be considering before heading in to the interview: ◦ 1) Name a time when you overcame an obstacle at a previous job?Interview Questions For Success:
  4. 4.  Your answer to this question can make or break an interview, and ultimately, your chances at getting the bank teller job. Dig deep for this answer and have a prepared answer ready, do NOT take this question lightly.Name a time when…
  5. 5.  2) In past experience explain a time when you dealt with a difficult co-worker. How did you handle the situation? Be careful here not to put down other people or businesses. Simply, be ready to explain, objectively, how you handled a difficult person, no more, no less.In Your Past Experience…
  6. 6.  3) Have you ever dealt with an unruly customer? How did you handle it. Bank tellers spend almost all their time dealing with the public. Use this interview question to show your excellent customer service skills. Never describe a customer in a negative light. Remember be objective and stick to the facts.Unruly Customers?
  7. 7.  4) What is your customer service experience? As stated before being a bank teller is all about customer service. Make sure you have some experience in this field and be prepared to answer this question with flying colors? No experience? Keep reading…Customer Service Experience?
  8. 8.  What do I do if I have no experience in Customer Service? Find another Job! JUST KIDDING – What you should do is get out and get some customer service experience. How do you do this? On the next slide are three places you can get customer service skills.But I have no Customer ServiceExperience!
  9. 9.  3 Ways To Get Experience In Customer Service ◦ 1) Volunteer for a local charity or foodbank. You can volunteer at the soup kitchen for a weekend and throw that on your resume. Don’t use dates, just mark it as current. ◦ 2) Church – Churches have all sorts of volunteer opportunities, find one that has you dealing with people. ◦ 3) Hotlines (suicide, drug, help etc.) for more ideas and resources you can head to: ◦ http://www.becomeabankteller.com3 Ways to get customer serviceexperience, NOW!
  10. 10.  For More Information You Can Find Us At: kTellerTrainingResources