Magazine Front Cover Progression


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Magazine Front Cover Progression

  1. 1. Music Magazine Front Cover Progression By Muhammad Zeeshan I will be using the following programs: Adobe In Design CS3 and Adobe Photoshop CS3. I will create my magazine within indesign and will edit images within Photoshop.
  2. 2. <ul><li>This is my Magazine Front Cover in its most basic form a black background. I decided on this so the magazine’s typography will stand out against the black background and attract the audience much more easily. </li></ul>The Front Cover Magazine
  3. 3. <ul><li>I placed a barcode in the bottom right corner of the magazine in the landscape position. I did this to follow the codes and conventions of magazines. This code and convention makes it easier for the reader to see the price and issue of the magazine. The easier the magazine makes it for the targeted audience the higher chance of them buying the magazine. </li></ul>Bar Code
  4. 4. <ul><li>Here is my mast head being produced within Photoshop CS3. I coloured the mast head gold following my ideas about the magazine colours. The colours are Red, White, Gold and Black. These colours are a mix of bright and dull which due to the contrast attract the audience easily, also the colour gold would signify power and wealth, something I want my audience to believe they can buy into by buying our magazine. I also used the house style so it would make the articles easily related to the magazine. </li></ul>Mast Head
  5. 5. <ul><li>I then coloured the background with black. This is to make the and magazine masthead stand out and look rich and wealthy to the audience </li></ul>Mast Head
  6. 6. <ul><li>I imported the magazine mast head within Indesign. I have placed the mast head at the top of the magazine. Minding the margin of the cover. This is so the magazine mast head is in direct eye view of the magazine. Due to this the reader will be better attracted to the magazine. </li></ul>Mast Head Placement
  7. 7. <ul><li>I placed a strapline under the magazine’s mast head to further attract the audience and confirm the codes and conventions of the magazine. This is because the strapline is the second thing the reader reads. This helps the magazine hook people on to the magazine. This is one of the most influential codes and conventions of magazines as I have previously mentioned, a snappy strapline will keep a reader attuned to the whole ’vibe’ of your magazine. </li></ul>strapline
  8. 8. <ul><li>Here I am creating my box out within Photoshop. As you can see I have used the colour red which represents danger, edginess and extremes. I will save this in a .PNG file. As the transparent part of the box out will stay transparent. The bright colour follows the codes and conventions as it is eye catching and attracts the audience easily. </li></ul>Box Out Creation
  9. 9. <ul><li>I have placed the Box out on the magazine to be part of the top left pug. This is to maximize the amount of people who will notice the box out due to its colour and how close it is to the mast head. This colour contrast will help the box out attract audience. </li></ul>Box Out Placement
  10. 10. <ul><li>Here I am creating the bottom strip in the Photoshop. I have used gold for the top strip. I saved this file as a jpeg. However testing the top strip of the magazine I found that a white top strip would be better suited for the job. So I made a white top strip as it better attracted the audience due to the bright eye catching abilities of the colour. This helped me follow the codes and conventions as the conventions helps the magazine lure in audiences. </li></ul>Top Strip Creation
  11. 11. <ul><li>The placement of the top strip going in the top of the magazine as the top strip is one of the first things a reader see’s when browsing for magazine. Due to the top strip being white the magazine attracts the audience quickly and successfully. The text I placed on the box out is white due to the contrasting colours making the box out look interesting and eye catching which makes it easier for the magazine to stick into the minds of the magazine. It will stick due to the writing offering two free cd’s within the magazine. This is awaken the curiosity of the reader and thus will help the magazine sell easily. </li></ul>Top Strip Placement – Box Out Typography –
  12. 12. <ul><li>The top strip will feature bring red writing with a black outline. This is due to the colours being bright and contrasting, the qualities need for a top strip to hook a reader onto the magazine. </li></ul>Top Strip Typography
  13. 13. <ul><li>This is my bottom strip. I have coloured it red as the top strip contrasts with this colour. This will enhance the professionalism of the magazine because an attractive and interesting magazine is much more likely to sell out compared to a dull magazine. I have kept to a palette of red, white, black and gold to convey ,maturity and a seriousness about the music. </li></ul>Bottom Strip
