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Album cover


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Published in: Education
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Album cover

  1. 1. Album Cover By Muhammad Zeeshan Zafraan Mahrban Judah Chandra
  2. 2. Beginning We as a group decided to research Album covers as promotional covers use album covers. We needed to find out the codes and conventions of the album cover so we can use them in improving our promotional cover. So our Initial action when researching album covers was to look at different hip hop groups and their album covers. We research the famous rapper 2 Pac, Eazy E, Fort Minor and others such as T.I.
  3. 3. Imagery – Tupac - Resurrection The montage of images creating an interesting effect as it illustrates the life of the rapper Tupac. Consequently such an effect compliments the main image of the artist thus resulting in an efficient album cover. Moreover the lighting used within the album cover makes an exceptional effect as we can almost feel a sense of fading, this is due to the effects of light and the fade of the main image. Both effects compliment each other to make a much more efficient an interesting album cover. Colour – The use of two colours within the album cover makes it easier to relate the main image with the montage of images. Moreover the fade effect illustrates the death of the rapper. This is due to the fade representing the artist fading into history. Typography – The text on the album cover consists of the Artist name written in a graffiti font which relates to the music tribe. While the Album name is in simple font, Layout – the Combination of the Artist name and Album name The layout consists of the large main mage within creates an attractive effect as they both illustrate the the middle of the album cover, with the Artist name artist attributes and individuality. and Album name at the bottom. Moreover a PEGI Moreover the Quote “THIS IS MY STORY” illustrates warning is labelled at the bottom left corner of the the belong of the album to the deceased artist. album cover which is in the same place of a pug in Consequently the reader relate themselves to this the magazine. The PEGI rating warns the audience dead legend as the cleverly used text appeals to the to the content within. targeted audience making the album cover much more Moreover the album cover is finished by the quote efficient. at the top of the album cover.
  4. 4. Imagery – The album cover consist of a main image in the middle of the album cover. The dominant image makes it much more eye catching which in turn makes it easier to attract the targeted audience. Moreover the fade to white with the image makes an attractive effect, which illustrates the artist as the superior, someone the targeted audience can relate to. Typography – The text consists of the album name “Eazy E” and “FEATURING”. These two text used to compliment each other makes the artist sound like a legend thus some who the target audience is attracted towards. Moreover the use of graphics with the text makes an exquisite effect which allows for a much more efficient album cover as the interesting effects are attractive to the eyes of the target audience. Font of the text “Eazy E” is a traditional graffiti font which the targeted audience of the hip-hop music tribe will be able to relate themselves to. Colour – Eazy E – Eazy E The colours within the album cover are simple and plain, how ever the effect of the background to make it look like old paper is quite attractive as my eyes almost mistakes some colour dodges as actual Layout – graphics. The layout the album is made of the text at the Moreover the gradient used within the Album name is bottom, with the main image of the artist in the beautiful because of the colour, font and text working middle. While a PEGI rating is placed in the middle together to make a single effect which we believe is right section of the album cover. appealing to the eyes of the target audience.
  5. 5. Imagery – Rather than an artist, an image is placed on the album cover to represent the band while expressing the creativity of the artist. Something which the targeted audience will relate themselves to. Fort Minor – The Rising Tide Typography – The Artist Name is accompanied by their Logo which relates the album to the band. Moreover the font used for the Artist name is interesting has it has an erosion effect while the bold text makes it easy to catch the eyes of the audience. Similarly, the Album name is written in a calligraphy font, this creates an effect which is almost indescribable. But as I look at the Album cover, the writing and the images remind of the streets, graffiti and the hip-hop music tribe. This is due to the codes and conventions of the music tribe being followed thus is something the targeted audience will relate themselves with. Colours – Layout – The imaginative album cover uses colour derived from all of the The main image dominates the album cover primary colours such as red and cyan are present within the while the text is placed upon the middle right main image. But the colours of the text, red and black of the album cover. This we believe compliment one and another as they are contrasting. The red is combines the image and text into a single eye catching and is able to attract the audience due to the picture, which results into a much more brightness, while the black is a welcome sight for the eyes of efficient album cover. the audience as they gaze upon this colour album cover. Due to the attributes of both of the colours, the targeted audiences are hooked onto the album cover.
  6. 6. T.I. - KING Imagery – The large main image in exceptionally good as the correct use of the shadow to fade the image into the black background. This effect results in a well designed album cover which is able to attract the audience much easily. Typography – The typography consists of the artist name and the album name with the same font and size. This we believe links the text together as they relate the artist with king. This is purposely done to not only illustrate the album name but to illustrate the artist as the KING. The white colour of the text strongly contrasts with the black background making it eye catching for the target audience. This in turn makes the album cover much better at attracting the targeted audience. Colour – Layout – The black and white colour of the album compliment each The layout is made up of the main image within other as they both contrast with one and another. This in turn the middle of the album cover separating the makes the who of the album cover eye catching and Artist Name and the Album Name. attractive to the targeted audience. Moreover a PEGI rating is placed on the bottom Its amazing how simple colours can create such interesting right of the album cover. effects.
  7. 7. Findings During our research we found a pattern within the album covers we researched. Furthermore we found certain codes and conventions which are always present and some which are not always present Artist Name & Album Images Colour PEGI Rating Name
  8. 8. Uses of Codes and Conventions Images – Main images on the album cover Colour – The Colour present in the album cover Album Name – Name of the Album Artist Name – Name of the Album’s Artist PEGI Rating – PEGI Contents Rating