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Tuk-Tuk Factory - Bangkok Entrepreneurs - April 2013


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Tuk-Tuk Factory - Dennis Harte - Bangkok Entrepreneurs - April 2013

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Tuk-Tuk Factory - Bangkok Entrepreneurs - April 2013

  1. 1. Talk @ BANGKOK ENTREPRENEURSElectric Tuk Tuks set to take on the world!
  2. 2. This presentation...• About me• About history, setbacks, bumps, milestones, risks...• About us, company, start-up• About electric, e-Tuk, usp’s, market• About next...• About Entrepreneuring???March 20, 2013 Electric tuk tuks set to take on the world 3
  3. 3. ‘Phom choe Dennis’• Dutchie; born Ouderkerk aan de Amstel• MSc Industrial Design Engineering (T.U. Delft)• Cycling enthusiast, art-hobbyist• Founding father Tuk Tuk Factory• Design manager e-Tuk• Director TTF (Thailand) Ltd., managingproduction• Never had my wisdom teethMarch 20, 2013 ABOUT ME 4
  4. 4. Tuk Tuk• What?• Summer 2007Thai threewheelersintroduced in EU• Promotion• People love exoticlooks• Flaws...!!!!March 20, 2013 ABOUT HISTORY 5
  5. 5. Birth of a new company• early 2008 ‘Tuk Tuk of the Future’• Electric!Briliant ideaMarch 20, 2013 ABOUT HISTORY 62008 BusinessplanInvestors?Economic crisis2009 Subsidize!!!Built 1.0Built 2.0Built 3.0
  7. 7. Tuk Tuk Factory thenend 2011 Thai Ltd Cost centerLegal docs, burocracy, work permit?Finance setupMade in-house:fibre, welding, paint, electronicsend 2012 Export licenseMarch 20, 2013 ABOUT HISTORY 10
  8. 8. Tuk Tuk Factory nowMarch 2013 New model(s)Produced more than 2012!First 100 finishedTeam 30 FTE (BKK: 18, AMS: 12 FTE)12 Tuks/monthmake-by-order: Tuk Tuk Factory NLMarch 20, 2013 ABOUT HISTORY 12
  9. 9. Specifications◦ Max speed 50 kmph◦ Cheap huge battery◦ Range 70 km◦ Charge in 12hrs, 6hrs or3hrs◦ Drive at 0.02 €/km◦ No emissions◦ Custom pimping colours◦ Awesome accessories
  10. 10. e-Tuk Classicoe-Tuk Cargo e-Tuk Vendoe-Tuk Limo3 passenger 6 passengerParcel Kiosk, boutique
  11. 11. e-Tuk under the hood◦ ADC AC motor◦ 7 kW, 38kW peak◦ Nm◦ 4800 max rpm◦ 12 Deep cycle battery◦ 72V, 195Ah◦ 14 kWh◦ 1236/1238 Curtis Instr.Motor controller◦ Delta-Q onboard charger◦ TTF Dash◦ LED indicator◦ Curtis Instr. BDI◦ Digital speedo◦ Tubular space frame◦ Triangulated rearsuspension◦ Continious transmissionMarch 20, 2013 ABOUT ELECTRIC 17
  12. 12. e-Tuk MARKETWHO?March 20, 2013 ABOUT ELECTRIC 18
  13. 13. e-Tuk MARKETWHO? Very diverse• City tours• Hotels• Resorts• Airports, exhibion halls19
  14. 14. All over the world!!!
  15. 15. TTF (Thailand) Ltd. – THAILAND & ASIA OPPORTUNITIESRegion Variant MarketThailandBANGKOK• Sanam Luang• Sukhumvit• Cha’amCLASSIC/LIMO/CARGOBars, Hotels, Fairs (BITEC, IMPACT), Airport,Sustainable parks, Universities Campus,Luxury Condominiums...ThailandISLANDS• Phuket• Krabi• PattayaCLASSIC/LIMO/CARGOHotels, Resorts, Sustainable island policyASEAN ISLANDS• Bali• Andaman• MaldivesCLASSIC/LIMO/CARGOHotels, Resorts,Sustainable island policyASEAN CITIES• Singapore• Kuala LumpurCLASSIC/LIMO/CARGOHotels, Fairs, Airports, Sustainable parks,Amusement parks, Universities Campus,Luxury Condominiums...ASEANThailandTaiwanBangkokBaliSingaporeKLPhuket
  16. 16. About next?• Scale up!!!• 20 tuks/month• Profitable• Indepence Thai / NL– professionalize,standardize, formalize• New opportunities!!!• Low cost version(bop)• Urban mobilityCleaner city centresDiversityService mobility
  17. 17. tripp• 3PAX lightweight vehicle– Excl. battery curb weight: 280 kg• DC brushless• Sandwich panels• Based on the best of Tuk Tuk– Streetwise SustainabilityMarch 20, 2013 ABOUT NEXT 24trip•ping (ˈtrɪp ɪŋ)adj.1. light and quick, as astep.2. proceeding with a lightmovement or rhythm.
  18. 18. Thank you for the attentionFind us on Facebook! * Newsletter * www.tuktukfactory.comReab roy leaw!Klaar!Finished!