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Getting Home Inspections Right


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Before buying foreclosed property listed by BankForeclosuresSale.Com the market leader recommends that you inspect it diligently. Here they provide useful tips on how to do so.

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Getting Home Inspections Right

  1. 1. Getting HomeInspectionsRightIt can be a good idea to ask a local home Contents Introduction....…......….........................…1inspector to check out a home on your behalf Details to Keep in Mind..........................2that you are thinking of buying. Whether you Walking through the house....................2choose to do so or whether you decide toinspect yourself, here are some of the mainthings to focus on.
  2. 2. 2 Details to Keep in Mind Ensure that all appliances are in good working order with no obvious damage if included in the sale. Make a note of serial numbers too, just in case the seller attempts a switch. Each room must be inspected separately and occupy a separate page in the report to evidence this fact.Major defects must be described in detail. This detail must include an estimate of the cost toput them right.With the above in mind, here is the sequence that most professional home inspectors usuallyprefer:Walking through the HouseTake a preliminary walk through the property starting outside. Look for obvious signs likeblocked drains, a neglected garden and holes kicked through doors. If you find these, perhapsyou should move on and buy elsewhere.Take each room one at a time. Start with light fittings and ceilings as you work your waygradually down to the floor. That way, you focus on specific areas making it easier to spotdefects. In kitchens and bathrooms, check water supply and drains too.That way, you focus on specific areas making it easier to spotdefects. In kitchens and bathrooms, check water supply anddrains too.Have the courage of your convictions and be prepared toreject a prospect that turns out to become unacceptable as youinspect it. Never allow your emotions to rule your mind.
  3. 3. 3 would like all our customers who find and buy real estate on our website to be sucessfull with their purchase, and to return to us to buy again. Because of the huge number of properties we have in our foreclosure database, about 1.5 million homes for sale, we are unable to inspect all of them. We do, however, encourage you to inspect those of interest to you.Bank Foreclosures Sale1800 Sans Souci blvd, 136North Miami, FL 331811-888 596 9279contact@bankforeclosuressale.comThe biggest foreclosures database onthe webFind us on the