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                                        NAVA CHAITANYA      OLD       AGE       HOME<br />                                ...
Dr .Shashidhara N K
Dr.Sandhya B N</li></ul>We have following nursing staff<br />1.Shobha<br />2.Sujaya<br />3.Rajeshwari<br />4.Ratna A<br />...
Nava chaitanya      old       age       home
Nava chaitanya      old       age       home
Nava chaitanya      old       age       home
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Nava chaitanya old age home


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  • Ferociousness of life have contributed to the misery of elders with none to depend upon, no suggests that of financial gain, no emotional security creating them indigent with an issue, regarding the way to persevere with their lives. The growing intolerance among youth, including their inability to regulate with the older, is simply one among the prime reasons for the increase within the range of adulthood homes in India.
    The attenuation joint family system in India and alternative infinite factors have given rise to west-inspired phenomena of adulthood homes. stunning value of living and scanty come on savings have nearly pushed these senior voters on roads.
    We at Vardaan Senior Citizen Centre offer full services for the welfare of the elder peoples in India
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Nava chaitanya old age home

  1. 1. NAVA CHAITANYA OLD AGE HOME<br /> TO WHOM SO EVER CONSENT<br /> This is to inform that we have following facility in our old age home / hospital <br />1. 24x7 Doctor care<br />2. 24x7 Nursing care<br />3. food <br />4.Garden <br />5. Tv and news paper <br />6.Nurseing assist for pt walking bathing ect. . . <br />7.Hot water<br />8.Speach from saints and wel known person ect <br /> Measurement of the land is 150 foot length and breath 150 foot 50 foot for garden in this we have 16 rooms <br />We need following Ambulance ,x ray ,kidney tray ,suction ,autoclave,pluse oxymeter,oxygen,ecg,Bp apparatus ,stethoscope,lab items,refrigerater 16.<br />We have following doctors who take care after pts<br /><ul><li>Dr.R S Kumar Prof in medicine
  2. 2. Dr .Shashidhara N K
  3. 3. Dr.Sandhya B N</li></ul>We have following nursing staff<br />1.Shobha<br />2.Sujaya<br />3.Rajeshwari<br />4.Ratna A<br />5.Bhagya N<br />6.Shalini<br />7.Geetha M<br />8.Bhavani<br />9.Archana<br />10.Rekha<br />11.Hemalatha<br />12.Pushpa N S<br />13.Radha<br />14.Pavithra<br />15.Manjula<br />16.Bhagya<br />17.Geetha H E<br />18.Asha<br />19.Aruna<br />20.Uma<br />21.Chandrakala<br />22.Seema<br />23.Dhanya<br />24.Shilpa<br />25.Saritha<br />26.Roopa<br />27.Namitha<br />28.Shalibha<br />29.chaithra<br />30.Manju<br /> SUPERVISOR<br />1.Kamala<br />2.Anitha<br />3.Ankitha<br /> COOKING STAFF<br />1.Bhagya<br />2.Manjula M<br />3.Pavithra<br /> FIELD WORK<br />1.Shashikala N<br />2.Madhu<br />3.Anjamma<br />4.Rathna R<br />5.Ganga<br /> WATCH MEN<br />1.Srinivas<br />2.Raghu<br />3.Babu<br />4.Suresh<br /> GARGEN MAINTEN<br />1.Sudha<br /> <br /> LONDREY<br />1.Susheela<br />2.Jamuna<br /> LIST OF PATIENTS WE HAVE<br />FEMALE PATIENTS<br />1.Teresa<br />2.Savithri<br />3.Pancharathnamma<br />4.Rajalakshmi<br />5.Seetadevi<br />6.Yashoda<br />7.Rashida Beegam<br />8.Shabeeda Beegam<br />9.Vathsala<br />9.Puttamma<br />10.Prameela Gupta<br />11.Sarojamma<br />12.Shanthamma<br />13.Kamalamma<br />14.Yamuna<br />15.Ramamani<br />16.Seethalakshmi<br />17.Nagamma<br />18.Mangamma<br />19.Lakshmi<br />20.Seethamma<br />21.Narasamma<br />22.Bilkish Beegam<br />23.Kamalakshmi Nair<br />24.Rukmini<br />25.Tejashvi<br />26.Savithramma<br />27.Usha<br />28.Lakshmi BABU<br />29.Sarojamma M<br />30.Kamalamma S<br /> MALE PATIENTS<br />1.Ananda murthy<br />2.Chandrashekhar<br />3.Govinda<br />4.Somanna<br />5.Manmatha Rao<br />6.Kaalappa chari<br />7.Unnikrishnan<br />8.Srinivas<br />9.Balaji Rao<br />10.Jaisimma<br />11.Venkata Rangan<br />12.Raja Rao<br />13.Prabhakar<br />14.Ramchandra Rao<br />