Bank Metrix Executive Overview V1 6


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Bank Metrix Executive Overview V1 6

  1. 1. “ Transforming Customer Data into Knowledge and RESULTS”
  2. 2. BankMetrix Overview Introduction BankMetrix provides a unique and cost-effective solution specifically designed to meet the revenue and growth needs of Community Banks. Once reserved for large-scale financial institutions with large-scale budgets and staffs, our Revenue Builder Services provide Community Banks with an affordable approach to transforming “ customer data into customer ko l g, nwe ed ” and the services required to convert this knowledge into improved revenue and growth. Challenges We Address Growing Cross-Sales and Reducing Customer Attrition Community Banks are experiencing ever increasing competition for retail and commercial customers from other Community Banks, credit unions, regional banks, mega-banks, internet banks and even non-bank financial institutions. Industry studies also show that it costs much more to acquire new customers than to retain and grow your relationships with existing ones. Therefore, it is now especially important to focus on keeping and building your relationships with those customers you already have. It has been consistently shown that the successful cross-selling of customers and the reduction in customer attrition rates is highly correlated. But most Community Banks miss a majority of their cross-selling opportunities because of limited internal analytical resources to identify those opportunities and limited time and budget to execute campaigns to take advantage of those opportunities. Through our easily justifiable solution, we help our clients compete and grow by improving their ability to increase cross-sales and more effectively retain a larger percentage of their existing customer base. Increasing Call Campaign Productivity to Deliver Dramatically Better Results For those institutions that do not have an effective means by which to manage and execute customer calling campaigns, we provide a very affordable web-based Call Campaign Manager solution. Our clients have experienced over 100% improvement in results with calling campaigns compared to other marketing approaches that do not include customer courtesy calls. 1
  3. 3. The BankMetrix Solution  Our Revenue Builder Services (RBS) are designed to ensure our clients get the most value out of their customer data and their partnership with us. This begins with the development of a Revenue Builder Plan specific to the growth goals and objectives of your institution. RBS also includes an ongoing and focused approach to customer data optimization, contact management and performance reporting.  RBS provides all the benefits highly advanced data analytics can bring at a fraction of the typical cost. How do we do it? We have leveraged our decades of experience with bank customer data and data analysis and developed a series of optimizing engines and processes to affordably provide highly-targeted customer campaigns for our clients. RBS provides the cost-effective ability to proactively market the right product, to the right customer, at the right time. The results we produce are delivered to our Call Campaign Manager (CCM) platform for execution and management of outbound call campaigns. These results may also be delivered to your other marketing channels (e.g. direct mail, e-mail, agency of record). 2
  4. 4.  Our core Revenue Builder Services are comprised of the following:  Revenue Builder Planning is carried out to determine your specific cross-sales and retention goals, but also to learn about the inner workings of your bank. While all Community Banks have some similarities they also have substantial differences and it is essential that the strategies and campaigns we develop and execute are compatible with the culture and internal processes of your bank. One deliverable from the Revenue Builder Planning phase is an annual Marketing Communication Schedule (MCS) that outlines which campaigns are executed at what time during the year.  Revenue Builder Management follows the planning phase and involves the ongoing management of RBS and execution and refinement of the MCS. As each campaign is completed, we analyze the results and make revisions to future campaigns based on this newly-gained knowledge. Such ongoing tweaking of the MCS ensures your goals and objectives are achieved. We also continually monitor our Customer Performance Reporting (described below) and highlight weaker branches and employees and suggest methods for improving their performance, such as branch-specific campaigns or targeted coaching/training sessions.  Customer Data Management involves the standardization, cleansing and enhancement of your customer data. Even though monthly MCIF updates typically have data standardization and cleansing processes, we always find that at least some additional data processing is required in order to optimize your customer data for Marketing purposes. The merging of non-MCIF data files and the appending of third- party data if needed would also occur during this phase.  Customer Contact Database keeps track of all contacts with a customer through all channels for which we receive data, including direct mail, inbound and outbound calling, email and online banking. How often a customer has been contacted in the past and what was the nature and outcome of that contact will impact whether or not they are included in an upcoming communication campaign.  