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Time to pretend 2003


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Time to pretend 2003

  1. 1. Comparison of MGMT - Time to Pretend & Linkin Park- Numb By Muhammad Zeeshan Zafraan Mahrban Judah Chandra
  2. 2. MGMT – Time to Pretend
  3. 3. MGMT – Time to Pretend • The song is consistently illustrating the use of drugs within the lifestyle of a rock star. This is evident as the lyrics “shoot some heroin” mention the drug. • Furthermore a religious aspect to such use of drugs is introduced through the use of movie clips within the MGMT music video as the star persona’s are receiving the drug in the same way as the Holy Communion. • I believe this is significant as drugs are illustrated as a symbol of god and something to be treasured. • However the abuse of the drugs is depicted within the lyrics “We’ll choke on our vomit”. This illustrates the consequence of not only the use of drugs but also the outcome of the rock star lifestyle.
  4. 4. • The song depicts the life stage transition from a child to an adult as a horrendous change. This is due to the realities of adulthood, the responsibility an adult has to take. • However the lyrics suggest that ‘pretending’ to be a child is most efficient way to stay happy (This can be linked to Playing in the sand – a habit of children the title). • This point of view is further enforced as the lyrics “I’ll miss the playgrounds… and digging up worms”. These are typical habits of childhood as fun is the only thing on the agenda for a child. • Moreover the lyrics “I’ll miss the comfort of my mother” depict the relaxed lifestyle we all had as children while also expressing Pretending to ignore the realities of that the things we had taken for granted as childhood. This screen represents a child is only a privilege we receive once childhood through the playful body language yet it also illustrates in our lives. adulthood through the flames in the background. This can be interpreted as adulthood being a heavy burden while childhood is freedom.
  5. 5. MGMT • This music video is a mixture of Narrative based and Concept based. This is to help the views view the reality of the so called Rock Star Lifestyle, which is further enforced by the lyrics “Live fast and die young”. These lyrics show that life may not be so great, thus the only thing we can do is ‘Pretend’ (which can also be linked to the title “Time to Pretend”. • The record company sold this product using the different, effects, visual and motifs within the music video. This attracted the society at the time due to the unique and originality of the music video.
  6. 6. • The music video illustrates the stereotypical video of power, wealth and success within society of the modern age. However it exemplifies how real wealth can only be found within simple things such as Family, Food, Water and Friends. • Thus, we believe it depicts the illusion of the rock star lifestyle as the chorus repeats “We were fated to pretend.” which confirms our views. • The music video refers to bands such as ‘Nickleback’ which promote the “Rock star” lifestyle.
  7. 7. Linkin Park - Numb
  8. 8. NUMB • A lot of religious connotations are present within the music video, this is apparent as the main character (women) is constantly trying to be like Mary. “To walk in your shoes”, Lady Mary this view is enforced as the music band are playing within a church • The quote also empathises the life that her mother wants her daughter to have. which is reflected within the clips of her mother scolding her, this suggest that she is not on her proper path. • This is then further enforced as the The Band with the Church band is playing music within the church. This could signify a point to which the woman must return to as we see within the ending of the music video, the woman running back to the church. Girl running back in the church
  9. 9. • The main theme present within the music video is of oppression and depression as the star persona is unable to do anything. However “To be more like me and less like you” illustrates her wants of rebellion as she wants to be an individual with own rules and paths rather than be guided by others. while this lyric can also illustrate how she is not what she is supposed to be. • Building upon that, “I’ve become so numb” is repeated constantly to portray her division from everything and everyone around her. Its Says Numb On Her Left Arm which Her being scolded by her Mother depicts her loss of feelings and emotions.
  10. 10. Conclusion • In conclusion, the music videos Time to pretend and Numb are both performance and narrative based as they both touch upon different views and problems within society. • Time to Pretend illustrates the life of a rock star in a different light rather than the a glamorous lifestyle. • While numb is about following your own path and creating your own distinctive individuality rather than staying in the shadow of someone else.