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Creating and Nurturing Onnline Business Communities


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Published in: Marketing
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Creating and Nurturing Onnline Business Communities

  1. 1. Building Online Business Communities Crispin Butteriss PhD Chief Practice Officer Bang the Table
  2. 2. Quick Poll Are you an ACTIVE member of an online business community?
  3. 3. …a little about me… Co-founder of Bang the Table Currently “Chief Practice Officer” Ph.D. in community engagement (adult & org learning) Online Community Engagement Linkedin Group
  4. 4. …please get in touch… @what_if_we_did NOT Facebook
  5. 5. “Successful online communities don’t just happen by themselves. They’re the result of a carefully executed strategy, solid design, and patient nurturing.” Anna Buss & Nancy Strauss Online Community Handbook
  6. 6. “FeverBee took a close look at data from Brand Republic and found that out of a random sample of 875 communities, only 12 had over 100 active members -- that's just 1.3 percent..” Richard Millington Ning
  7. 7. Seven preconditions for a successful online business community
  8. 8. Preconditions for success A (untapped) niche topic A strong and lasting purpose Enough interested people to overcome the 90-9-1 rule A clear motivator to participate An ongoing promotional strategy Enough people, time and money to keep it going Time to grow
  9. 9. Questions?
  10. 10. Seven strategies for nurturing a successful online business community
  11. 11. Nurturing for success Seed the feed… Make your network “indispensible” Ask the group direct questions via email Thank every new member (automagically) Have rules and stick to them Controlled self-promotion Physical and online events
  12. 12. Questions?
  13. 13. Seven mistakes to avoid when you're setting up your online community
  14. 14. Avoid this… Being blatantly self-serving Unrealistic expectations about everything Isolating yourself from your crowd Focusing on growth at the expense of activity Letting your group manage itself The sound of silence Changing your community raison d'être without asking
  15. 15. Seven examples of thriving online communities to model
  16. 16. Success stories - How to be a writer. - How to make the world better. - How to use social in the classroom. - so good, you can’t get in! Linkedin – eTail Conference – 8000 members Linkedin – Digital Marketing – 588,000 member There are HUNDREDS of conference based groups on Linkedin
  17. 17. Questions?
  18. 18. Thank you Remember to connect…. @what_if_we_did