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Buy Small Houses and Get Rich


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Let reveal the logic behind investing in small houses, and how to spot the bargains. Make money this way too.

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Buy Small Houses and Get Rich

  1. 1. Buy SmallHouses andGet RichInvesting in property is always a good idea, Contentsbecause land has intrinsic worth and Introduction....…......….........................…….1 Houses vs. Vacant Land.............................2improvements have real value too. Many Find Out Where the Bargains are..............2investors prefer to own a string of smaller Remain Unemotional.................................2houses instead of a single large development.There are two reasons for this strategy – the riskis distributed, and the assets should be easier tosell separately.
  2. 2. 2 Houses vs. Vacant Land Houses can either be rented out, or fixed up and sold on for profit. By comparison, you may have to wait for years for the value of vacant land to appreciate. If the reason for this is general property price inflation, then you will have achieved little in real terms. Your only hope is that adjacent land will be developed, or that you find money some day to develop your land yourself.Find out Where the Bargains AreUnless you are very, very experienced, you could be as likely to come unstuck as you are tomake a killer deal first time around. This means getting your hands on all the advice that youcan find. Speak to local estate agents, and find a good accountant too. There are some verybasic parameters behind valuing real estate, and you need to understand these.Remain UnemotionalAvoid developing any kind of affection for a house that youare considering purchasing, because this is a business dealand nothing else. Maintain emotional distance from the sellertoo. Inspect the house objectively, or, best of all, use anindependent assessor to do this for you. You cannot afford toinvest  your money in a dud.
  3. 3. 3 Whether buying to occupy, fix up or rent out, it is equally important to understand the local market and to tread carefully. At, you not only find over 1 million foreclosed homes available for sale, but also hot tips on foreclosure real estate investing.Bank Foreclosures Sale1800 Sans Souci blvd, 136North Miami, FL 331811-888 596 9279contact@bankforeclosuressale.comThe biggest foreclosures database onthe webFind us on the