Dtac Accelerate by Krating Poonpol - WebMob Thailand - April 2013


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Dtac Accelerate by Krating Poonpol - WebMob Thailand - April 2013

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Dtac Accelerate by Krating Poonpol - WebMob Thailand - April 2013

  1. 1. Accelerate Your Opportunity
  2. 2. Meet The Startup Accelerator
  3. 3. Where “The Future” Is Created
  4. 4. Our Ecosystem Partners
  5. 5. 8 Weeks Bootcamp
  6. 6. DEMO DAY
  7. 7. Who’s the next Steve Jobs or MarkZuckerberg of Thailand?
  8. 8. You Will WorkHard…
  9. 9. You Will WorkHard…
  10. 10. You Will WorkHard…
  11. 11. You Will Work Really Hard…
  12. 12. But You Will Play Harder…
  13. 13. But You Will Play Harder…
  14. 14. And It Will Change Your LifeVivek Wadhwa, Advisor toBarack Obama onInnovation andEntrepreneurshipRobert Scoble, TopTechnologyBlogger in SiliconValley
  15. 15. And It Will Change Your LifeForest Baskett,Managing Partner ofNEA, the largest VC Inthe worldTim Draper,Managing Partnerof DFJ, top VC inthe Silicon Valley
  16. 16. And It Will Change Your LifeSteve Blank, successfulserial entrepreneur andStartup guruPhil Libin, CEO ofEvernote, winner of Inc’sCompany of the year in2011
  17. 17. And It Will Change Your LifeDave McClure,managing partner of500StartupsPadma Rao, EIR atThe FoundationFund
  18. 18. Blackbox Connect Success CasesDomink and Pavel are came to Blackbox just to stay here for theirYCombinator interviews. Although they got rejected by YC, they decidedto stay longer and work with us at Blackbox to help them with theirvision. In less than 6 months they refined their product, set up UScorporation, raised money from Keith Teare of Archimedes Labs (andCo-Founder of TechCrunch), Mike Maples of Floodgate, Ron Conway’sSVAngels, and others. They hired 3 people back in the Czech Republicand just launched their product.Girts and Martins founded MyKoob in Latvia with the goal ofimproving the level of parents involvements in their childrenseducation. They have won an award at one of the PioneersFestival in 2011 and came to explore what SV might have forthem. They joined Blackbox Connect along with 9 otherinternational startups in May of 2012. Theyve since set up HQin US, signed up a network of 900 private schools in the US andraised a significant round of capital from Nestadio Capital inFrance and Baltic VC and added two new team members.
  19. 19. The Wizard Of AppsSubmit Proposal/Draft Pitch DeckSelect top 20 for dtac Accelerate WorkshopSelect Top 10 for final pitchDEMO DAY and Final Round
  20. 20. Fadi Bishara, Founderof Blackbox AcceleratorStephanie Palmeri,Principal of Soft TechVCdtac Accelerate WorkshopLearn from Experts from Silicon Valley““
  21. 21. Matt Monday, Ex-Editor Apple AppStore EditorialTeamdtac Accelerate WorkshopLearn from Expertsfrom Silicon Valley“ “
  22. 22. > 50 Million BahtTotal Awards
  23. 23. Demo Day :Pitching in front of VCswith over 1.5 billion THB
  24. 24. dtac Accelerate
  25. 25. Complete Runway to Takeoff
  26. 26. Your Plan to Conquer the World• Join dtac developer community on www.dtac.co.th/dtac-accelerate• Like us on facebook fanpage atwww.facebook.com/dtacAccelerate