  14. 14. <ul><li>The bottom strip is placed on the bottom section of the magazine. This will help the magazine contrast with the top strip. As I have mentioned before, this will increase the appeal to the audience due to the interesting and bright tones that contrast with the black background. </li></ul>Bottom Strip Placement
  15. 15. <ul><li>The text I have placed on the bottom strip is similar to the top strip as it contrasts with the bottom strips colour. The word Exclusive is gold. This will help the magazine stand out and create an interesting effect. I have used both white and gold in a larger font to attract the audience. </li></ul>Bottom Strip Typography
  16. 16. <ul><li>Here is a close up of gold, the gold is glossy and an important colour representing and creating the mise en scene of wealth and power. This portrays the exclusivity of certain products associated with the magazine. Effectively attracting the magazine’s targeted audience into buying the magazine and buying into the promise of that lifestyle. </li></ul>EXCLUSIVE
  17. 17. <ul><li>The featured article is placed on the left third of the magazine due to codes and conventions placing the magazines featured articles and main cover lines either on the left or right third of the magazine. This is for the featured article to stand out when the magazine is placed on the shelves. The colour variation is to make the magazine look more creative and interesting which attracts the audience from the sheer creativity and diversity of text size, colour and font - while the contrasting colours create a clear identity and house style in the minds of the magazine readers. </li></ul>Featured Article
  18. 18. <ul><li>The comment I placed on the bottom the featured article is black and white as the simplicity will help keep the audience attracted to the featured articles. The writing will be the secondary viewing as the comment is more like a lure, tempting the readers into buying the magazine by teasing them to look inside. </li></ul>Comments
  19. 19. <ul><li>I changed the colour of the word ‘Cholos’ as gold is more glossy, rich and bright. I did this to further mesmerise the audience with the illusion of wealth in the magazine. </li></ul>Colour Scheme
  20. 20. <ul><li>I added a variation in the magazine by changing the colour of ‘Cholos’ and ‘And’. I did this to experiment with the colours as to which colour would contrast and stand out the most to attract the targeted audience. I changed the colour of pure gold to a combination of white and gold to represent royalty and prominence. This will portray the ‘Cholos’ as rich and powerful within their world. </li></ul>Colour Scheme Continued
  21. 21. <ul><li>I added the editor’s summary of what the article is about. This is to help the reader understand the aim and main attraction of this edition of the magazine. I also did this due to the fact that a magazine that is easily understandable in what it has to offer is more likely to sell than that which is not understandable. </li></ul>Quotes
  22. 22. <ul><li>The cover lines I added are of a similar font and style. I did this to make the featured article stand out compared to that of the other cover lines. This was to ensure that the reader views the cover lines, I made the font look interesting and colourful and deliberately chose text, font, size and colour to create effect. </li></ul>Cover lines
  23. 23. The addition of a snappy comment would improve the magazines quality as it shows the magazine has a certain attitude & style that other magazines do not possess. This will interest the audience as it will make the magazine stand out above others. This attitude and style can be described as smart and cool and recognisable as part of the house style. The snappy comments are cool as they sound interesting and smart and something the audience would want to be a part of. Comment
  24. 24. I continued to add on more cover lines and comments to the magazines cover lines. I ensured I made them snappy and short when possible to maximise the efficiency of the cover lines. These will help the magazine advertise artists and hook in the audience due to the fame of the artist advertised, such as Eazy-E. These are directly attempting top target my chosen music tribe. Cover lines continued
  25. 25. <ul><li>I added a montage of artist within this puff piece. I did this to illustrate that these artists will be within the magazine. This will attract the audience as the fans of such artists will be tempted to buy the magazine. </li></ul>Artist montage
  26. 26. <ul><li>Creation of a Freebie – Cholos Concert Tickets </li></ul><ul><li>I choose a plain white background for my freebie to contrast this with the black background of the music magazine, allowing the freebie to be easily viewable. </li></ul>FreeBie Creation