Customer Value Generator calculates Current “ Marketing” Value scores for clients that do not have Customer Profitability. Once Customer Profitability or Current Value is established the calculator then uses that data to generate Potential Value and Realized Value scores. Current, Potential and Realized Value are all used to drive the optimization of your cross-sell campaigns.  Next Best Product Optimizer combines the Customer Value scores generated in the previous phase and your next best product capability to optimize your cross-sell communications. The Next Best Product Optimizer will maximize the allocation of marketing dollars by assigning customers to campaigns in the Marketing Communication Schedule (MCS) that will provide the greatest impact for each customer and for the bank.  Target Segment Engine produces highly targeted lists of customers on a monthly basis to be communicated to for cross-sales and retention purposes. These target lists are delivered to your marketing channels, including our CCM platform. Examples of these target lists include Single Service Customers, Month 2 or 3 Onboarding, Debit Card Utilization, Birthdays, CD Maturity Renewals and Best Customers. We also generate trigger-driven lists specific to the strategies of your bank. 3
  5. 5.  Customer Performance Reporting will be provided on a monthly basis highlighting the specific results of individual Marketing campaigns, but also tracking bank-wide and branch-level statistics for Monthly and Annual Household Attrition Rates, New and Lost Households, and Cross-sell Ratios. Reporting on the performance of individual employees using our CCM platform will also be provided.  We also offer the following optional Revenue Builder Services to meet additional needs:  Next Best Product Engine for clients that do not currently have a next best product capability. This includes a complete NBP analysis of product mix and demographic affinity.  Product and Service Consolidator combines data sources that are not currently consolidated in your MCIF. Examples of these data sources may include your cash management/treasury services platform, debit card or credit card data, online banking and any other system that is not part of your core processing solution or MCIF.  New Customer Acquisition provides advanced demographic analysis and highly targeted mapping to produce superior prospect acquisition files delivered to your marketing channels.  BankMetrix Call Campaign Manager (CCM) is a web-based tool enabling Community Banks to provide proactive customer service in a cost-effective way in order to improve customer cross-sales and retention. CCM allows for leads and referrals to be distributed to all branches and departments within your bank. Branch Managers can see all leads associated with their branch and assign leads to specific branch employees. Customer Service Reps can see the leads assigned to them that they are responsible for calling. All calling efforts and results are immediately tracked and reported in real-time at branch, bank, and regional levels. Bank personnel can also refer leads to other employees or departments who may be better suited to meet a cs m r seic ed ut e spc ines. o ’ f  CCM also incorporates a Customer database fed with data from your MCIF or Core system so all bank personnel can see household-level customer information, such as number of services, total deposit and loan balances, and profit segments. Customer notes, contact history and Do Not Solicit information can also be viewed. 4
  6. 6. How It Works 5
  7. 7. About BankMetrix Our company was formed in 2008 after the merger of D2K Corp. and Cutler Buck Marketing, LLC, now doing business as BankMetrix. Our clients include many Community Banks, such as MidCountry in Minnesota, Carolina First, Cornerstone Bank, New Bridge Bank, New Century Bank, and North State Bank in North Carolina, Tidelands Bank in South Carolina, and First Market Bank in Virginia. With over forty-six years of combined experience in financial technology products and services, our executive team has a strong record of success. Our company is led by Terry R. Nelson who has over twenty seven (27) years of successful industry experience. Two-t rs f e ys a e h d o T r ’cr r i r e has been spent serving in senior strategic roles with industry leaders such as Fiserv, Inc., Kirchman Corporation (Metavante) and Deluxe Corporation. T e a ne f e ys a ehs h bl c o T r ’cr r a a r e involved executive leadership positions with successful financial technology start-ups and small companies. Terry holds a BS Degree from Carroll University. Our head of Operations and Chief Analytics Officer is Robert (Rob) Arndt. Rob manages all aspects of customer services and technology operations. With over nineteen (19) years of experience, Rob has spent most of his career in advanced marketing technology, marketing database analytics and data warehousing where he held senior project and executive management positions with industry leaders, including EDS, KnowledgeBase Marketing, National Commerce Financial (SunTrust), and D2K Corp. where Rob served as President and owner. Rob holds an MBA from the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill and a BS Degree from Bucknell University. Contact Information For more information please contact: Terry R. Nelson President BankMetrix 704-778-8792 6