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Managing Risk in Online Community Engagement


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Presentation given at the Grace Hotel in Sydney on 9 December 2011

Published in: Business
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Managing Risk in Online Community Engagement

  1. 1. How do wemanagethe risks?
  4. 4. Clear Copy “Calling all web teams, vendors and other& Call to experts on government online - were looking for ways that New ZealandAction government can improve online information and services, make better use of our limited resources and keep up with change.”The New ZealandGovernment’sRethink Online sitedemonstrated thatplain English andstraightforwardinstructions canmake even the www.rethinkonline.newzealand.most complex govt.nzconsultation 3234 Site Visitsaccessible. 1013 Visitors 100 Active Participants 146 Comments
  5. 5. EmbeddedSlideshowsEmbeddingslideshows in thediscussion forumsmade it easy forparticipants toappreciate thecompetition entriesfor St KildaBotanical Garden www.haveyoursayportphillip.gates designs. 2773 Site Visits 957 Visitors 267 Document Downloads
  6. 6. VideoInvitationWarringah Mayor,Michael Regan,issued a personalinvitation by videoto Warringahresidents to getinvolved in theconsultation abouttheir housingstrategy. futurehousing 8,400 Visits 2,800 Visitors 167 Comments 242 Document Downloads
  7. 7. VideoVox PopsGrafton Shire madegreat use of videovox pops withcommunitymembers to get therest of thecommunityinvolved in theLibrary Service Plan. new-grafton-library 5,049 Site Visits 944 Visitors 176 Document Downloads
  8. 8. SubmissionSharingThe Office of theAustralian Minister forthe Arts used thelibrary to share morethat 22,500 of itspublic submissionswith 3,800 people. 13,245 Site Visits 12,227 Visitors 3,835 Downloaded Docs 22,545 Document Downloads
  9. 9. Open Open Question What are your thoughts on the best way to structure theQuestions entry fee and what do you think would be an appropriate charge?Broken Hill City Open Question Do you have a view on the best way for recreationalCouncil got a swimmers, club swimmers and lap swimmers to share thethoughtful response 25m and 50m pools?to its AquaticCentre consultation Open Question What new facility would you like to see incorporated intoby asking a series of the complex should extra funding become available?open questions. 9,200 Visits 2,800 Visitors 92 Comments
  10. 10. Appreciative Appreciative Question What are three things you like to do in the City of MelvilleQuestions and why? Appreciative Question What ideas do you have to enhance the quality of life in our local community? The City of Melville’s community Appreciative Question development team asked their When people visit, what are you proud to show them in your local community and why? community to think positively to help inform their cultural plan. 2097 Site Visits 809 Visitors 146 Comments
  11. 11. Scenario Is an offence that only risks a high level of harm more or less serious than an offenceBased that actually causes a lower level of harm?Questions Scenario 1 David throws a rock off a freeway overpass into moving traffic. The rock narrowly misses the windscreen of a car andScenario based bounces to the side of the road. No one is physically injured.questions promptparticipants to Scenario 2 David punches Victor once in therespond deeply to face, intending to injure him, Victor’s face is bruised.complex issues andprovokes thoughtfuldialogue. .au 3775 Visits 1440 Visitors 218 Comments
  12. 12. Opening UpDiscussionTopicsNSW National Parksand Wildlife Servicehas opened up thepotential of theforums by lettingtheir stakeholdercommunity createtheir own discussiontopics. 10,500 Site Visits 3,044 Visitors 348 Comments 1:6 Comment/Reply Ratio