  27. 27. <ul><li>I placed the freebie background in the lower left corner- easily visible on the shelf by my audience - I also did this to make the magazine look neat and balanced while making a complimentary yet contrasting shape with the featured articles. This will create an interesting effect that the audience will be attracted to. I will explain this effect at the end of the creation of my freebie. </li></ul>Placement of freebie background
  28. 28. <ul><li>I created a red piano for my music concert freebie. I placed a grand piano as it is more formal than a guitar or DJ mixer. I did this to make the ‘Cholos’(artist band) look grandiose and like the royalty of the hip hop world. This creates a positive image for the audience and represents my magazine and its readers as superior to the norm in this genre. </li></ul>Freebie - Piano
  29. 29. <ul><li>I placed the piano neatly into the corner of the background. As I have mentioned before, the formality of the magazine creates an effect which does not fit the conventions of the magazine. The effect is that a formal hip-hop artist is not conventional, this is the effect which attracts the targeted audience due to the unique effect which challenges the traditional representation of hip hop.. </li></ul>Piano Placement
  30. 30. <ul><li>I used different typography for the freebie due to the contrasting styles being attractive and intriguing to the audience. I also used different colour to identify status. For example ‘the cholos concert’ is in red and black for the casual attendee. While the V.I.P is red and white. This emphasis different status or access. I increased the size of ‘The Cholos Concert’ to attract the audience more easily. </li></ul>Freebie typography
  31. 31. <ul><li>The border- the border is there once a again to assert the formality of the magazine upon the audience. </li></ul>Bordering
  32. 32. <ul><li>I placed the lines on the magazine to create two parts of the magazine. I placed the VIP in the middle of the freebie to give the audience a sense of their importance at being ‘chosen’ to have a free gift. </li></ul>Typography placement
  33. 33. <ul><li>I placed a shadow on ‘The Cholos Concert’ to make a 3-D effect. This effect is quite amazing due to the little work needed for the creation of this effect. To make this effect I placed a layer of the same lettering but with a lower opacity under the original layer. This improves the quality of the magazine by looking much more professional compared to a 2-D image or text. Again it makes my feature stand out to the intended audience. </li></ul>shadowing
  34. 34. Stars for Freebies <ul><li>Stars for the freebie. I created a star for the freebie. I coloured it red as it is one of the colours of the magazine. This will create a better magazine for me as following my colour palette house style and conventions will help lure in the targeted audience with its regularity and establishment of the familiar in the magazine. </li></ul>
  35. 35. <ul><li>I placed this star under the V.I.P. This is to emphasise the status of the freebie. The 5 star status enforces our views of the freebie being exclusive to this magazine, helping the magazine make the audience feel important and privileged, hence again attracting its audience. </li></ul>Stars Placement
  36. 36. Freebie – Finishing off <ul><li>I place another ‘The Cholos Concert’ on the ticket to fill the space on the freebie and re-advertise and emphasise the band’s name. However if I didn’t do this I would have created a less professional freebie with too much white space on the feature. </li></ul>
  37. 37. Front Cover Image <ul><li>Here I placed a picture of an acting Artist on my front page. I made the picture quite large to dominate the page enforcing the idea of the artist being related to the main article. The dominant picture also conveys importance and power and thus holds a position of power on the front cover. A badly framed and composed picture will decrease the quality of the magazine while a sharp, quality picture will increase the magazines rating and appeal. </li></ul>
  38. 38. Barcode <ul><li>Here I am constructing the barcode with the essential codes and conventions. I have placed a price, date and issue number to inform the audience of the magazine’s price, issue number and date of release. This little addition helped the audience find the exact magazine issue they require. </li></ul>
  39. 39. Barcode Continued <ul><li>Now I have placed a barcode. I have followed the conventions of a Bookland Ean barcode. This is a barcode as you see above with the option of adding on 3-5 figures to suggest the retail price of the magazine. This will help my audience buy if the have just enough money as the amount payable will be from £3.50 to £4.00. I had my ideas confirmed by the website above. </li></ul>Barcode information acquired from the following source – http://