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The Internet Entrepreneur, Paul Srivorakul


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The Internet Entrepreneur, by Paul Srivorakul, co-founder of Ensogo.
Bangkok Entrepreneurs - 10 September 2012

Published in: Business, Technology
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The Internet Entrepreneur, Paul Srivorakul

  1. 1. Strong Language and Nudity Bangkok Entrepreneurs Entrepreneur, Ecommerce, Trends By Paul Srivorakul | Bangkok Sept 2012
  2. 2. Our world is now trulymobile, social,searchable, addressableand interactive, andilluminated by data thatcan be collected andapplied across allmarketing functions– GroupM
  3. 3. BackgroundBuilt Content Companies: Built Advertising Companies: Built Ecommerce Companies:Content Experience: Advertising Experience: Ecommerce Experience:Content Management Full Service Digital Agency, Dailydeals, ecommerce,Systems (CMS) Content Social Media Agency retail, travel, paymentcreation, content curate, Adnetwork: Strategy, gateways, delivery,sourcing, freelance Design, Social, Production, sourcing, analytics,management, and Dashboard Reporting, business intelligence, Yieldsyndication, XML feeds Targeting, Analytics management, Sales, Customer ServiceFeatured Partnerships: Featured Clients: Featured Clients:
  4. 4. The Internet EntrepreneurI will share my insight and experience asan entrepreneur, investor, & consumer
  5. 5. Starting up in S.E. Asia (web 1.0 - 3.0) 3.0: Demanding Local consumers expect web & mobile UI/UX that have global standards 2.0: Learn to leapfrog - Private Sales and order fulfillment1.0: Must still - Banner ads vseducate local floating adsbusinesses andbrands about“the basics”
  6. 6. Online to offline models are defensible- Barriers to entry (On the ground relationships)- Not only tech (Global platforms turn ON local Lang.)- Valuable to investors (Local, Regional, Global)- Localize, Manualization, and Monetize
  7. 7. Customer Acquisition/Validation on FB
  8. 8. Create value by doing what is Hard!Practiced 100’s of Begins sending Put in 130 hourjump shots a day in emails at 4:30am weeks at Google, bythe offseason. “It and use to hold sleeping under herwas hard work that staff meetings on desk and beingmade him a legend” sun to prepare for "strategic" about her– Phil Jackson mondays showers.Work your ass off!
  9. 9. What is the hardest thing you’ve done? Lawsuits ExpansionDoor-to-door Theft Boardroom Battles Sales & Downsizing
  10. 10. “If you’re not nervous about something everyday your not building value”
  11. 11. 6 things investors want to know Early Stage Focus Team Market Product Revenues Customers ROI
  12. 12. The TeamWhat makes a good start up? Balance of Power, Co-Founders, Passion, Vision, Tenacity, experience, etc.
  13. 13. The Market Micro-Barriers Competitors Culture CodeAdvisors Cost of 1st Mover
  14. 14. The ProductGamification, Analytics, Dashboards Working DEMO is the new Bplan
  15. 15. Trends Commerce Ease Brand Social Advertising Gamify SoLoMo Share Content UGC Curate Pro Brand Why Web only Pivots
  16. 16. Why Internet? 67 m Thailand Population 24 m Thais Online (33% of Pop) 98 % Use Google Search (22m) Research 48 % online, bought offline (10m) 43 % Have bought online (10m)Source: Nectec, Google, Mastercard Survey, IDC Research
  17. 17. Why Mobile? 93 % Own a mobile phone (66m) Own an internet 77 % enabled mobile phone (51m) 63 % Own a smart phone (40m)Source: Nectec, Google, Neilsen Global Insight Q4-2011
  18. 18. Why Facebook?Eyetracking heat maps of Facebook 13 m Thais use Facebook 53 % Use Facebook mobile (7m)Source: EyeTrackShop Study, Nectec, Google, Neilsen Global Insight Q4-2011
  19. 19. Technology is changing consumer behaviorrapidly and companies must follow FAST
  20. 20. Consumers’ capacity for bullshit is rapidly diminishing Audience attention span for online video**Source: Online Video Viewers Have Short Attention Spans – New Tubemogul Research ©2008-2011 ReelSEO Video Marketing
  21. 21. The rise of micro-contentPeople are increasingly “snacking” on content andmicroblogging is becoming the pulse of the internet Past Present
  22. 22. The web is getting more visual and “bite-size”
  23. 23. Images are emerging as a strong mode of content and digital communication
  24. 24. Mobile photos are growing rapidly What we bought in 2011 (in millions) 2 Billion picture taking devices sold in 2011
  25. 25. Disruption happening today VS100 Bt/mo issue100,000 readers100s of Staff
  26. 26. Rocket internet is good for S.E. Asia• Market validation• Educating the market• Training and experience• Disrupting legacy businesses and status quo• Exit valuations are going to SKY ROCKET!
  27. 27. Thank youPaul SrivorakulChairmanEmail: paul.s@ardentcap.comMob: +(6689) 895-8544Skype: srivorakul946 Dusit Thani Building, 4th fl.,Rama IV Rd. Bangrak,Bangkok,10500 Thailand