Pictures – Progress & Proof


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Pictures – Progress & Proof

  1. 1. Pictures – Progress & Proof Muhammad Zeeshan
  2. 2. Basic Editing Process – Image #1 In this slide I will illustrate to you the picture I used in the construction of my magazine, and how I edited the image to place o my magazine. Here is my image in its raw form. I will be removing the background and saving it as a PNG file to place on my magazine I selected the background with the magic wand, this allows me to remove background, or unwanted material from the image quickly. I have removed the background and as your can see a white background has been left behind with little ‘impurities’ (things I don’t want on the image for example the background left over.).
  3. 3. Here I am using the standard selection square to easily select the ‘impurities’ or bits of background which did not get deleted by the magic wand, and deleted them. Here is the aftermath of the deletion of background.
  4. 4. I again used the magic wand to delete the background. I did this by unlocking the layer, and then using the magic wand on the white background to delete it. This made the background transparent. This Image is now ready to be saved as a PNG file and used on my magazine
  5. 5. Images Editing – Selection of background with magic wand. Deletion of background. To leave a transparent layer.
  6. 6. Selection of background with magic wand. Deletion of background. To leave a transparent layer. Now this image can be saved as a PNG
  7. 7. Images – Angle / Shot, Proxemics & Purpose This is a long shot of my artist while the artist is verifying his subculture through the use of symbols and actions. The hand positioning and shape is something that is related to the hip-hop subculture. This image helps the audience identify his subculture which effectively creates a sense of belonging for them.
  8. 8. Here I am using mid-shots from different angles to illustrate the facial expressions of the artists. This is to illustrate the music tribes mood and emotions within these artist which helps me target specific audience. I am thinking of using these images for my magazine as they portray some of the most important codes and conventions of the hip-hop music tribe, the illustration of fashion, music and wealth are one of the many conventions of the hip-hop subculture portrayed in these images.
  9. 9. The use of proxemics within this picture is extremely crucial to the meaning of the picture. The mid-shots and the proxemics reveal the closeness of these two artists which portrays a brotherly bond between these artists. I am thinking of using one of these pictures to illustrate the meaning behind brotherhood and how brotherhood protects you from greed and envy.
  10. 10. Similar to the last images I examined, this image represents & enforces the individual and group characteristics. For example, the slight use of proxemics to space the character out which keeping the positions leaning towards the focus of the band, clarifies the independent nature of the individuals while also illustrating the powerful relationship shared by these ‘brothers’
  11. 11. I snapped these images for a specific purpose, to identify and clarify the individual characteristics. I might have mentioned this before, however these individual images indentify the artist’s characters as individuals. How these images show the how one artist maybe docile and inattentive while another might be crazy. This is illustrated through the facial expressions and the costumes. For example the relaxed facial expressions of the artist combined with his proxemics enforce a docile nature. While the crazy facial expressions of another illustrates the opposite. For example the different shape of the eye-lids accompanied with the unique style and sense of fashion illustrate the individual characteristic of this artist. They say that a picture paints a thousand messages, I agree with this comment as my artists all illustrate different aspects of their life, struggles, hard work and the aftermath of such hard work. This is illustrated as the use of jewellery, clothing and proxemics. This will help the audience relate to someone or a group, effectively attracting the audience to my magazine through aspiration.
  12. 12. These images use mid-shots to further illustrate the brotherly trust and respect between these individuals. The use of hip-hop symbols are again portrays with the hand shapes, which are commonly related with hip-hop. However there are some flaws in the picture below. The image is good as it has quality in angle, shot and lighting. However the background is partially green canvas and partially school walls and doors. This is not good as the editing required to erase all of the background is substantial.
  13. 13. This is image is a good due to the fact that I used a tilted angle in creating the image. All the characters are portrayed in their respective characteristic, however the proxemics limited my choice of this picture as the distance between the characters illustrated a fissure within their relationship. This in turn helped me identify my mistake and help me use another image in my magazine. The unsuccessful use of the lighting discarded this image from the collection I will use for my magazine. Image to the Right – One of the artist’s shadow hides the face of the other, due to this fact I could not use this image for my magazine. Image Below – The image below is efficient in conveying the message I am trying to convey, however as a general I did not like the image thus I never used it within the magazine.
  14. 14. Proof Of Photography Here I am taking Photos of my artist to be used within my magazine, the two images clearly illustrate the originality of my images. Behind the Scenes.
  15. 15. Summary <ul><li>During my photography I gained a lot, through concentration, handwork and patience, I learned the art which is Photography. I thought that photography is all about taking pictures and that’s it but as of now, I realise that not all is what it seems. I realised the use of lighting, camera angle, camera shots etc., how each of these have the power to alter the thousands of messages an image conveys. </li></ul><ul><li>I successfully learned how to alter camera angles, shots and the lighting within the frame to create a better picture, moreover the use of proxemics, facials features and body language I entered a whole new level in which I made an image with a meaning, idea and thought. </li></ul>