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Disability employment & social media


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Presentation to the Australian Disability Employment Services Conference. August 9th, 2012 - Melbourne.

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Disability employment & social media

  1. 1. Social Media and theDisability Employment SectorDr Crispin ButterissCo-founderBang the Table
  2. 2. Tweet me… @crispin_bttInclude… #deauin the message
  3. 3. I am going to talk about how you canuse social media to:1. Tell your story to a bigger audience2. Listen harder to your clients3. Learn from each other4. Generate new relationships and leads5. Improve your productivity
  4. 4. WCAG 2.0 AA
  5. 5. A key target of the NationalDisability Agreement is thatpeople with disability…‘achieve social inclusion’.
  6. 6. …the internet [is] a crucial aspect of this inclusion….
  7. 7. Who’s using social media?Government of WA website
  8. 8. Of people aged over 15 with a disability have access to a computer at home.ABS (2009) Computer and Internet use by People with a Disability
  9. 9. Of young people living with disability used the internet in last 12 months.ABS (2009) Computer and Internet use by People with a Disability
  10. 10. Amy SequenziaI am autistic, non-speaking. I am also labeled “low-functioning”. Thislabel is a pre-judgment based on what I cannot do. It makes people lookat me with pity instead of trying to get to know me, listen to my ideas. Blogger Poet Human Rights Advocate Board Member Living with Non-Speaking Autism Social Media User
  11. 11. I am autistic, non-speaking.I am also labeled “low-functioning”.This label is a pre-judgment based on whatI cannot do.It makes people look at me with pityinstead of trying to get to know me, listento my ideas.
  12. 12. The Lesson….People living with a disability are just, if notmore active online than the rest of thecommunity.It is seen it as a gateway to independence. via Scott Hollier
  13. 13. Of large Australian business have a social media presence.Sensis (2011) Sensis Social Social Media Report
  14. 14. of businesses with an online presence use Facebook.Sensis (2011) Sensis Social Social Media Report
  15. 15. Linkedin TwitterFacebook 0% 20% 40% 60% 80% 100% Large Medium Small
  16. 16. use social media to invite online comments, ratings or reviews.Sensis (2011) Sensis Social Social Media Report
  17. 17. Who’s using social media? Pretty much everyone.
  18. 18. Five wayssocial media can work for you.
  19. 19. Sharing information Your Employer Your Partners Funders The Broader Your Public Clients You
  20. 20. Gathering feedback Your Funders You Your Employer Partners Your Clients
  21. 21. Gathering feedback Your Regulator You Your Employer Partners Your Clients (and paying customers)
  22. 22. Improving practice You You You DEA You You
  23. 23. Generating Leads Employer Employer Employer You Employer Employer Employer
  24. 24. Improving productivity Employee Employee Employee Employee Employee Employee
  25. 25. Take away’s…
  26. 26. Thank you for your attention @crispin_btt