Who Says There’s No Growth In Banking?


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Who Says There’s No Growth In Banking?

  1. 1. 2013 Growth Leaders RankingTo find out which banks and thrifts trulydominate in terms of top line growth, BankDirector magazine Editor Jack Milliganworked with Bank Intelligence Solutions, asubsidiary of Fiserv Inc., to determine theinaugural 2013 Growth Leaders Ranking.Banks have been struggling to find organicgrowth in the current economy.
  2. 2. The ranking shows the top growth banks andthrifts in four categories among all Federal DepositInsurance Corp.-insured institutions over thecourse of the first three quarters of 2012, based onregulatory call reports.The Four CategoriesCORE INCOMECORE DEPOSITSNET LOANS AND LEASESCORE NON-INTEREST INCOME
  3. 3. Contributing FactorsStrongManagementTeamGood LocalEconomyNiche PlayerWinners tended to have the following qualities:
  4. 4. One bank nearly dominated the entire ranking:Customers Bank, theWyomissing, Pennsylvania-bank.Customers Bank Chairman and Chief ExecutiveOfficer Jay S. Sidhu has pursued a nichestrategy built around specialty lending and aunique distribution strategy that emphasizesmobile technology rather than brick-and-mortar branches.
  5. 5. Top Banks for Core IncomeCompany Name StateTotal Assets($Millions)GrowthRateCustomers Bank(Customers Bancorp Inc.)PA $2,600,811 43.14%Provident Savings Bank(Provident Financial Holdings Inc.)CA $1,271,390 20.94%Enterprise Bank & Trust(Enterprise Financial Services Corp.)MO $3,172,022 20.44%Barrington Bank & Trust Co.(Wintrust Financial Corp.)IL $1,577,251 18.76%Cardinal Bank(Cardinal Financial Corp.)VA $3,002,852 18.44%
  6. 6. Top Banks for Net Loans & LeasesCompany Name StateTotal Assets($Millions)GrowthRateCustomers Bank(Customers Bancorp Inc.)PA $2,657,811 19.77%Union Savings Bank OH $2,541,407 12.87%Opus Bank CA $2,670,621 9.13%Cardinal Bank(Cardinal Financial Corp.)VA $3,002,852 8.93%State Street Bank and Trust(State Street Corp.)MA $200,653,748 8.75%
  7. 7. Top Banks for DepositsCompany Name StateTotal Assets($Millions)GrowthRateCole Taylor Bank(Taylor Capital Group)IL $5,116,615 12.91%First Niagara Bank(First Niagara Financial Group Inc.)NY $35,942,502 12.22%Community Bank(Community Bank System Inc.)NY $7,544,335 9.95%Lake Forest Bank and Trust Co.(Wintrust Financial Corp.)IL $2,385,395 9.12%Bar Harbor Bank & Trust(Bar Harbor Bankshares)ME $1,294,713 8.81%
  8. 8. Top Banks for Non-Interest IncomeCompany Name StateTotal Assets($Millions)GrowthRateState Bank & Trust Co.(State Bank Financial Corp.)GA $2,643,592 97.29%Customers Bank(Customers Bancorp Inc.)PA $2,657,811 69.77%Valley National Bank(Valley National Bancorp)NJ $15,754,559 50.76%Rockville Bank(Rockville Financial Inc.)CT $1,946,365 47.22%Cole Taylor Bank(Taylor Capital Group)IL $5,116,615 43.02%
  9. 9. For a more complete list,please see Bank Directormagazine’s 2nd quarter issueor visit BankDirector.com.